Robert Hickson

8 February 2014 King Saint Richard of Lucca !esse" #$20% Saint Ro&ua'd the (a&a'do'ese )bbot and Founder #102$%

Remembering Father Robert Bradley, S.J. and His Distinctive Manner of Prudence
*n the 1+80s during an e,ening &ea' at our ho&e after the eight chi'dren had gone to bed Father -rad'ey festi,e'y and ini&itab'y narrated .ith tears of &irth ho. three /esuit 0riests of 1uite different character once found a house for rent and then atte&0ted to 'i,e together in that ho&e .hi'e they .ere a'' teaching at a (atho'ic uni,ersity in Staten *s'and St. /ohn2s 3ni,ersity. 4he three 0riests .ere Father /ohn ). Hardon Father 5incent 6. #76ete8% 9ice'i and Father Robert *. -rad'ey hi&se'f. Fee'ing a00arent'y 1uite at ease Father -rad'ey dis0'ayed so&e entire'y unsus0ected &i&etic gifts and 0roceeded to act out ho. a'' three /esuit 0riests together first entered and .ith circu&s0ection the house they .ere considering to rent. Father Hardon i&&ediate'y .anted to kno. .here they .ere going to 0'ace the -'essed Sacra&ent: Father -rad'ey .anted to be sure that there .as enough roo& on the 0ro,ided book she',es for his &i'itary history ,o'u&es: and Father 9ice'i .as es0ecia''y concerned about the s0ace and con,enient confor&ation of the kitchen so that he &ight regu'ar'y &ake for the& his good 0asta 7 al dente 8 .hich according to his cherished traditions re1uired so&e tossing a'oft of the 0otentia''y desirab'e 0asta. ;,en before the first 0art of Father2s narrati,e .as co&0'ete .e three together inc'uding &y .ife .ere bare'y ab'e to contain our 'aughter &uch 'ess our gro.ing cascade of f'o.ing tears of <oy. !e .ere e,en in danger of 'osing our seats such .as the esca'ating contagion of our &utua' 'aughter and kind'ed heightened i&aginations. 4hose .ho kne. Father -rad'ey kne. his s0ecia' .ay of ner,ous sensiti,ity and &odest iterations: and .ho cou'd e,er forget the .ay Father 9ice'i s0oke #.ith his -ron" or -rook'yn accent and idio&s= 7Hey * <ust taught of it. )da& .as the first .i&08: 7>eah ,ery good ,ery good?8%: and then there .ere the &ore so'e&n and e&0hatic tones of Father Hardon #7!e are touching here u0on a &ystery8: 79eekness is not .eakness8: 7!e2re on'y as courageous as .e are con,inced8: 7!hat .e ha,e is @ature .hat .e need is Arace8: and &ore foreboding'y 74he days of )&erica are nu&bered. Hear it? Hear it? 4he days of )&erica are nu&bered.8% Father -rad'ey 0roduced or e"changed a'' these idio&s and tones .ith ,i,id artfu'ness and .ith an un&istakab'y sy&0athetic a00reciation of each other2s distincti,e &anneris&s and 1

eccentricities. His se'fBeffacing se'fBirony .as a'so de'ightfu'. )nd thus .e 'isteners at the dinner tab'e .ere soon saddened to hear that this 7triu&,irate of giants8 did not 'ast &ore than eight &onths together there in their co&&on d.e''ing. #Had they re&ained together e,en a 'itt'e 'onger and had there been a good obser,er and recorder to 0reser,e their ,aried &anners of 'ife and 'earning .hat a rich source of (atho'ic (o&ic Dra&a they cou'd ha,e further 0ro,idedCand .ou'd ha,e 0ro,idedC a'so for the 30bui'ding of the Faith? ) 0ro,identia' e"a&0'e a'&ost a 0arab'e of an irre0ressib'e /esuit 4rio 'i,ing together ad maiorem Dei Gloriam.% (oncerning that /esuit &otto Father Hardon a'.ays se&antica''y accented the co&0arati,e ad<ecti,e itse'f maiorem. For thereby he said .e cou'd not so easi'y beco&e co&0'acent for .e can a'.ays do more. 4o gi,e &ore to forgi,e &ore to thank &ore to 'o,e &ore. 7Sanctity can thus be su&&ed u0 in that one .ord 2more 28 as he once to'd &e. Father -rad'ey had a'so 0erce0ti,e'y noted that night at our su00er tab'e that /esuits are in any case not so dis0osed to en<oy an e"tended co&&on 'ife together as other re'igious orders or institutes are indeed e,en as 0art of their o.n founding charis&: and Saint *gnatius of Loyo'a understood this ne. accent of his &i'itant Society of /esus fro& the beginning. He .ou'd send a 0air of /esuits on a re&ote &ission often for &utua' 0rotection but /esuits .ere a'so for&ed to .ork indi,idua''y on their o.n. #Father 9ice'i said to &e so&eti&es .ith a s&i'e that he had e,en taken a sort of 75o. of Instabilitas,8 as distinct fro& the -enedictine 75o. of Stabilitas Loci8?% -y .ay of contrast Father Hardon hi&se'f .ho had &ade a so'e&n 0ri,ate ,o. al ays to 'i,e in co&&unity .ith his fe''o. /esuits or as often as as feasible a'so kne. the tria's of such co&&unity 'ifeCes0ecia''y in the 70rogressi,e8 /esuit co&&unities of the 'ate t.entieth century. 9any ti&es he e&0hasiDed that for hi& as a Dog&atic 4heo'ogian and teacher the !risis in the Jesuit "rder began in #merica in $%&' .ith the return fro& the Aenera' (ongregation in Ro&e of the ne. /esuit 'eadershi0 gi,en their 7interfaith8 ecu&enica' ideas and their soonBtoBbeBinf'icted no,e' i&0'e&entations #for e"a&0'e to ha,e /esuitB(urricu'u& accreditations and a00ro,a's &ade by Protestant Se&inaries and the 'ike%. (oncerning (o&&unity Life under these ne. conditions for sure Father Hardon often re0eated to &e the fina' .ords of Saint /ohn -erch&ans S./. .ords .hich .ere s0oken on his deathbed. !hen young St. /ohn .as asked by his fe''o. /esuits .hat his greatest 0enance .as during his short 'ife #1E++B1F21% he candid'y said= 7 Vita communis, mea maxima poenitentia.8 4hat is 7Life in co&&on #.ith &y fe''o. /esuit brothers% .as &y greatest 0enance and &ortification8? #G,er the t.enty years * .as b'essed to kno. hi& Father Hardon .ho died on H0 2

Dece&ber 2000 &ust ha,e re0eated those trenchant .ords of Saint /ohn -erch&ans thirty ti&es or so but they .ere a'.ays s0oken .ith his s0ecia' s&i'e .hich tacit'y said and o&itted so &uch &ore.% -y .ay of contrast Father -rad'ey to'd &e in 0ri,ate in the 'ate 1+80s that he .as not ab'e to do .hat Father Hardon so heroica''y does and has done for &any years. @o he said .ith sorro. in his ,oice= he cou'd not do that for it .ou'd a'so not be tru'y 0rudent gi,en his o.n ackno.'edged .eaknesses and ,u'nerabi'ities. For co&&unity 'ife .ith his fe''o. /esuits in those years he hu&b'y thought .ou'd on'y 'ike'y destroy hi& and his ner,es if not a'so his faithCand he therefore ,ery often tried to get 0er&ission a0art fro& co&&unity. )s a further he'0 to our understanding of Father -rad'ey2s 0ainfu' hesitance * kno. s0ecifica''y and .ith na&es .hat Father Hardon hi&se'f so&eti&es had to endure at Aeorgeto.n 3ni,ersity and then 'ater back in the /esuit (o&&unity at the 3ni,ersity of Detroit too. Being charitable ith a (ublic heretic .as a s0ecia' tria' for Father HardonCes0ecia''y .ith a &ateria' heretic .ho 0resents hi&se'f as an inte''ectua' and a bookB.riting 0riest &uch 'ess one .ho .as a'so so&e.hat strutting'y 0ro&inent in secu'ar 0o'itics? Such a co&bination .as for Father Hardon as he said to &e &ore than once one of his tru'y greatest tria's es0ecia''y .hen one of these heretics a'so effusi,e'y sat across the tab'e fro& hi& in the /esuit Refectory and e,en dared to .a,e his ne. book and then ostentatious'y e,en to offer 7as a gift to /ohn 8 a co0y of his o.n 'atest and &arked'y disordered book? 4he counter0oint of Father -rad'ey and of Father Hardon in their o.n distincti,e res0onses &ay a'so he'0 our o.n understanding of these often 0urifying tria's as they .ere endured by t.o heroica''y faithfu' (atho'ic 0riests. Father Hardon tried to differentiate and e,a'uate ,arious c'asses of 7creatures8 and e,en to 0'ace the& in certain rather fir& categories so that he &ight not hi&se'f ha,e any 7inordinate attachment to creatures 8 in accord .ith Saint *gnatius2 o.n directi,es in his Spiritual Exercises. Father Hardon e,en 0'aced other 0ersonsCyes e,en /esuitsCin one of four 7o0erationa'8 #if not 7e"istentia'8% categories na&e'y those .ho are either and a'.ays to be 7 en)oyed: or endured: or removed #entire'y fro& one2s 'ife%: or rather sacrificed #thus gi,ing u0 a 'esser good for a greater good%.8 )s a co&0'e&ent to that ta"ono&y he &e&orab'y defined 'o,e itse'f as fo''o.s= as 7the .i''ingness to suffer ith the be'o,ed for the be'o,ed andC&ost 0ainfu''yCfrom the H hile al ays remaining under obedience to ha,e another /esuit &ission

be'o,ed.8 #He a'.ays said to &e that each of those 0re0ositions .as ,ery i&0ortantCes0ecia''y the 'ast one and this definition of his .as the fruit of &any years in the (onfessiona'. 7*t <ust did not co&e out of no.here 8 he added. * can sti'' hear hi& saying it.% (oncerning Father -rad'ey2s s0ecia' &anner of 0rudenceCand his s0ecia' for&s of suffering Che once said to &e so&ething * sha'' ne,er forget as .e dro,e together in a car on'y the t.o of us returning fro& a .eekend *gnatian Retreat he had conducted 7off season 8 at the -ryce 9ountain Resort in 5irginia for the students and facu'ty of (hristendo& (o''ege. * &ost es0ecia''y sti'' re&e&ber ho. he said it and * can sti'' see the 'ook in his eyes as he 'ooked at &e .hen he said it. #He .as dri,ing and * .as seated beside hi&.% * had asked hi& .hether in good conscience he cou'd reco&&end a young &an today #in the ear'yB&id 1+80s% to enter the /esuit Grder as a no,ice. Father -rad'ey turned to the right and 'ooked at &e 0ainfu''y .ith his 'o.ered eyes. Iuiet'y he then said= 7@o -ob. @o.8 4hat .as a'' and * said no &ore. * kne. ho. 0ainfu' it .as for hi& to say that. 9oreo,er that he .as so o0en and candid .ith &e in 0ri,ate .as so&ething * ha,e a'.ays cherished as * 'ater kne. fro& hi& on so&e other occasions. -ut he .ou'd ne,er say such things 0ub'ic'y 'est he bring further scanda'. #)s the (ha0'ain of (atho'ics 3nited for the Faith #(3F% for &any years he a'so reso'ute'y be'ie,ed that one shou'd ne,er 0ub'ic'y criticiDe a 0riest and es0ecia''y not a bisho0 or higher 0re'ate of the (hurch 'est one initiate or e"acerbate a scanda'. )t the ho&e of -rent and 4rish -oDe'' in !ashington D (. in the ear'y 1+80s .e once thorough'y discussed this to0ic and his reasoning and e,en e"changed .ith hi& in 0art so&e gracious disagree&ents.% -y contrast Father 9ice'i 0ub'ished a book in 1+81 entit'ed The Antichrist .herein he e"0osed not on'y the scanda'ous genera' conduct at Fordha& 3ni,ersity #.here he earned his o.n 6h.D. in 1+F1 t.enty years ear'ier% but a'so the conduct of 'eadershi0 of s0ecific /esuit 0riests na&ing the& by na&eC.hich 7earned8 hi& his e"0u'sion fro& the /esuit Grder for he had a00arent'y broken as he .as to'd the /esuit code2s tacit ru'es of discretion. #Father Hardon .as then 0ro&0t to he'0 Father 9ice'i in his e"0u'sion and e"i'e and to get hi& incardinated by the generous bisho0 in 6once 6uerto Rico. Later Father 9ice'i .as re'uctant'y #for so&e% and but brief'y brought on to teach at (hristendo& (o''ege: but .as encouraged to 'ea,e the (o''ege a year or so before he .as to die on 2 /une 1++1. Gne night at the (o''ege so&e ti&e in 1+8$ as * reca'' * asked hi& at his ho&e on ca&0us one e,ening .hen he .as .riting an entire book 0ub'ished in 1+8+ on ,io'ence= 7Father 9ice'i ho. .ou'd you su&&ariDe your argu&ent. *hat are the Roots of +iolenceJ8 He &e&orab'y re0'ied in his 4

distincti,e @e. >ork accent. 7-ob the roots of ,io'ence is the hatred of the truth.8 !ho cou'd forget thatJ !hat a search'ight criterion. )t that festi,e e,ening &ea' .ith Father -rad'ey at our ho&e in the &idB1+80s he had so &uch (atho'ic 'earning to share .ith usChistorica' and theo'ogica' 'earningCes0ecia''y about the Aenera' (ounci' of (onstance #1414B1418% and the issue of 7(onci'iaris&8 #the c'ai& to su0eriority o,er the 6o0e of a 0ro0er'y constituted co''ection of bisho0s in (ounci'%. He re'ated the (ounci' of (onstance to other (ounci's .hich asse&b'ed on different grounds during that fifteenth century a'' of the& taking 0'ace .ithin forty years= 6isa (onstance -ase' #a 'ingering one% and fina''y a transfer to Ferrara and then to F'orence #14H1B14HE%. He said referring to other re'iab'e scho'ars such as 9onsignor 6hi'i0 Hughes that 7.e do not yet kno. .hen or .hy 6o0e ;ugene *5 fina''y and for&a''y brought the (ounci' of F'orence to an end. *n the history of the 0a0acy this is 0erha0s the on'y ti&e that a 0ub'ic act of such i&0ortance has not sur,i,ed in any 0ub'ic record.8 )nd .e then s0oke of the u0surge of this 7(onci'iaris&8Ca'so before during and after 5aticanu& **Cand .e discussed the ne. ecc'esio'ogy i&0'ied by the 0ostB5atican ** 7@ationa' -isho0s2 (onferences 8 .hich as the great and be'o,ed /ohn /ose0h (ardina' (arberry of Saint Louis had to'd his friend Father Hardon 0ersona''y #and a'so &e% cou'd a'' too easi'y beco&e a kind of 7 Para,Magisterium- inordinately influenced by their bureaucracy of administrators #as he hi&se'f had further seen in 1+$4% thereby taking a.ay or attenuating the 0ersona' res0onsibi'ity of indi,idua' bisho0s. !hen (ardina' (arberry #d.1++8% 0ro0osed to his fe''o. bisho0s in 1+8H #fi,e years before his stroke in 1+88% that their 76astora' Letter on !ar and 6eace8 #es0ecia''y about @uc'ear !ea0ons% shou'd be dedicated to Gur Lady of Fati&a his fe''o.s bisho0s &ade a loud hissing sound of disa00ro,a' #if not a'so of i&0'ied &ockery% .hich brought a f'o. of tears to his eyes. #!hen he to'd &e this story a fe. years 'ater in Long0ort @e. /erseyCnear .here his sister .as 'i,ing as a nursing @unChe once again had tears in his eyes.% !hen * to'd this story to Father -rad'ey at our ho&e he then to'd us his o.n story about a 'oud hiss. For .hen he .as hi&se'f 0resent in Saint 6eter2s -asi'ica in Ro&e )ust after the for&a' c'osing of 5aticanu& ** on 8 Dece&ber 1+FE #the Feast of the *&&acu'ate (once0tion% 6o0e 6au' 5* in a .eak ,oice 0ro0osed to reBintroduce an ear'ier and onceBre,ered 4it'e of Gur Lady a'so 0ri,ate'y used by 6o0e Leo K*** na&e'y the tit'e of 9ary as the 7 Mater Ecclesiae8Cthe 9other of the (hurch. !hen this 0ro0osa' .as a'&ost ner,ous'y uttered as Father -rad'ey said there .as an audible hiss in Saint 6eter2s and it shocked hi& and shook hi& dee0'y. E

* then to'd hi& about )bbL 5ictorB)'ain -erto2s farBsighted and 0iercing Letter back on 2+ Gctober 1+FHCa'&ost a year before the se0arate treat&ent of the 0ri,i'eges and uni1ue functions of Gur Lady .as a'together discarded #e,en as the 7 Mater Ecclesiae8%Cand discarded formally at the (ounci' in 1+F4. ;ar'ier in that 'ate autu&n of 1+FH ho.e,er )bbL -erto had a'ready 0rescient'y seen .here such things .ere heading concerning ;cu&enis& and the -'essed 5irgin 9ary and thus he .as to say in 0art= 7.he !ouncil Fathers have as/ed "ur 0ady, the Blessed Mother, to leave the Marriage Feast of !ana. She left 1uietly, and they did not even give her time to say 2Vinum non habent.2 #2.hey have no ine.2%.8 4hese ,ery .ordsCes0ecia''y the unforgettable first sentenceC.ere a'&ost e"act'y .hat * heard fro& our o.n !est 6oint (atho'ic (ha0'ains 9onsignor 9oore and Father 9c(or&ick .hen .e discussed the 5atican (ounci' .ith the& around (hrist&as of 1+FH or 0erha0s it .as in ear'y 1+F4. 9oreo,er .hen .e heard these 0oignant .ordsCand henceforth ke0t this 0iercing i&age in our hearts about 79ary2s being asked to 'ea,e the Feast of (ana 8 though regrettab'y .ithout our fu''er gras0 then of its &o&entous &eaningCit .as on'y si" &onths before our o.n graduation as Second Lieutenants. )nd .e .ere soon to go to the .ar in 5ietna& and other 0'aces Southeast )sia on'y three &onths after our graduation .hich .as on H /une 1+F4. #4hat H /une 1+F4 .as a'so the birthday of 6resident /efferson Da,is of the (onfederacy .ho had hi&se'f graduated fro& !est 6oint in the ('ass 1828 one year before Aenera' Robert ;. Lee .as 'ike.ise to graduate. )nd &ore i&0ortant'y for (atho'ics our graduation day .as a'so the Feast Day of Saint ('othi'de .ho .as a'.ays getting her husband ('o,is out of one <a& after another?Cas the traditiona' (atho'ic &e&bers of the French 9i'itary notab'y the M'ite (o&bat He'ico0ter 3nits kno. ,ery .e'' and not on'y those (atho'ics of the French Foreign Legion? For Saint ('othi'de is not on'y the 6atron Saint of those M'ite He'ico0ter 3nits but they a'so co&0etiti,e'y and i&0ish'y c'ai& to be getting the fa&ous French Foreign Legion often out of one <a& after another?Ca'though the Legion2s 6atron Saint is Saint 9ichae' the )rchange' hi&se'f? Father -rad'ey cou'd es0ecia''y a00reciate such things such (atho'ic &i'itary hu&or a'so because one of his brothers .as a !est 6oint graduate.% 4he fu''er conte"t of .hat the French )bbL -erto #1+00B1+F8% .as so e'egiaca''y 0ro&0ted to co&&ent u0on #as a co&&issioned Peritus Privatus to a then .e''Bkno.n )fricanB&issionary bisho0% 0resented itse'f as fo''o.s. Gn 2+ Gctober 1+FH at H=00 6.9. after one of the i&0ortant ,otes of the (ounci' Fathers about Gur Lady )bbL 5ictorB)'ain -erto .as to .rite his co&&ents #0art of his diary F

as it .ere% a'' of .hich .ou'd 'ater be 0ut and 0ub'ished in his (o''ection of Letters .hich are the&se',es a ,i,id and candid .itness of the ti&e. Ho.e,er so&e of his ti&e'y 'etters .ou'd be sent at once or at 'east soon back to France fro& Ro&e. His Letter of 2+ Gctober 1+FH .as one of the& for he considered .hat he had <ust obser,ed to be of such &o&ent and re,ea'ing decisi,eness. )t 'east by H0 @o,e&ber 1+FH #the ;nd of the (ounci'2s Second Session% )bbL -erto2s 'etter of the 0re,ious &onth .as &ore .ide'y sent and &ade then a,ai'ab'e to &any others. ) 'itt'e &ore of the conte"t .i'' he'0 us understand .hat )bbL -erto .itnessed a 'itt'e o,er fi,e years before he hi&se'f .as to die on 1$ Dece&ber 1+F8 de0'eted e"hausted and so&e say of a broken heart. 4he fo''o.ing 1uestion he re0orts .as 0ut to a ,ote on 2+ Gctober 1+FH= 7Does it 0'ease the (ounci' Fathers that the Nse0arateO Sche&a on the 9ost Ho'y 5irgin 9ary Mother of the !hurch NM re de l!"#liseO be re,ised so as to beco&e (ha0ter F of the Sche&a on the (hurch Nde EcclesiaOJ8 4he ,ote resu'ted in 1114 ,otes in fa,or of &erging the t.o sche&as and not 0reser,ing the se0arate and uni1ue sche&a on Gur Lady. Since the &a<ority then re1uired .as on'y 10+$ ,otes it ca&e to 0ass that the ecu&enists as it .ere .on by 1$ ,otes. 4hus it .as that the sche&a on the 5irgin 9aryCto inc'ude the discussion of her ro'e as 9ediatri" of )'' Araces and e,en as (oBRede&0tri"C .as henceforth to be &erged .ith that on the (hurch and the arguab'y attenuated or diffuse @e. ;cc'esio'ogy .ith its see&ing'y 7concentric rings8 and 70enu&bras8 of &e&bershi0 or association. )s a resu't this is .hat in 0art )bbL -erto .rote fro& his heart on that ,ery afternoon of 2+ Gctober 1+FH= 4he grie,ous N$unestreO ,ote of 2+ Gctober 1+FHCa0ostasiDing fro& NapostasiantO the Aos0e' of the !edding Feast at (anaCfar from inviting the Ho'y 5irgin had signified her to leave Nson con#%O. She ha&0ered she encu&bered Nencombrait&O? 4he 5irgin 9ary ha&0ered Nencu&bered encombraitO the !ouncil hich invited her to leave. Gh she .as not asked t.ice. 4he earth did not tre&b'e 'ightning did not strike Saint 6eter2s. 4he 5irgin 9ary 'eft discreet'y in 0rofound si'ence: it .as so discreet'y NdoneO in a silence so (rofound, that the ords 2 Vinum non habent- N7.hey have no ine-O remained unsaid and the fate of the Second Session had been sea'ed. #'id%lit% catholi(ueC@u&ber 101 /anuary 1+8EC&y e&0hasis added% *n our con,ersation about this &atter .ith Father -rad'ey during his 'engthy ,isit to our ho&e in 1+8EB1+8F * did not gi,e the e,en fu''er te"t as it .as .ritten and 0ub'ished &ost a&0'y in )bbL -erto2s (o&0'ete Letters. For so&e of the& * on'y disco,ered &yse'f so&e.hat 'ater after Father $

-rad'ey .as no 'onger teaching at (hristendo& (o''ege. #)s it turned out he stayed at (hristendo& on'y one se&ester and dec'ined to re&ain for a second se&ester as had been origina''y arranged. For he be'ie,ed that he cou'd not hi&se'f teach in an ade1uate .ay so &any students .hose 0re0aration for (o''ege see&ed to hi& a 'itt'e shaky as .e'' as did their attitude to.ard de&anding historica' and theo'ogica' 'earning and to the inte''ectua' disci0'ine it re1uired.% !hi'e he .as at (hristendo& (o''ege he ce'ebrated the &ost re,erent @o,us Grdo 9asses * ha,e e,er kno.n. 9uch &ore i&0ortant'y .hen 6rofessor )'berto -oi"ados 6rofessor of Literature at the )rgentine 3ni,ersity of (ordoba .as ,isiting &e fro& )rgentina during the trans'ation into ;ng'ish of his discerning book Arte ) Subversion he consented for the first time in his long life to attend a @o,us Grdo 9ass #Father -rad'ey2s 9ass%Cat &y s0ecia' re1uest. Dear )'berto to'd &e 'aterCand a'so the &odest Father -rad'ey hi&se'f .hen they soon gratefu''y &etCthat he had se'do& #a'&ost ne,er% .itnessed such a re,erent'y offered Actio Sacra Missae*Sacrifice and Sacrament. Father -rad'ey .as dee0'y &o,ed Cand he a'&ost b'ushed #as * to'd hi& 'ater?%. !hat this re,ea's about this ,ery s0ecia' /esuit 6riest? #)s * 'ater ca&e to kno. .hen 0er&ission .as granted hi& Father -rad'ey gratefu''y often ce'ebrated in se,era' 0'aces and .ith great <oy and dee0'y touching re,erence the 4raditiona' Latin 9assC kno.n a'so as the AregorianB4ridentine Liturgy. !e &ay .e'' i&agine ho. it .as and regret that in those years .e cou'd not e,er be 0resent.% -ut it ought to be kno.n in any case that Father -rad'ey .as characteristica''y touched &o,ed and 0ierced by )bbL -erto2s .ords. !e then considered together .hat &ight .e'' ha,e trans0ired in that 7inno,ati,e8 inter,a' of 7discontinuous de,e'o0&ent8 from late "ctober $%34C .hen * .as sti'' an a''BtooBca''o. cadet at !est 6ointC u( to early December $%3& #the Feast of the *&&acu'ate (once0tion%. 4hat is to say fro& that designed'y and 0ur0orted'y ;cu&enica' initiati,e and attenuatin# &o,e&ent concerning 9ary .hich began from "ur 0ady5s effectively being as/ed to leave the Marriage Feast of !ana, and ending u( ith the audible hissing inside of Saint Peter5s on "ur 0ady5s o n Feast Day. >es it e,en conc'uded .ith an inhos0itab'e res0onse to the 6o0e2s hesitant 0ro0osa' to ha,e Gur Lady2s ear'ier 4it'e ne.'y restored as the 7 Mater Ecclesiae.8 -ut Father -rad'ey .as as a'.ays so res0ectfu' and re,erent and discreet in his o.n tru'y 0rudent .ords of res0onse to a'' of these troub'ing de,e'o0&ents and a00arent'y dis<uncti,e ecu&enica' no,e'ties .hich see&ed &ore attenti,e to 6rotestants in the !est than to the Grthodo" in the ;ast .ho .ere so dee0'y de,oted to 9ary #e"ce0t .hen doctrines about her .ere 0roc'ai&ed by a 6o0e of the 'ater centuries?%. -ut there .as to be found in these searching discussions .ith Father -rad'ey no cunning # Astutia% no 8

co.ardice nor any e,asion in hi& for sure? #7!as the Rosary itse'f e,en &entioned in the 5atican ** Docu&ents FatherJ8% @o def'ecting so0histry fro& hi&? His &anner of ,irtuous Prudentia .as a'.ays so ad&irab'e and so ins0iring. #Gne of Father2s brothers one .ho& he es0ecia''y cherished had been a !est 6oint graduate as .e ha,e a'ready &entioned and Father -rad'ey thus a'.ays additiona''y ad&ired the &i'itary ,irtues a'so es0ecia''y as a 'oya' son of a con,erted so'dier Saint *gnatius.% !hen Father -rad'ey 'ater ,isited and studied in Ro&e at the )nge'icu& during the inter,a' of 1+8$B1+88 rough'y he sur0rised us further by sending &e #and &y fa&i'y% a s0ecia' 0ostcard fro& 5atican (ity. *t .as a 0icture of a 'o,e'y &osaicCone that .as une"0ected'y seen by Father -rad'ey hi&se'f in 0ersonCa &osaic .hich is to be found no. inside the 5atican itse'f= a &osaic of Gur Lady as the 7Mater Ecclesiae.8 *n 'ight of our ear'ier #and 'ater% con,ersations a'so about the Rosary and about the se,en Aifts of the Ho'y Ahost this sur0rise .as an es0ecia''y e,ocati,e and thoughtfu' gift. !hi'e Father -rad'ey .as actua''y studying at the )nge'icu& for his second doctorateCthis one in 4heo'ogyCand hi&se'f dee0'y in,o',ed .ith (atechetics es0ecia''y the (atechis& of the (ounci' of 4rent and the (atechis& of Saint 6eter (anisius S./. he .rote so&e ,ery i''u&inating and candid 'etters to us at the G'd Far&house in Front Roya'. )nd after he returned to )'e"andria 5irginia and his cherished .ork .ith the 6oor ('ares on 6o0kins Lane * ha00i'y sa. hi& 0eriodica''y and so&eti&es a'so .ith the ,ery 'earned Father !i''ia& 9ost .ho ga,e candid and sound ans.ers to direct 1uestionsCboth in the interior foru& and .ith 0er&ission in the e"terior foru&Ces0ecia''y about the near absence #or intentiona' su00ression% of the fu'' (atho'ic doctrine and 'anguage of Arace in the thenBcurrent Grdinary #and 6a0a'% 9agisteriu& of the (hurch. Like Father Hardon and Father 9ice'i these .ere sincere &en of great integrity and of the FaithCand high'y differentiated in their characters and &odes of res0onse and 0rudence. Later .hen the ne. +atechism o$ the +atholic +hurch fina''y ca&e out in 1++4 in ;ng'ishCit .as not to co&e out in Latin in the authoritati,e Editio T)pica, unti' 1++$ so&e three years 'aterC Father -rad'ey and Father Hardon and * .ere to &eet at Saint -ernadette2s in )'e"andria 5irginia .here Father Hardon .as recei,ing hos0ita'ity and residing for a short ti&e. * sha'' ne,er forget Father -rad'ey2s face and .ords and tone of ,oice .hen he first arri,ed and * &et hi& on the 0a,e&ent outside the church. He said= 7-ob ha,e you seen the @e. (atechis& yetJ *t does not e,en &ention Saint 6ius K in the *nde" &uch 'ess say anything about Saint 6ius2 o.n (atechis&. 6ius *K is brief'y &entioned. -ut &ore s0ace is gi,en to 4heodore of 9o0suestia.8 4here .as 0ain on his 1uiet but +

e"0ressi,e countenanceConce again. #-isho0 4heodore #HE0B428% origina''y fro& )ntioch .as a conte&0orary of Saint )ugustine of Hi00o and a'so the teacher of @estorius .ho as the (hurch once authoritati,e'y decided hi&se'f heretica''y be'ie,ed and taught a&ong other things that /esus .as &ere'y a Human 6erson as distinct fro& being a Di,ine 6erson .ith an assu&ed fu'' Hu&an @ature.% !hen .e &et inside the Rectory .ith Father Hardon he .as &uch &ore reser,ed and he re&ained si'ent e,en &ute. !hen * asked hi& hy the @e. (atechis& es0ecia''y #or at 'east% for 0astora' reasons did not first co&e out in the authoritati,e Latin ;dition fro& .hich the ,ernacu'ar trans'ations cou'd then be carefu''y &ade Father Hardon 'ooked at &e .ith a ,ery hard 'ook. ) fe. .eeks 'ater .hen he .as .ith his s&a'' c'ose circ'e #.hich then inc'uded &e% of *gnatian and 9arian (atechists * 0o'ite'y asked the 1uestion again in s'ight'y different .ords because Father Hardon had ear'ier so e&0hatica''y assured us that 6o0e /ohn 6au' ** had to'd hi& in (erson in Rome that the @e. (atechis& .ou'd indeed co&e out first in the )uthoritati,e LatinBLanguage Gfficia' ;dition so as to a,oid &any a''BtooBforeseeab'e for&s of confusion and 'ater a&biguous or e1ui,oca' &istrans'ations. 9y 1uestion recei,ed e,en a harder 'ook #dare * say co'derJ% fro& Father Hardon. He ne,er ans.ered &y 1uestion. He did not e,en say= 7!e are touching here u0on a &ystery.8 -y .ay of contrast Father -rad'ey a'.ays s0oke o0en'y and res0ectfu''y and 0rudent'y in 0ri,ate: and he a'.ays ackno.'edged an undeniab'e difficu'ty e,en .hen he cou'd not gi,e good e"0'anatory reasons for .hat had ha00ened &uch 'ess ade1uate'y understand the Di,ine 6ro,idence in the s0ecific or &ore genera' situation. -oth as to the acts of co&&ission and e,en the see&ing acts of o&ission. For hi& too as a faithfu' /esuit 0riest Aod2s 6er&issi,e !i'' .as often ,ery &ysterious indeed. -ut he a'.ays 0o'ite'y saidCand 'i,ed it outCthat .e &ust not on'y generous'y do Aod2s Kno.n !i'' but a'so generous'y entrust ourse',es to His 3nkno.n !i''. 9ay be'o,ed Father Robert *gnatius -rad'ey .ho died #at 8+ years of age% on 20 Dece&ber 201H no. rest in 0eace: and be no. or soon generous'y re.arded for his 0erse,ering fide'ity in the Faith. ) ,ery 'oya' son of Saint *gnatius .ith a ,ery s0ecia' character and distinct &anner of 'i,ing out the first cardina' ,irtue of 0rudence= the 7recta ratio a#ibilium.8 4o .atch hi& &o,e gradua''y #and .ith a good sense of his audience and of the ti&ing% 7 from the /no ledge of reality to the reali6ation of the good8 #in the .ords of &y o.n Aer&an &entor /osef 6ie0er% .as a ,ery great e"a&0'e to &any 0eo0'e and certain'y to this ,ery gratefu' but rather irascib'e 'ay&an. BBFinisBB 10 P 2014 Robert D. Hickson

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