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SUMMERDOWN13 Site identification Recreation Ground, Compton Drive, Eastbourne and address County, district East Sussex and / or borough O.S. grid ref. !"#"#$% Geology. C&a'( Project number. SNU))*ER13+" Fieldwork ty e. Geop&,sics Site ty e. !ate of fieldwork. September - October .+13 S onsor/client. ommies Guides Project manager. David Stave'e, Project su er"isor. Period summary Project summary. 0 G1R surve, on t&e site o2 Summerdo3n conva'escent camp #$%% word ma&' WW/

( Geo hysical Sur"ey at Summerdown Cam , )astbourne
by !a"id Sta"eley
*ntroduction &e purpose o2 t&is surve, is to estab'is& t&e state o2 t&e arc&aeo'o4, in advance o2 a communit, excavation at Summerdo3n WW/ conva'escent camp5 &ou4& t&e camp covered a substantia' area, t&e on', part t&at &as not been bui't on is in a p'a,in4 2ie'd on t&e sout&ern ed4e o2 Compton Drive5 0s bui'din4 remains 3ere expected and t&e 4eo'o4, 3as c&a'(, 3it& a smoot& 4round sur2ace, 4round penetratin4 radar 3as c&osen to eva'uate t&e arc&aeo'o4,5 (cknowledgements &e aut&or 3ou'd 'i(e to t&an( Eastbourne Co''e4e, R,an Gearin4, 6o Seaman, 7at&erine 8uc('and and Robert Davies (rchaeological +ackground &e WW/ bui'din4s &ave been 3e'' mapped and p&oto4rap&ed, so it 3as c'ear 3&at 3as expected5 &e arc&aeo'o4, is concentrated in t&e NW corner o2 t&e 2ie'd, 3it& 'atrines and ab'ution b'oc(s at t&e nort&ern ed4e and barrac( b'oc(s to t&e sout&5 &e barrac( b'oc(s 3ere 3ooden, but standin4 on concrete pi'es5 &e ab'ution b'oc(s 3ere probab', more substantia'5

&e area under investi4ation is mar(ed in red in t&e p&oto4rap& be'o3, 3&ic& 3as ta(en 2rom t&e rid4e to t&e sout& o2 t&e camp5

,ethodology &e area 3as surve,ed 3it& an U S/ Groundvue 30 Ground 1enetratin4 Radar 3it& a 9++M:; antenna5 9+M 'on4 'ines 3ere 3a'(ed N<S and 3ere &a'2 a metre apart and data recorded do3n to "+ns ever, 3cm5 &e data 3as processed usin4 Re2'exW5 &e 2o''o3in4 2i'ters 3ere app'ied5 D,namic Correction, 8ac(4round Remova', Gain )unction and 8andpass 8utter3ort& =.++< >++M:;?5 )ina'',, t&e data 3as interpo'ated into a 3d data set at $ readin4s per metre5

Sur"ey (rea

&e surve, area 3as set up usin4 a ota' Station on an arbitrar, 4rid5 &e 4rid can be re<estab'is&ed usin4 t&e tota' station resection points 'isted in t&e tab'e be'o35 0rea 0 3as surve,ed in September .+1. and 0rea 8 3as surve,ed in October .+135 Description RS1 @ NE corner o2 tennis court enc'osure RS. @ N ed4e o2 2irst 'ar4e meta' po'e to t&e S o2 RS1 11 1. 13 E 9#35.$ 9$%5." ">+ "++ "++ N 9#.51+ 9"$5$1 "++ "++ 9.+


Slice at 2.5ns

Slice at 3.5ns

Slice at 5.0ns

Slice at 8.5ns

Slice at 10.0ns

Slice at 11.0ns

Slice at 16.0ns

*nter retation

&ere are a number o2 trac(s across t&e site, 3&ose ed4es are s&o3n 3it& red 'ines5 0t t&e nort&ern ed4e, t&ese 'ines a'so mar( t&e ed4es o2 areas o2 denser materia', per&aps some sort o2 &ard standin45 &e sma''er areas to t&e nort& matc& t&e si;e and p'acement 2or t&e ab'ution b'oc(s and 'atrines5 3o pipes seem to 'ead 2rom t&ese and are mar(ed in b'ue5 &e dense areas to t&e nort& and sout& o2 t&ese are 'i(e', to be &ard standin45 Some o2 t&e concrete pi'es t&at t&e 3ooden barrac( &uts stood on are sti'' t&ere, 3&i'st ot&ers &ave been stripped a3a,5 &ese are s&o3n as 4reen points on t&e map5 0$ seems to &ave disappeared comp'ete',5 0$ and 0# &ave on', t&eir 3estern sides survivin45 0. and 03 seem more comp'ete and t&e ed4e o2 09 is Aust visib'e on t&e 3estern side5 &e 'ar4e ,e''o3 area is a 'oose pi'e o2 materia', bein4 sma''er at t&e top compared to t&e bottom5 &is ma, be a pi'e o2 demo'ition materia'5

&e map over'a, on t&e 4eop&,sics above is 2rom a p&oto4rap& o2 a map t&at 3as not 2'at, &ence t&e visib'e 3arpin45 Nevert&e'ess, t&e 'a,out c'ear', matc&es 3&at &as been 2ound on t&e 4eop&,sics5 On', bui'din4 01 remains unsurve,ed5 W&i'st t&e map s&o3s t&e extent o2 t&e bui'din4s, trac(s seem to 'ead out o2 t&e area to t&e east and sout&5 )or t&e tar4etin4 o2 a trenc& 2or t&e communit, excavation, t&e sma'' ab'ution bui'din4 to t&e nort& o2 0$ barrac( b'oc( &as t&e 4reatest dept& o2 arc&aeo'o4, and is most 'i(e', to &ave an intact 2'oor 'eve'5