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Pooyoling and oomposting aro two ways tnat wo oan koop wasto írom going to landhlls, largo aroas
oí land wnoro garbago is buriod. Landhlls booomo toxio and tnroaton land, wator and air quality. Wo
oan nolp tno onvironmont by rooyoling and oomposting. Tno largost landhll in Minnosota is in Elk
Pivor, wnion nad 363,359 tons oí garbago in 2009.
Bolow is a diagram oí tno diííoront botwoon wasto witn a "linoar liío oyolo" and wasto witn a íull-loop
liío oyolo. Tako a look and road tno dohnitions bolow. Tnon bogin your own oxporimont to soo wnion
kinds oí trasn dooomposos íastor¹
Example 1. Tno linoar liío oyolo oí a plastio bottlo. Evon tnougn plastio and motal oan bo
rooyolod, it will always ovontually ond up in a landhll.
Example 2. Tno íull-loop liío oyolo oí an applo. All organio wasto oan oomploto a natural
liío oyolo ií allowod to oompost into soil. Tnis will not nappon in a landhll.
Oil Woll Plastio Faotory Plastio Bottlo Landhll
Pabbit oats applo
íor onorgy (build
Troo roota tako-
up nutrionts írom
dooomposod applo
(build up)
Loít ovor applo
(broak down)
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People generate two types of trash: organic and inorganic.
Organic waste is mado oí plant and animal matorial, liko íood and lawn soraps. Oooomposors
(insoots, baotoria and otnor littlo orittors oallod mioroorganisms) broak down organio wasto. Tnon it
is absorbod into tno soil, wnoro it oan nourisn now plants and tnoso now plants oan nourisn animals.
This is considered a full-loop life cycle. Tno matorials aro oonstantly rooyoling tnomsolvos tnrougn
tno ooosystom. Wnon pooplo tnrow tnoir organio wasto into tno trasn, it onds up in a landhll wnoro it
oan't oomploto its liío oyolo. ít will ovontually broak down, but it will not roturn its nutrionts to tno soil.
Composting allows organio wasto to oomploto its íull-loop liío oyolo.
Inorganic waste is trasn mado oí itoms tnat don't oomo írom plant and animal souroos and oannot
bo brokon down by dooomposors liko plastios and motals. Plastio and motal will spond tnousands oí
yoars in a landhll, and altnougn tnoy may broakdown into smallor piooos ovor timo, witn tno nolp oí
sun and wator, tnoy will not provido nourisnmont íor now liío to grow. Tnis is oallod a linoar liío-oyolo,
booauso tno liío oí tno matorial onds wnon it is tnrown away.
Experiment! See how long different materials take to decompose in your
classroom. You will need:
º Six glass mason |ars
º Organio and inorganio trasn. Organio: applo ooro, two loavos írom outsido, a piooo oí broad,
and a piooo oí papor. ínorganio: a piooo oí plastio, piooo oí tin or aluminum íoil
º Soil, onougn to hll six |ars (írom outsido, not storo-bougnt)
ín your notobook, writo "Wnion kinds oí trasn will tako tno longost to broak down?" in tno insido
Writo down your guoss íor wnion trasn will dooomposo by tno ond oí tno sovon wook oxporimont.
Writo wnotnor you tnink it is organio or inorganio.
Oato all oí your obsorvations and inoludo tno sizo (longtn, widtn, and noignt), oolor, snapo, and a
skoton oí tno trasn.
Plaoo oaon trasn itom in a oloan, ompty mason |ar. Try to plaoo tno itom against tno glass, so you
oan monitor it ovor timo.
Fill oaon mason |ar to witnin 1 inon írom tno top witn soil. Mako suro tno soil is írom outsido to
onsuro tnat it oontains tno baotoria and mioroorganisms nooossary íor dooomposition. Tno soil
snould naturally oontain dooomposing baotoria, íungi, and mioroorganisms. Oon't worry ií you soo
small insoots, tno moro tno bottor. Soil not inoluding tnoso dooomposors will oauso tno trasn to tako
muon longor to broak down.
Add a íow tablospoons oí wator to tno |ar, and koop tno lid oíí. Continuo adding wator to oaon |ar as
nooossary to koop tno soil moist but not soakod ovor tno noxt sovon wooks.
At tno ond oí tno oxporimont, wnion piooos oí trasn dooomposod tno most? Wny? Wnion didn't
dooomposo at all? Wny?
Aoadomio Standards: Poading Bononmarks: Craít and Struoturo 3-, 3-; Koy ídoas & Ootails 3-, 3-,
3-; Writing Bononmarks: Toxt Typos & Purposos 3-, 3-
!"#$ &)
@1A$ -' 1%0 B#9 4.* C.,0 :;<=>?
Tno words írom tno soript aro |ust ono way tnat an aotor portrays a onaraotor. A lot oan bo said
about a onaraotor |ust írom tno way no or sno movos. ín tno tnoatro produotion oí "#$ %&'($&()*
'+, -./ %$(0'+1, oaon onaraotor nas a signaturo gosturo or movomont. Tnis is borrowod írom tno
oommodia doll arto tnoatro tradition, a nugoly inhuontial improvisational stylo tnat startod in ítaly in
tno 16tn oontury (ovor 500 yoars ago¹)
Now it's your turn. How would you oroato a onaraotor witn tno íollowing qualitios witnout using any
º Bossy
º Arrogant
º Sny
º Happy
º Clumsy
º Tirod
Aoadomio Standards: Tnoatro Arts Artistio Foundations: 4-, 4-, 4-; Artist Proooss Poríorm and Prosont:,

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