Trabajar con adolescentes
Valdez Ovalle Ricardo Javier

Licenciatura en educación básica con especialidad en inglés 1er semestre

Desarrollo de los adolescentes 21/01/2014

In the beginning we analysed Aristotle’s concept of adolescents. I have also seen studies and perceptions where these adolescents are categorized by their most general aspects. and those authors whose opinion has maintained through the time. There are stages in adolescence: early adolescence. Based on this I already have a perception of what kind of people I am going to work with. Through the experience of this first semester I have read opinions and studies which are suggested for me as a teacher in development. experiences.The following essay is about what I have learned from different texts. the way he describes adolescents is extremely accurate: saying they are impulsive. Once I become a teacher. reading and reflexing about adolescents. and individual experiences. learn new bases and theories that are believed to be basic learnings for every Mexican citizen. In higher levels. each one with different aspects that vary from the age. Luckily for me. incapable of controlling themselves. and also strategies to avoid or solve those. . emotional. also some studies and opinions from different persons that I may or not share. opinions. sex. This semester in my group class we have been seeing. It is well known for most of the teachers that adolescent students may present a lot of difficulties when you try to teach them and achieve that universal goal which should be for the students to comprehend and. therefore. I will try to provide my beliefs and opinions clearly. adolescents start to vary and they choose depending on their preferences and interests what they will study forward in their lives. etc. context. my observation activities in middle high schools. based on my previous knowledge until now. studying. this is why I am aiming to write about that knowledge I managed to keep and comprehend. Personally. there will be many kinds of adolescents I could have to work with. medium adolescence and late adolescence. opinions and studies from authors. As students learn those bases they are ready to move on to a higher level of education. readings. and I am able to predict some problems which may present.

but they are the ones who need it the most: a teacher to solve their doubts and motivate them to become better persons.” ” (Vigotsky. I learned that I. social. have to achieve two basic goals in my students: after finishing middle high school. It is questioned the concept of school failure and conditions of upbringing in the subjects that reduce them to individual problems. students must be able to at least dominate the communication ability and the basic logical-mathematic reasoning. Adolescents may be the hardest to work with. Education will always be the key factor in a person’s life. etc. and student. Lastly. p. However. efficient and principally help adolescents whilst they are dealing with all the possible changes. Freud also states that adolescents go through physical. a future teacher.A remarkable teacher has to evaluate and get to know his students. context. interests. “El problema de los intereses es la clave para entender el desarrollo psicológico del adolescente. A teacher achieves this goal with strategies based on every different situation. 1931. For instance. easier. physical and mental changes. the last topic we saw during this course actually was important and needed. physiological and emotional changes which cause them depression. in my opinion. several studies have been made with the purpose of making the process “working with adolescents” effective. and the functional society of which we all will be part of. 11). aiming for perceiving common and individual problems that cause lack of attention and interest in the class and the topic. So by being aware of this I must create strategies specially designed in case I face students alike those referred in the theory. and motivations that I as his teacher must try to use to make the learning process easier for the student. I as a teacher may have to teach students who are rebels. based on Freud’s theory I know that the initial education is a key factor of the behaviour some adolescents present. Adolescents are extremely complex: they go through emotional. also the preferences. Vigotsky’s texts in “Adolescent Paidology” This author provide me with some reason of problems I could have to face in front of a group. this will obviously cause me a difficulty. generally. lack of interest in everything but themselves. reasons which are enough for me to create solutions. because they must be able to solve their own problems as functional citizens. .

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