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The secret to this incubation space will be to find the right mix of anchor tenants, support services, and entrepreneur incubation and acceleration.

Corporate Offices
These Corporate Offices represent administrative offices, executive boardrooms, delegation reception areas, and training labs and meeting spaces.



Digital Media / VR / Animation Lab
Entrepreneurs sell visions, that is why the fully equipped digital media lab delivers photography, graphic design, and sound recording. Real visions, real quality, and fast.

If you can think it, you can make it!

Equipped for industrial design, prototyping, fabricating, and additive and subtractive manufacturing.

Rental Offices
Available space for other anchor tenants, prehaps offering additional incubator or accelerator programming, or with a compatible mission statement.

The Accelerator
When it is time to get serious, the second floor accelerator loft moves the entrepreneurs to the next level.

The Nest

Want some privacy? Bring your team to the nest and share ideas in the elevated glass meeting rooms.


Not much more to say about that.

Anchor Services
Ground level locations for financial, legal, administrative, or entrepreneur oriented services.

Corporate Offices Rental Offices Anchor Services The Media Lab Makerspace Headspace The Well The Concourse The Café The Accelerator The Nest Incubator Hall Stair/Wash/Elev/etc. Total Space 6135 sq.ft. 2954 sq.ft. 2335 sq.ft. 2255 sq.ft. 3240 sq.ft. 2440 sq.ft. 2360 sq.ft. 4481 sq.ft. 1116 sq.ft. 3524 sq.ft. 2470 sq.ft. 7519 sq.ft. 4937 sq.ft. 45766 sq.ft.

Get inspired in the lofty headspace, overlooking the main concourse and the lower community lounge aka The Well

The Well

Grab your laptop and settle into the coolest spot on the site, the Well. This techno-lounge is open 24 hours to the public, the place for presentations, live musicians, and all things cool.

Incubator Hall
Open concept, transforming, modern and bright, the Incubator Hall holds the fiture of Ottawa’s innovation.

The Concourse
This central corridor through the Bayview Yards will connect all the spaces in an open, artistic, and engaging way. Pitch your idea in the time it takes to walk to a coffee, or see the latest work from your peers.

The Café

Located ina main connection point, the cafe brings together all of the tenants of the space for the opportunity for discussion and chance encounters.

The Bayview Yards Draft Conceptual Design Plan


Even the greatest innovators gotta go sometime.