A History of Medicine from 1484 to the Present Day
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actually.2 Contents What is medicine? What happened in 1484? The World’s greatest health problem What are you. paying for? Attaining and maintaining health 3 5 8 10 12 .

more commonly. a fixed. The next to grasp what this is really about and to make devastating use of it were the Romans. the Roman First Aid Corps was there to clean and sew up their wounds. The roman “Doctors of Medicine” (the senior military first aiders) became accustomed to receiving substantial fees for their services from the aristocracy in addition to their officer status military pay.3 Where did Medicine come from. however. this is exclusively a first aid service designed to “patch and mend” to get soldiers back into the line. During the Pax Romanica from around 250 BC to 300 AD. a great many former military first aid personnel (the Doctors of Medicine) found .e. slowly to die. i. right from inception. not only in maintaining military numerical strength but also adds greatly to troop morale when their chances of recovering from wounds are very high. The one salient point to note here is that. get them fit enough to go back into the line. it became fashionable for the aristocracy to call upon their services when they became ill. Whereas almost everyone else left wounded soldiers to look after themselves or. just what is it? The first to use such techniques were the ancient Egyptians during the reign of Ramses III. when the majority of the army medical corps had very little to do. the only possible useful action is to seek to neutralise the effects. over the centuries. This order became. continue for very long after his reign. this is an enormous military advantage. It did not. generally. unquestionable basic assumption of the service: “No good purpose could be served by looking at causes. The service was specifically forbidden to address the causes of the problems – this might show up bad military planning and poor leadership. If an experienced but wounded one can be fighting fit again in a few weeks.” Following the collapse of the Roman Empire. It takes one to two years to fully train a soldier to fight “Roman style”. One of the major factors in their military superiority was that they had a highly organised first aid service built into all fighting units. fix their broken bones and to.

Even had they done so. Because of their being accustomed to receiving fees way beyond the means of most people. Their knowledge and skills in herbal remedies. Thus was a “status quo” established which continued until the year 1484. . doctors were only to be found in the cities and major baronages.4 themselves forced to seek a living elsewhere. During the subsequent centuries. they would have mostly been ridiculed due to their greatly inferior skills compared to the “Wise” or “Wicca” women in all the villages. diet. as a profession. in extending their services to “the common folk”. midwifery and natural balance showed the Doctors of Medicine to be very poorly trained beginners in anything other than simple first aid. The Wicca (wicca means wise) Women were the traditional natural healers widespread throughout Europe long before the Romans appeared on the scene. their principal “customers” were the aristocracy who tended to shun the ministrations of the “Wise Women” or natural healers to show their “superiority” over the common people who did go to such healers. They had no interest.

The present pope’s last job was “Grand Inquisitor”! It was only in England. In the year 1208. the Catholic Church had become so corrupt that revisionist sects sprang up. The Inquisition developed techniques copied in toto in the last century by the Gestapo and KGB to create a culture of mass fear. a little background history is essential. In some churches. Although the proceedings are. Pope Innocent III declared that anyone taking up arms to exterminate the Cathars was to be freed of all debt interest. i. mutual respect taught by well educated itinerant priests living a life of simplicity made very rapid inroads into papal power. although it no longer has the power to randomly torture and murder.e. that the Inquisition never held any real sway. at that time. still exists today. was as Islamic country where the papacy held no sway. could confiscate all Cathar property and would be absolved in advance for any crimes he committed in this “holy war” or beforehand. relatively immune to papal sponsored invasions.5 So what Happened in 1484? First. most notably in the South of France. perhaps. anything damaging to papal power and wealth. The Inquisition was a continent wide phenomenon which. Following on from this. best known from the Spanish Inquisition. the inquisition was born to stamp out “heretical activities”. this was abused by many to settle old grievances – . A doctrine of simple. By the end of the 12th century. Randomly accused would be offered “salvation from being burned alive” in exchange for anonymously betraying other “heretics”. no mass had been held for 30 years! Most notable of the revisionists were the Cathars in Southern France. Needless to say. Thus was the first well-documented case of European ethnic cleansing perpetrated. The bishops and priests had abandoned many of their responsibilities and concentrated themselves upon the accumulation and enjoyment of great wealth even to the extent of refusing marriage and burials unless handsomely paid in advance. it must be borne in mind that Spain.

the fury of the inquisition was to be let loose upon the Wise . Nobody could know whom to trust and thus the feared Inquisition became the absolute rulers of town and city. the celebration of the annual awakening or arrival of the fertility Goddess Ester. claimed that the situation then pertaining of dismissing “witchcraft” (Wicca Craft or wisdom craft) as a meaningless superstition was incorrect and that the witches (Wicca or Wise Women) were in league with the Devil (the Celtic Nature God. These were those to whom was passed the traditional knowledge of herbal medicine. midwifery and mental balance. even greater problem: That of the Wicca or Wise Women. to put a “Christian” face upon them. still bears her name and the date of Easter is still calculated by the moon calendar. the church found itself with a tool in its’ hands with which it could effect a “final solution” to a long running problem: Although the church had long had a firm hold on town and city. it’s authority in the countryside (remember. relabelled by the church) and were the cause of widespread misfortune. infant mortality and sickness. Pan. The church had a further. In 1484. Nicholas Jaquerius. since the early seventh century. perceiving their deities to be merely new faces of God and Goddess. who had the same problem of impotence due to the superior competence and lower cost of the Wise women. One of these. Simultaneously. this assertion was ratified and the inquisition instructed to root out this “evil” and all heretical adherents to it. in a papal bull issued by Pope Innocent VIII. Following the successful extermination of the Cathars and a number of similar groups. On the one hand. a pact was made with the doctors of medicine. A great many paid merely lip service to the church. the majority of the population was rural) was much shakier. that. at that time. please. It was to the Wise Women and not to the ill-educated priests that the populace turned for advice and assistance.6 denouncing rivals as heretics without fear of reprisal became commonplace. Many of the older Celtic rituals and feasts were still widely celebrated even though the church had tried. In the year 1458 the inquisitor.

Daily more and more people are recognising that medicine does not. What has happened during the last 30 years or so is that the public as a whole are becoming more and more aware that the propaganda about the wonders of medicine are. America but are. in N. A status which they still enjoy today. America which is already in “Phase II”. specifically. for the most part. the doctors of medicine became the “divinely approved” curers. cannot and never will offer a solution to their problems. would say that this is the “work of the Devil” (did such an entity exist) wouldn’t you? . I. It is probably for this reason that the pseudo-christian sects have made such great gains in N. Phase II is the downgrading of the intelligence of a population by “stripping” essential nutrients from foodstuffs and adding known narcotics in order to create a “willing” slave population who will uncritically believe everything they are told by “authority figures”. Over the next few centuries. it became an accepted. It was not only never intended that it should resolve the causes of health and other problems. completely unknown elsewhere. This should be no surprise for it was never intended that it should do so! Medicine was and is a collection of first aid techniques designed to get soldiers quickly back into the line. I don’t know whether the pharmaceutical companies actually pay for this or just laugh in their sleeves about this “free advertising”. unquestioned assumption in all W. it was specifically forbidden to do so! The result is the dependence upon the daily use of highly damaging pharmaceuticals and the constantly declining health of First World populations as a whole and. European societies (and their colonies) that healing was the “work of the Devil” and that medicine is the only method which really works. mostly. a complete myth. Even today.7 Women and on the other. personally. in many neo-christian sects the adherents are instructed to pray for healers that they “give up their powers and return to holy church”.

it managed to kill in the USA more people than have died in all the wars in which the United States of America has ever participated! This is health care????????????????? Just look at this: http://www.8 The World’s Greatest Health Problem If you look at statistics issued by various government health ministries and medical institutions you will see that all agree that the number one killer in the First World is heart attacks and that the number two killer is cancer.9 million per year . is something very different.htm • • • Unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections at 20 million per year Unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually at 7. Antipodeans and North Americans do? What is so vastly more deadly than pernicious disease? What kills thousands times more people than any war? What kills hundreds of thousands more than automobile accidents? What is really the most dangerous human activity on this planet? The answer? ………………….It’s very simple. It’s going to the doctor’s!!! Pharmaceutical medicine is far and away the number one killer ever! In just one ten year period. So just what is the most deadly thing that Europeans. you will find that the number one killer.5 million per year People exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually at 8. standing way above all others and with a total annual death rate vastly more than heart attacks and cancer. almost as many of the two of them combined. WRONG!!! If you dig a little deeper into the statistics.mercola.com/dvd/prescription_for_disaster.

have purchased legislation from the Bush/Cheney/Reis regime making most non-pharmaceutical treatments a crime. This is health care??????????? . It is precisely these horrifying statistics which are daily turning more and more conscientious doctors away from pharmaceuticals and towards natural healing.936 per year -making it evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US. showed the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine at an astounding 783.9 The most stunning statistic. This has become such a big movement that the pharmaceutical companies. in order to protect their profits. however.

Some cause autism. Some will cause permanent organ damage.com/articles/november2007/141107Immunize. perhaps. perceive that the whole history of “modern medicine” is not and never was about the welfare of “the people” but absolutely and exclusively about the wealth and political power of. they have not perpetrated is mutiny! Just take a look at this prime example: http://www. the papacy and. suppression. Looking at the video we see clips of very obviously ill-informed parents and grandparents plus extremely vehement officials. if you go back to page 5 you will. Some can turn your children into life-long imbeciles.prisonplanet. so far as I know. initially. It’s about protecting children from infectious diseases isn’t? Now let’s add a few facts: • There is no evidence which shows that vaccination prevents illness. • The whole fantasy is based upon a “medical” theory for which there is zero supporting evidence and vast amounts of contradictory evidence. In fact. We . bribery. They are pursuing and have consistently pursued a course of manipulation. doesn’t it. Some have been known to kill. Hepatitis is not caused by a bacterium or virus but is an emotional problem. deliberate lying.10 Why are you paying for all this? Well. violence. The main difference is that the fantasy of infectious disease gets an annual budget of more than one billion dollars but the truth is only accessible by diligent research and intense thought. in this and the last century. • Many vaccines (chicken pox being a case in point) do not work at all. the pharmaceutical companies and the medical fraternity. misrepresentation………….htm Looks reasonable. Available evidence shows that vaccination actually spreads disease! • Many vaccines have serious side effects. the only criminal act which.

they will certainly try to stop it. in short. One can. be just as vehement honestly simply by falling prey to their campaign of deliberate misinformation. Do not look to nor expect that medicine will heal your ills. the same thing was attempted in Europe but the European supreme court has not yet been purchased by the pharmaceutical companies and the new laws were declared to be invalid. Why are the officials so vehemently flying in the face of the facts? It’s difficult to say. the owners will do everything possible to prevent your health. however. . including almost the entire FDA and CDC are paid to do so by the pharmaceutical companies. As soon as this source of information begins to make them real trouble. shape or form. I don’t know but why should your children suffer for their ignorance and/or greed? So. you are paying not for a health service but to maintain a sickness industry. Not only does it not possess the necessary abilities and knowledge. Just this last two years alone have seen new laws passed in the US and Canada making it a crime to offer you non-pharmaceutical remedies. It is no secret that many. Your hard-earned wages are going into the pockets of billionaires who will do anything to stop you getting well just so that you keep buying their drugs. At the moment. however………. Shortly before that.11 do not see even the slightest trace of those refusing the vaccination nor are they allowed to state their case in any way.

Agricultural improvements and sanitation are the main factors in improved health. What are the main factors here? Adulterated food and water and pharmaceutical medicine! Pharmaceutical medicine is a major factor in the degradation of public health throughout the World in general and in N. once you understand them. America most dramatically and significantly. Thanks largely to the avariciousness of pharmaceutical medicine. If you then dig a little further. the application of appropriate techniques to cause a return to real health (as opposed to pseudo-health as a pharmaceutical junky) will show a direct cash benefit.e. Nothing could be further from the truth! It costs more. you will discover that medicine has played no significant role in this and that it is improvements in hygiene and food availability and quality which have brought this about.12 Attaining and Maintaining Health Over the past three hundred years. that life expectancy and general health have been steadily declining over the last 25 years throughout N. there have been some considerable advances made in life expectancy and general health. America. you will find. you will believe that these advances are due to medical research and techniques. Almost all such techniques are impossible to control as they simply make correct usage of abilities which you and everyone else has (but didn’t know that you have) and the free air etc. and in some cases a lot more. literally almost anyone can apply and use them successfully with no need whatsoever for any sort of expert guidance or consultation. we have a belief that techniques necessary to attain and to maintain health are very expensive. If you had this knowledge you would never go to a doctor again . to become and to remain ill than it does to be healthy. If you swallow the pharmaceutical propaganda. i. Most of the time. around you. to your horror. If you take the trouble to look for the facts. they don’t cost anything – they make money!!!! Almost all such techniques are so simple that.

Today isn’t (I hope).13 (unless you broke a leg. Some day may just be too late. of course). The handbooks in the www. This is why for hundreds of years first the Vatican and then the medico-pharmaceutical industry has put so much effort into preventing you getting this knowledge. And this is the purpose of the 543 bookshop. This is knowledge and wisdom which you already possess but have been most carefully taught to believe that it does not exist.543bookshop.com are the simple reminders of what you need to do to become and remain healthy. It does. without fail because it’s based upon the knowledge of how the human body and mind and the World really work. Blessed be Karma Singh London 16th November 2007 . every time. The choice as to when you will accept this knowledge and take the handbooks into your possession belongs to you. to give it back to you. It’s real. I will keep putting up the handbooks as quickly as I can prepare them for as long as it is possible. It could be some time or it could be next week when the pharmaceutical companies take action to close down this source. It works.

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