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Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Contact S Chandrashekar Email Telephone 98493-23441 Address #301, White House, Begumpet, Hyderabad, 500016. Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary :

Pramati Technologies

: 1998 : Self-funded : Dekoh : Desktop Web Integration : Consumer/enterprise web 2.0 : Adobe : 25 : Not Yet : Jay Pullur : Dekoh is desktop platform for applications that deliver integrated experience of web and desktop. Along with the free Dekoh Desktop, comes a gallery of personal media applications and Dekoh Network service that helps users share content/applications directly off their PC. Dekoh is a product of Pramati Technologies.

We were at Proto For : Demonstrate the new product , Dekoh Web Desktop, to investors, analysts, web 2.0 observers, other entrepreneurs, and gather valuable opinion. 2

Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary


Britesoft Solutions (M) Sdn. Bhd

: 2002 : Self Funded : Briteworks : Software / Business Applications : Developers : Secondary competitors include Microsoft Visual Studio, Java tools, Eclipse IDEs and Ruby-on-Rails. There are some tools such as Magic, Tenfold, OutSystem that do similar things, : 18 : Profitable : Fazel Naghshineh : BriteSoft focuses in the business of Highly Rapid Application Development Tools that eliminate coding. With its extensive application development experience, BriteSoft has changed the rules of the game when it comes to programming and building applications. Its flagship product, BriteWorks is an award winning platform that helps customers deliver applications 20 times faster, yet with higher quality and hugely reduces costs. Developers need not know java, VB, C++ or any other programming language or technology. BriteSoft’s philosophy is ‘zero code generation’ and ‘develop once, run everywhere’ (i.e. client server, web, PDA). BriteSoft has a series of line-of-business applications that have all been powered by BriteWorks. Contact person Brenda Ng Email Phone number +6012.3269000 Address Suite G2 Ground Floor Incubator 1 Technology Park Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 57000 Malaysia

We were at Proto For : Garnering Support and Mindshare from partners, developers and affiliates.


Not Yet (Tekriti Software is a profitable entity) : Ashish Kumar. Gurgaon -122002.Company Name Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Contact Manish Dhingra Email manish@tekritisoftware. Manish Dhingra We were at Proto For : Focused on Product Launch leading to Market Expansion and further sales for Tekmedia www. Opposite Sector 14. Haryana Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder(s) : Tekriti Software Private Limited Incorporation : 2005 : Self Funded : TekMedia : Web Media Publishing. Sukhrali VideoEgg : [Manish Dhingra] 4-5 : Tekmedia . Gaurav 4 . vidavee. Video Management. High Quality White labeled video platforms : Internet : Blip. Video Publishing. revver. Palm Court. Low Telephone +91-124-4105951 Address [Manish Dhingra] 602-A.

Jalan 20/27. (preventive) security and control for users of desktop computers. Alliances. 47400 Petaling Jaya. TISS primary business is to provide protection. West Malaysia. No. email and internet browsing by utilizing TISS’s unique integrated.MHS found its niche in the market place in the Internet Content Security product space and began its distribution operations in October of that year. for its contribution to ICT development in 5 .com Unit 3A12. Damansara Intan. laptops. TISS gained much coveted Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status in March 2003. 1. Telephone +603 7725 8200 Address Contact Fara Liza Bashah Email fara@tiss-msc. Focused on Market Expansion www. portable Total Internet Security Solutions (TISS).tiss-msc. Block C. Lobby 6. Malaysia We were at Proto For : Introductions to Potential Funding Sources.Enterprise Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : TISS MSC SDN BHD ® : 2003 : Self Funded : T3 SecurityKey : IT Security : Enterprise : : 14 : No not yet profitable : Mr Graham Baldwin : TISS MSC was founded in 2003 to compliment the business of Millennium Hallmark Software as the sales and distribution arm of the organization formed in 2001. and Partnerships. Selangor. TISS continues to fulfill its passion and obligations under this status umbrella.

the Server and theChannel (Medium). Key loggers and other client side attacks by User to keep a cognitive based one time PASTCODE.Arcot : 3 : Not Yet : Aditya.E.Sravanam Apartments Telephone +9908112971 Address s-3 . Auth Me Secures Client from Trojans.K Email aditya1010@gmail. where user authentication is tied to the secure session empowering the organization and the client to see when they are connected by a direct link without interruption. 6 .Company Name Incorpation Year Funding Product Core Focus Area Contact Aditya.Colony Hyderabad-500013 Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : AuthMe : 2007 Stage of : Self-Funded : AuthMe : Securing Online Tractions : Banking and Enterprise Applications : RSA.K : AuthMe secures all the three entities in any authentication Infrastructure namely the Client. To protect the channel from Pharming and Man in The Middle Phishing attacks Auth Me uses a new patent pending method.

and Partnerships. Bukit Jalil. Malaysia. MDT also offers full fledge RFID solutions in terms of system configurations and infrastructure deployment and integration of software system. Technology Park Malaysia. Telephone +603-8996 8800 Address 3F. : 2000 : Self Funded : Mi-RFiDTM Radio Frequency Identification Products : RFID.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Multimedia Display Technologies Sdn. Mr. being patented in Japan. in exploring new technologies for providing low cost chipped and chipless tag that will further tap into new markets that are previously hindered by cost. 57000 Kuala Lumpur. Sim. China. Bhd. Alliances. Besides offering reader module to potential reader We were at Proto For : Introductions to Potential Funding Sources. Lam Email rfidteam@mmdt. Iris Smart Complex. end user : Merit in Best of Communications 7 . Contact Mr.mmdt. Set with a Mandate. ICT and Display Technologies : enterprise. Strong engineering resources have helped developed innovative RFID products. Apicta 2006 : 18 : Yes : Liew Choon Lian : MDT has overcome the breaking point of producing low cost RFID readers and low cost RFID tags for the consumption of target industries as well as mass consumers. and eventually worldwide markets. www. Involved in other industry such as advanced display and software engineering provide competitive edge in terms of technical application know-how and new market opportunities.This cutting edge technology and cost advantage will enable the company to promote the use of RFID technology in almost all targeted applications.

We were at Proto for : Alliances and Exposure www.I. Altrion-BPS is built on a flexible open framework and can be implemented (without code changes) in multiple verticals and functions. Not Profitable : Jagannathan Vaman : Altrion Technologies is a Chennai-based global IT services and product Company. Pro-actively drive for Performance at all levels in the Organisation and achieve the Functional and Organisational Goals. Six-Sigma. IT Corridor. HYPERION : 70+ : Yes. TPM. T2/17.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Contact J Badrinarayanan Email Telephone 91 44 4359 4450 / 4451 Address No. Dr.altrion. Altrion-BPS helps align Individual Goals to Organisational Goals. With rich functionality and scalability features. and provides a singlewindow control for driving these initiatives. It also aligns with a lot of management models like Balanced Scorecard. this cost effective tool in the hands of the CEOs. a software product for proactively managing the Business Performance of an Enterprise called ALTRION Business Performance Suite (ALTRION BPS). Business and Functional 8 . Thiruvanmiyur.S. Chennai . ORACLE – Daily Business Intelligence. TQM. Estate. will greatly help in enhancing the operational efficiency in the Organisation as a whole. etc.600 041 Market/Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Altrion Technologies Private Limited : 2006 : Seed : ALTRION BUSINESS PERFORMANCE SUITE : BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT : Enterprise : SAP – Pilot Works. As a part of our product offering we have developed after extensive research.

Internet & Web 2.0 9 .

Cleartrip. Rams Swathi brings 3500 Hotels from 400 cities in India just a couple of clicks away from the users. Travelguru. .com .inasra.A Puram. 600028 Market/Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Inasra Technologies : 2005 : Self-Funded : Inasra. No: 2. Also Proto would at the least introduce us to VC’s that would be interested in our field. : Enabling users to book hotels online. : 8 : Not yet : Yogendra Vasupal : Inasra. www.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Contact Yogendra Vasupal Email 10 .com Telephone 91-9841007972 / 91-44-65623300 / 65623301 Address Inasra Technologies Pvt Ltd. Durgabai Deshmukh Road. 4th floor. We were at Proto for: networking with other startups and see if any synergies can match and learn more the key players and new ideas in various : Internet: Enterprise : Makemytrip.

Local social search (Pennywise Solutions is a web-application development and search marketing company servicing several hundred small and medium businesses across the : Tolmolbol. We would be delighted to showcase our product in the midst of such an important gathering as well as receive valuable feedback from this community.Not Yet. Profitable . Prasad : Proto brings together technology enthusiasts. Morzaria Rithesh R. Prasad & . Profitable . 11 . Hyderabad . : Anand : Tolmolbol. We would also like to connect with interested VCs as well as explore alliances with partners who see value and a common-ground in the local social search and city guide . Email info@tolmolbol.70 : For Pennywise: Revenue . For tolmolbol. investors and the media at a common-ground.500 082 Contact Rithesh R.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Pennywise Solutions Private Limited : 2003 : Self funded : Revenue .) : Internet : Competitors of Tolmolbol. Civil Supplies Bhavan 6-3-655/4.8 Pennywise Solutions .com include Telephone +91-40-23323189 Address Tolmolbol.Yes.

www.k@tyroo.110048 India Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Tyroo Media Pvt. sophisticated Targeting & Optimization technologies and localized features are its biggest competitive advantage. Its pay for performance contextual advertising network. Ltd : 2007 : First Round : Tyroo : Digital Media Advertisement : Enterprise : Google Adsense Tribal Fusion Advertising. Kailash Colony Zamrudpur Delhi .com Phone number 91-9910108483 Address 136A. including the smaller players who haven’t participated online before. provides a unique platform for advertisers and for publishers to come together and do : 18 : Not Yet : Aditya Khanna : Tyroo is the largest self served Indian ad-network. The combination of Tyroo’s SelfServe system interface. Vishal House. 12 .com We were at Proto for : Showing the offering to a wider audience and for garnering mindshare.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Contact Aditya Khanna Email aditya.tyroo.

Chennai . Ltd. CEO Email pavan@cricketology.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Profitable Founder Summary : Skilworth Technologies . Secondary competitors in the form of cricket portals like Cricinfo and Cricketnext. We are also looking to attract the right kind of venture partners who will complement our efforts. : Not yet : Pavan Kachibhatla & Srini Kachibhatla : Cricko is a new media interactive cricket network which incorporates the philosophies of Web We were at Proto For : To showcase our offering. Dhanalakshmi Avenue. : 3 : Yes. 13 www. Adyar.0 and is aimed at cricket fans worldwide. Telephone Mobile 91. : 2007 : Self funded : Cricko : Gaming and Social Network application for the Sports & Entertainment industry.600020 Contact Pavan Kachibhatla.98410 -80269 Address # 37. : Internet / Mobile : None currently. announce our plans going forward and connect with other innovators.

e. 14 . We provide directions the good old Telephone +91 9899003393 Address 211. i. and thereby bringing us closer to both Investors and We were at Proto For : show-casing our products’ potential. using Landmarks. Our vision is to make Geographical Information accessible. We are technologists and business-people having varied experience after graduating from premier schools like IITs and ISBs.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Contact Avinash Agrawal Email avinash@routeguru. Consumer Internet : End User + Enterprise : RoadsOfIndia. Pocket B Sukhdev Vihar New Delhi .routeguru. usable and valuable in day-to-day lives of consumers and local businesses in developing countries. MapMyIndia.110025 INDIA Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : RouteGuru : 2006 : Seed : RouteGuru : GIS. Google Maps : 3 : Not Yet : Avinash Agrawal : RouteGuru is India’s #1 Routing and Driving Direction services provider on the Internet and Mobile.

com 15 . Phone number +1-408-981-6992 Address 440 N. based on what they are currently reading or have read before. Sphere : 10 : Not Yet : Delip Andra : Minekey is a Silicon Valley based VC funded start up incubated out of IIT Kharagpur. Wolfe Road Sunnyvale. CA . Minekey Recommedations service makes the content discovery on blogs and websites a lot easier.minekey. Loomia.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Minekey : 2005 : First Round : Minekey : Internet / Content : End User : Aggregate Knowledge. It can help each of your site’s visitors find the golden nuggets of content that would be most interesting to them.94085 USA Contact Delip Andra Email We were at Proto For : Clients www.

98451 -76366 Address Genie Interactive Pvt.html). This is very important for us and will help us further fine tune and make the product more . 12th main. who will be able to provide us with very valuable inputs and feedback. We would like to see it become a default platform for lot of voice based services. For the product: No revenues as yet : Aradhana Handa / Deepak Samaga : Voiee is an easy to use.spinvox. : 1999 : Self funded : Voiee : UI design/development for the web & mobile.jott. cost effective. (http: //www. it will help us reach a very focussed and an insightful audience. Ltd. Cell 91. DirectorBusiness Development Email Telephone 91-80-2220 8495 / 2220 1164. : 18 : As a company: Revenues / Profitable: / www. Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Genie Interactive Pvt. simple yet versatile voice mail & messaging platform.voiee. Vasanthnagar. Internet product / application development using Open Source technologies. Spinvox 16 . #1.nowpos. 1st floor. It allows one to seamlessly & creatively integrate audio (voice) into their WWW universe. India.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Contact Deepak Samaga. It will also help us connect with several important people in the VC and business community. : Internet / Enterprise : In India to some extent Nowpos (http: //canvas.genieinteractive. . We were at Proto For : By participating in Proto (which we believe is a high profile event). Bangalore 560052. other similar services Jott Networks Inc (http: //www. who may eventually assist us in strategic business alliances or raising venture capital www. both are US based.

347. 17 . there is a strong need to access.560094 India Contact Ajay Rajasekhar Email ajay@rarefind. size and connectivity. Our vision is to have customers connected.” Phone number +919886777666 Address No.Mobile Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Rarefind Engineering Innovations Pvt. 24access. 17th Cross. transfer content seamlessly between personal computers and mobile phones. Ltd : 2003 : Self Funded : Mocodile : Mobile Content Exchange : Enterprise : Soonr. At We were at Proto For : Showcasing the company to network of prospective investors and partners. share.mocodile. RMV 2nd Stage Bangalore . ORB : 7 : Not Yet : Ajay Rajasekhar : “As worldwide mobile users cross 2 billion. our endeavor is to solve the puzzle of incompatible content formats. inspired & satisfied.

wifintech.600017 India Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Wifin Technologies : 2003 : Seed : Mobistream : Mobile Applications : End User / Enterprise : e-Signal. South West Boag Road T Nagar Chennai .com 18 . as the most preferred trading medium by the discerning investors. mobile banking product. Team Wifin’s believes “Ordinary people can do extraordinary things so long as “We Enjoy and We Excel” in what we do. We were at Proto For : To help us scale up with the right resources and partners www. streaming market information on mobile devices and PDAs with secure trading capability. Telephone +919382196257 Address 17. primarily using the core IP developed. livemarketwatch : 22 : Profitable : Raghavendra Prasad : Wifi’s product Mobistream offers live. mLearning solution and betting Apart from this. we also have a desktop/ browser-based streaming solution. which we believe is easily the most elegant. We would like to see this product.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Contact Raghavendra Prasad Email rags@wifintech. III Floor. feature rich and optimized.

Shaadi : 11 (Lukup) : No (for the product). Telephone 0091-9886422294 Address 301 Andree Capitol 8/1 Andree Road Bangalore 560 027 Contact Kallol Borah Email k. network and device neutral. software-as-a-service development platform we have been licensing out since We were at Proto For : Interaction with investors. Naukri. Get feedback on application 19 .borah@aumeganetworks.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Aumega Networks : 2004 : Self funded : Lukup : Search. Identifying companies we can partner with. : Kallol Borah : Lukup (to be demonstrated at Proto) is a mobile search application that indexes very frequently updated data and provides precise and up to date results to mobile users. Lukup is based on the Indus SDK which is a peer-to-peer. We are starting to execute pilots with two well known companies in India. Grid and P2P computing : Mobile : MakeMyTrip.

560076 India Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Ziva Software : 2005 : First Round : Zook : Mobile Search : End User : Mobile search is a fast evolving space with many players. : 10 : Not Yet : Ajay Sethi : Ziva Software is a VC-backed company that has developed an innovative and intelligent platform for mobile search and access. We were at Proto For : To help us inform users about the Zook service. It not only provides quick and precise results to users but also enables them to get information and relevant updates from their friends. mobile social networking companies. to a certain extent. Ziva’s platform s are being used by a number of market-leading companies .com 20 . Bannerghatta Road Bangalore .sethi@zivasoftware. NSR-GIV Center IIM Telephone +91 9448475980 Address Suite # 26. provides exact and actionable answers to mobile users.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Contact Ajay Sethi Email ajay. Ziva Software’s competitors are mobile search companies and. Ziva’s flagship “search networking” service (called Zook.zivasoftware.

co. Currently we are rolling this service out in Hindi and English with roughly 10 more Indian languages in the pipe.buzzworks. Mauj telecom : 2 Email : Not Yet : V C Karthic : Our vision is to create a Indian mobile voice search engine that helps people publish and search for extremely localized information. Telephone +91 9908523411 Address 105 Badam Sohana Apartments 6-3-912.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : BuzzWorks : 2007 : Self Funded : Bolo : Telecom VAS : End user : Onmobile. Somajiguda Hyderabad .co.500082 India 21 . Raj Bhavan Road. Contact V C Karthic We were at Proto For : Exposure and Funding www.karthic@buzzworks. without any knowledge of technology. Our factor of success is making your mobile a device that gets you business.

we started with fire in our bellies and cartoons all around us.thinxworks. Toonz : 16 : Yes and Profitable. We were at Proto For : Connect to visionaries who can help take us to a new level www. Koramangala 3rd Block Bangalore .clay and have set out to create some of the world’s most loved films. We chose a medium as malleable as our creative instincts . 8th 22 .560034 India Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Thinxworks : 2000 : Self Funded : Clay Animated Movies : Animation : End-user and Enterprise : Aardman . 3rd Cross. : MP Hariharan : Thinxworks? Dreaming to be in the league of Dreamworks. A team of 20+. we are adding myriad people to strengthen our Telephone +91 9845051055 Address 104.worldwide. Famous Studios.New Frontiers Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Contact MP Hariharan Email mp@thinxworks.

NDT Muulam™.5 – Ultrasonic Imaging and Analysis Software by Enviroaccoustics SA. : K M Reddy : Lucid is a Software Solutions provider to the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) market and was founded by alumni of IITs Madras and Roorkee. UTIA 2. Our vision for NDT Muulam™ encompasses creation/setting of industry standards for data formats. visualization and integration of NDT data into business . NSIC STP Complex Sector B -24.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Lucid Software : 2000 : Self Funded : NDT Muulam : Non Destructive Testing : Enterprise : GE’s Rhythm platform. Guindy Industrial Estate Chennai 600032 India We were at Proto For : Connections to prospective investors and Learning from other companies on latest software practices and trends 23 Telephone +919840920889 Address 104. The results of our pioneering research work based on key industry requirements. is a software product platform . CIVA by CEA of France : 25 : Yes. Contact C P Madhusudan Email madhu@lucidsoft.

such as TI. they are . Royal Castle 5th We were at Proto For : Introductions to potential funding sources. developing a next-generation solution that will enable an order of 10X improvement in verification quality and productivity. www. 24 . We also expect to be exposed to various organizations that can help with various business Telephone +91 9880392972 Address 306.Company Name Incorporation Year Stage of Funding Product Core Focus Area Contact Praveen Tiwari Email praveen@hyperanalytix. With this value proposition Hyper Analytix will be able to take a significant portion of the $700M verification market. India : 560008 Market Segment Competition Team Size Revenue Founder Summary : Hyper Analytix : 2007 : Self Funded : Hyperanalyzer : Semiconductor Design Automation : B2B / Enterprise : Cadence Design Systems. Kodihalli Bangalore. NuSym : 3 : Not Yet : Paul Hylander : Functional verification is the biggest pain point in today’s IC design flow and none of the upcoming solutions offer any chance of addressing it.hyperanalytix. HP Cadence and others. 5th Cross. The founders of Hyper Analytix come from leading edge companies. Armed with unique insights and technology. Synopsys.

guiding them through critical stages of growth. anytime. it has the highest percentage of engineers. For a company of its size. anywhere and through any medium.” TVS-E offer high quality products at reasonable prices. True to its credo “Productivity through Intelligence. the impact of Adobe solutions is clear to anyone who creates. 25 . Its commitment to quality and innovations has won many accolades over the years. We support international investors looking to diversify into South Asian companies that fit the profile of our entrepreneurial clients. TVS Electronics has an installed base of more than two million printers and offers a wide range of computer peripherals to suit all peripheral related needs. each of these products are designed with utmost care and quality to give you the best value for your money. As manufacturers of India’s No.1 brand of Dot Matrix Printers. to win the “Deming Award” for Quality. entertainment.SPONSORS Dolphin Advisory Dolphin Advisory spots and nurtures entrepreneurs with the potential to disrupt markets and business models through technology. From rich images in print. We work with entrepreneurs in South Asia who are expanding their companies. TVS Electronics TVS Electronics is the part of the 90-year-old TVS Group which is the first Group from Asia outside Japan. the company’s award-winning technologies and software have redefined business. and film to dynamic digital content for a variety of media. For more than two decades. and interacts with information. views. and personal communications by setting new standards for producing and delivering content that engages people anywhere at anytime. Adobe Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information . video.

IAMAI The IAMAI is the premier trade association representing the online content and advertising. Rediff. In order to achieve this organization has built programs to energize and inspire its constituencies and the flagship event being and Yahoo. in Silicon Valley by a group of successful EU. Founded in January 2004 by leading Indian portals HT. concerns and challenges of the Internet economy and takes a leading role in its development. software services. IT-enabled/BPO services and e-commerce. the largest conference for entrepreneurs Connecturf India Pvt. corporate executives. Japan and China. and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. the organization today has over 10. It addresses the issues. e-commerce and mobile content and advertising the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT software and services industry in India. MSN. the IAMAI is a not-forprofit organization registered under the Societies Act. and the online media agency. Sify. of which over 250 are global companies from the 1896. NASSCOM is a global trade body with over 1100 members. Ltd. NASSCOM NASSCOM is India’s National Association of Software and Service Companies. TiE’s focus is on generating and nurturing our next generation of entrepreneurs. UK. software products. NASSCOM’s member companies are in the business of software development. 26 . Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community.SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS TiE Founded in 1992.000 members across 44 chapters in 9 countries.

telecom and IT policy studies. there is a small group of experts in areas such as rural finance. digital system design and embedded systems. The type of activities of the TeNeT Group includes teaching and training. multimedia. strategy. digital signal processing. and Business Research. KNOWLEDGE PARTNERS eValueServe Evalueserve is a global knowledge services company offering high-quality research services in Intellectual Property Management and Market. and front-line research in the specialties. product development. incubation of technology companies by alumni.TeNet The expertise in the TeNeT Group spans the entire gamut of specialisations pertinent to the TeNeT mission: digital communications. computer protocols. including the Deloitte Fast 500 APAC and NASSCOM awards. We are a research. Evalueserve’s IP services help multinationals and startups manage their inventions and technology while protecting their product lines and points of differentiation. computer vision. small scale enterprises for rural areas. wireless networks. investment advisory services. optical communications. independent reports and marketing services. In addition. Tonse Telecom Tonse is a recognized leader in India telecom intelligence. ISVs. speech. audio and video technologies. Investment. infrastructure developers and investors for success in the Indian telecom marketplace. Tonse Telecom enables telecom equipment vendors. 27 . India. network management. consulting and advisory services organization providing custom technology research. Tonse Telecom is based in Bangalore. Evalueserve has won several awards.

research labs of tech firms. and those to want to know! 28 . a media entrepreneur with over 10 years of business journalism and research experience. etc. India VC Report: Quarterly and Annual reports summarizing venture capital investments in India (in association with the US-India Venture Capital Association). a division of TSJ Media. is the leading provider of information and networking services to the private equity and venture capital ecosystem in India.. CTOs and researchers would need to know to make wise decisions.’ magazine’s vision is to leverage the potential of “Innovative India”. India Roundup: Quarterly and Annual reports summarizing private equity investments in India . technopreneurs. The team especially focuses on covering innovations born at Indian start-ups. universities. The subject selection and handling are in line with what venture capitalists. Thier products & services include Deal Digest: India’s first deal-focused newsletter . Venture Intelligence is led by Arun Natarajan. The magazine covers recent developments and trends in the IT world. a magazine on “ Not to forget valuable insights that technologists would need in the process of taking their innovations to the market and the challenges along the way.Venture Intelligence Venture” for those who need to know. in depth.t. VC Market: A unique online classified service that connects companies seeking capital with potential investors and Events that bring together investors and entrepreneurs in a focused manner. Magazine ‘i. Essentially. i.t.

dial up connectivity and the iWay cyber café chain across 158 cities and towns. We are already serving over . A significant part of the company’s revenue is derived from Corporate Services. network and communications solutions. network management services. security. This Internet backbone reaches 188 cities and towns in India. A host of blue chip customers use Sify’s corporate service offerings. Our services are used by a fast growing number of blue chip and high tech corporate customers in India. We are also a services provider (SMS aggregator) for wireless communication. Sify is recognized as an ISO 9001:2000 certified service provider for network operations. We work with top rung direct mobile carrier connections and partnerships with SMS aggregators. Consumer services include broadband home access. This gives us the unmatched capability to deliver your messages to 550 networks in 200 countries. 29 . network and e-Commerce services companies in India. data center operations and customer support. offering endto-end solutions with a comprehensive range of products delivered over a common Internet backbone infrastructure.600. Internet bandwidth. and for provisioning of VPNs. enterprise applications and hosting. SMSCountry’s Bulk SMS gateway services are integrated seamlessly with global mobile carrier networks and global mobile phone users around the world. which include corporate connectivity. and BS7799 certified for Internet Data Center operations . efficient and responsive two-way SMS text messaging software applications (desktop tools). is operating on wireless technologies since 2003 as a short messaging portal. NETWORKING PARTNER SMSCountry SMSCountry is among the leaders in providing effective.BROADBAND PARTNER Sify Sify is among the largest Internet. VoIP Solutions and integrated security solutions. founded in 2000. SMSCountry.000 registered online users worldwide.

&YouTube . It is called SecondLife! The pre-press strength of this division has also opened doors in the digital imaging arena & other rippleeffect technologies.Wiki. To live coverage of in second life http:// slurl. We are about to make the same point.SECONDLIFE SecondLife is a 3D online Digital world imagined. 30 . We became early proponents of the use of the internet in the printing marketplace. created & owned by its or IM upslpink or labsji lik for teleport. but potentially just as explosive. Flash forward another decade to 2007. this time with respect to something less tangible. the Repro Division has focused on social media technologies such as SecondLife. SecondLife is about personal expression and your avatar is the most personal experience of all. At Universal Print Systems Ltd. Many of you may not know what we’re introducing.