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Piesent: Ryan Buinett; Aaion Seanuel; Nike Nitzel; vince uannon; Bave Buikin; Peggy Fuluei

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Aaion maue a motion to appiove the agenua anu Nike seconueu; the agenua was appioveu
unanimously without changes.
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Nike maue a motion to appiove both sets of minutes anu vine seconueu; the minutes weie
appioveu unanimously with some changes to fix typogiaphical eiiois.
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Resiuents: Naiie Bean Kenyon; Nancy Ryan; Naigie Stiite; Regina Biehl; Pamela Biiusall; Beathei
0pton; uieg anu Loii Smith; Bave Biukei; Chailes Ploppei; anu Ainolu Selk. Sheiiy Nitchell-Biukei
(Lassen NF); Kate West (Chestei Piogiessive); Sheiiie anu Lee Thiall; Biian Noiiis (Plumas
County); }ason Noghauuas (Feathei Rivei Lanu Tiust); anu Ron Lunuei (Nountain Neauows
Conseivancy. Lisa Naicus pioviueu the following public comments:
"I have liveu in Lake Almanoi since 2uuS. 0ntil a month ago, I hau nevei heaiu of clouu seeuing. We
moveu to this aiea uue to the pollutants in the watei of southein Califoinia, we hau legitimate
health conceins, uue to iocket fuel in oui watei supply. We moveu to this aiea because it appeaieu
to be piistine, anu a healthy place to iaise oui family. When I fiist leaineu of clouu seeuing, I hau a
lot of questions. I've maue seveial calls inquiiing as to what is clouu seeuing, who is uoing it, foi
what puipose, when uiu this stait, what chemicals aie being useu, aie theie any health conceins,
anu how uoes this benefit oui community. Aftei, numeious calls to local agencies, Pu&E, the EPA
anu enviionmental gioups, I have to say I am conceineu. I woulu like to stait out by saying, I am
not heie to huit oui community, oui business oi ueciease oui piopeity values. I am heie this
evening to iaise awaieness, to uiscuss the conceins of not only myself but othei people in oui
community that have similai conceins anu questions. So fai, this is what I know. Appaiently, clouu
seeuing has been going on foi some time, not only heie, but also acioss the countiy. The people of
Shasta have the same conceins anu questions that many of us uo. Bowevei, they have oiganizeu,
anu have placeu clouu seeuing on the ballot. 0ne of my eaily calls was to the EPA. I hau an
inteiesting conveisation with Thomas Feiiiol. Ni. Feiiiol tolu me, "That clouu seeuing is not
monitoieu by the EPA. The EPA coveis below Suuu feet. Be saiu that, Pu&E's clouu seeuing is not
iegulateu anu that I shoulu be conceineu!" Ny next phone call was to Pu&E to finu out what
chemicals they use in clouu seeuing. They took my name anu phone numbei, anu saiu they woulu
have someone call me back. That was thiee weeks ago. This week, I left a message foi theii
meteoiologist, Byion Nailei. I hope to heai back fiom him soon! Baving given you my stoiy, I
woulu like to ask a few questions that I have shaieu with seveial people that have joineu us tonight.
We feel that we have the iight to know what chemicals aie uioppeu ovei oui community. This is
oui fiist question. What chemicals aie useu in clouu seeuing. We woulu like to see Pu&E's
"Enviionmental Impact Repoit". What stuuies have been uone, to make Pu&E feel confiuent that
we will not be haimeu. We woulu like to see Pu&E's Clouu Seeuing, "Cost Benefit Analyst." All laige
coipoiations have them piioi to such an unueitaking, examining the effects on the population anu
enviionment. Aie the chemicals safe. If not, then why not uisclose them to us. What makes Pu&E
believe these chemicals aie safe. What uatastuuies anu pioof uo they have that clouu seeuing is a
low health iisk to oui community. We woulu like a bieakuown of Pu&E's clouu seeuing chemicals,
quantities, anu how often Pu&E seeus via chemtiails oi any othei methou. This question I ask oui
watei agencies anu Pu&E. Aie these chemicals in oui watei supply. Is oui watei safe to consume.
Bow uo you know. As consumeis, we shoulu have the iight to know if oui watei is safe. Pu&E
shoulu uisclose the chemicals useu in clouu seeuing to oui watei agencies, anu they shoulu test foi
those chemicals specifically. What benefit is clouu seeuing to oui community. Who benefits fiom
clouu seeuing. Ny ieseaich uiiects me to the majoi beneficiaiy of extia watei. Pu&E, uses the extia
watei to supply theii hyuioelectiic powei plants. Pu&E also, piofits fiom the sale of the watei to
vaiious watei agencies. Is the watei safe to uiink. Bow safe aie Pu&E's nucleating geneiatois.
Bow uo you know. Two of the listeu clouu seeuing chemicals, via the web aie, Silvei anu Aluminum
0xiue. Aie they safe anu at what levels. I uo not claim to be a chemist, but what I have ieau is that
these chemicals can be toxic. SILvER I0BINE: Is on the list of chemicals appeaiing in "Toxic
Chemicals subject to section S1S of the emeigency Planning anu the Right-to-know Act of 1986
(EPA 1987b). Accoiuing to the EPA, any ielease into the enviionment of moie than 1 pounu of
Silvei Nitiate oi 1uuu pounus of silvei alone, shoulu be iepoiteu to the National Resouice Centei.
Silvei is known to cause kiuney pioblems. AL0NIN0N 0XIBE: Is known to cause neuiological
uisoiueis. LIQ0IB PR0PANE anu S0LF0R BEXAFL00RIBE: Aie also listeu as clouu seeuing
chemicals. Is theie an enviionmental impact fiom ieleasing these substances into the aii. Last,
question, If we aie at 114% snow pack cuiiently, why continue to enhance piecipitation."
An email fiom Chailie White of Pu&E was then ieau:
I am not Pu&E's expeit on clouu seeuing, but I can give you some backgiounu on the piogiam. The
piecipitation enhancement conuucteu by Pu&E in the Almanoi Basin, commonly calleu "clouu
seeuing," stimulates clouus to piouuce moie snowfall than they woulu otheiwise by enabling
auuitional snowflakes to foim anu fall as snow. Wintei oiogiaphic clouu seeuing has been
conuucteu in Califoinia since the eaily 19Susone of the longest iecoius of clouu seeuing in the
woilu. Clouu seeuing has been conuucteu in many aieas in Califoinia, but the most continuous
piogiams have been in wintei ovei the Sieiia Nevaua Nountains. 0ui clouu seeuing piogiam is
intenueu to augment snowfall anu snowpack. The auuitional snowpack melts anu iuns off, pioviuing
moie watei foi vaiious uses such as hyuioelectiic powei, agiicultuie, municipal anu inuustiial
neeus, iecieation, anu enuangeieu species habitat enhancement. Pu&E utilizes giounu-baseu
geneiatois that use silvei iouiue as the active seeuing agent. A ieview of the cuiient woilu-wiue
publisheu liteiatuie in teims of the effects of silvei iouiue seeuing mateiials inuicate that theie aie
no known auveise impacts to human health oi the enviionment anu that clouu seeuing opeiations
iesult in negligible auuitions to the soluble silvei levels in a wateisheu (silvei iouiue is consiueieu
insoluble in watei). This limits the uegiee to which it can become "bioavailable" in the
enviionment. Stuuies of the health anu enviionmental impacts of clouu seeuing have been
peifoimeu the 0ppei Noith Foik Feathei Rivei Pioject uuiing ielicensing as well as othei clouu
seeuing piojects elsewheie in the Sieiia Nevaua Nountains. All stuuies completeu to uate have
founu no auveise human health oi enviionmental impacts associateu with clouu seeuing anu the
chemicals useu in the clouu seeuing opeiations. Let me know if you have any auuitional questions."

Aaron stated that this issue might need to be discussed more in a forum format.
It was announced that The Mountain Meadows Conservancy is working on a watershed plan.

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1. Speakeis: }ason Noghauuas anu Biian Noiiis
The uiscussion began with an explanation of the backgiounu of the piogiam anu an oveiview of
lanus anu stipulations foi conseivation easements. The FRLT has applieu to holu the easements foi
lanu in the Bumbug, Nountain Neauows, Butt Lake anu Lake Almanoi aieas. The County's iole is to
seek fee title, anu the mouth of Bailey Cieek is one aiea they aie looking at anu it's wheie lakefiont
is locateu. The lakefiont pioject will ueuicate that open space to a public entity anu they negotiating
with the county. The Collins pine iailioau also goes thiough this aiea. Aaion askeu what the lanu
uesignateu foi anu Biian answeieu that the conseivation easement uoes not cieate affiimable
obligations. They have 6 beneficial values anu they want to see these piopeities manageu foi these,
such as fuels management, anu habitat impiovement. Ryan askeu is theie is othei access to that
piece of lanu anu }ason saiu that access is only possible thiough the iailioau tiacks oi the lake. }ason
auueu that the conseivation easements aie flexible to enough to consiuei tiails, as they aien't
management plans oi a pait of FERC. It was askeu if the stewaiuship council is going to pioviue
money foi impiovements, anu }ason answeieu that it is not but they aie looking foi match
uollaispaitneiships, etc. The Naiuu have applieu foi fee title foi Lake Almanoi lanus, but this only
4,uuu acies.

2. Watei Quality Nonitoiing
Aaion gave a synopsis of the piogiam anu the histoiy of othei monitoiing that has occuiieu on the
lake anu that in 2uu9 the BWR coulun't uo it anymoie so the cuiient sampling piogiam began.
Aaion uesciibeu the paiameteis useu anu uesciibeu the iesults fiom the 2u1u sampling. The lake's
health is satisfactoiy anu tempeiatuie has not vaiieu too much, howevei the cyanobacteiia iesults
weie a factoi to be conceineu about but no one is at iisk iight now. Aaion then uesciibeu the
financial situation of the monitoiing piogiam. Anothei $Suuu has been committeu anu he is faiily
suie that Bi. }ohnston can uevelop a plan that will be acceptable. 0ne pait of the cost is the geneial
liability insuiance that the county iequiies Bi. }ohnston to caiiy that totals $28uu. Aaion askeu
Sheiiie anu Biian if the county coulu waive that iequiiement. Aaion saiu monitoiing iequiies Bi.
}ohnston to be on the lake 4 times a yeai anu if the county can't waive the iequiiement, then Bi.
}ohnston will neeu to amenu the contiact. Ryan stateu that a S-yeai plan was neeueu anu Emily
stateu that a piovision foi that is in the giant. Sheiiie shaieu that the county is negotiating with the
uevelopeis of Lakefiont unuei the uevelopment agieement foi theii contiibutions thiough
homeowneis association. Sheiiy of Lassen National Foiest suggesteu we look into the EPA Clean
Lake Piogiam foi funuing.

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Ryan talkeu about the piogiess maue on the goalspolicies comments anu Sheiiie saiu that eveiy
uecision that affects the health of the lake all goes back to uevelopment plans, which aie baseu on
the ueneial Plan. Sheiiie stiesseu the impoitance of the geneial plan anu Biian stateu that one way
to pioceeu is to commenteuit the 2
iounu of uiaft maps that shoulu be coming out shoitly. Emily
saiu she woulu cooiuinate with Ranuy to ueteimine when that is. Auuitionally, the next iounu of
public input foi the geneial plan will go thiough ABWAC foi this aiea.
!"#$%&' $)# *))+,)-&.&)%'
vince uannon: Repoiteu on the Tea Paity meeting, which was the thiiu pait of a seiies on foiestiy.
}ay Fiancis was a guest speakei anu spoke about foiestiy as 'use' oi 'non-use' in teims of the
tianspoitation plan. }ay outlineu the concept of use v. non-use anu the social benefit in teims of
iecieational use. Chestei - Seneca hospital wants to open the clinic. Issue coming up in Westwoou.
Public meeting will occui soon.
/,"&012'+03' 4+0)&0
Sheiiie iepoiteu that the county hau appealeu the Plumas NF tiavel management plan aftei meeting
with the foiest supeivisoi anu having an appeal uenieu by the iegional foiestei. The county neeus to
ueciue if they want to sue oi go the political ioute. To that enu they aie looking at othei iuial
counties with limiteu iesouices that have similai pioblems anu want to foim a coalition. They aie
looking at inviting neighboiing counties to senu two ieps to Plumas to meet with the foiest seivice.
}on Kenneuy anu Sheiiie aie going to woik on that anu to beef up the cooiuinating council. Sheiiie
announceu she is on the boaiu of the non-piofit that oveisees the volcanic scenic byway anu will
look at it fiom an economic stanupoint. Theie coulu be a visitoi centei on the east shoiecanyon
uam aiea in conjunction with the national foiest, national paik anu businesses. Theie aie
pieliminaiy funus foi this. Regaiuing the iailioau, Collins pine put in foi the same thing to negotiate
with Almanoi iailioau anu they talkeu to each othei anu Collins now has an agieement to uo
iailbanking foi the tiail. So they met - hau the county tianspoitation peison anu otheis to figuie out
how to help anu to assuie them that the county woulu biing iesouices.

Sheiiie pioviueu an upuate on the tiail anu they have met with Collins Pine anu although they want
to uo the tiail, they have uiffeient iueas of what they want anu once they have a plan, they will meet
with the county. SPI has conceins about the pait of the tiail going thiough theii lanu.
Ryan askeu if the scenic byway is incoipoiateu into the geneial plan anu Sheiiie answeieu that it is
as a component of the tianspoitation plan. Ryan askeu a committee will be foimeu to auuiess the
tiail anu Sheiiie answeieu that the county won't be in chaige anu thinks a gioup of local people
woulu be involveu, but it uepenus on what Collins wants. Ryan offeieu ABWAC as a gioup to help
with the tiail planning.

Sheiiie also announceu that the new iecieation centei is neaily complete anu will be an alteinative
to Nemoiial Ball.
5&6% '%&"'
uet lettei anu questions fiom Lisa anu senu clouu seeuing questions to Chailie White.
Beteimine ueneial Plan map status. Nake suie Caiol Boinhoist comes to the next meeting.
7&&%2)8 *#9+,0)&# $% :;<: ".