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to measure one's own mind

I think the difficulty we face is that we are trying to measure the possibilities lying within our own mind using the same mind. Just think how difficult it is to cut the knife with the same knife unless we break it into two. If it is possible to stimulate some particular part of the mind and shield and insulate it with something like cellwalls or air-tight separations just like something we find in vegetable cells and isolate on part of the mind from the other parts of the mind, we may be able to gain greater insights by using that isolated part of the mind in probing the activities of the other parts of our own min. .One learned friend was telling about concentration in one of his posts. The aim of the premier concepts of yoga starting from the chittavrittinirodha is aimed at this concentration, but the Endocrinol flows in the biological body often prove to be roadblocks. Chemistry and spirituality get into conflict here. . The upward flow of kundalini energy is envisaged somewhat as an antidote to our hormonal flows. The famous dhyanamantrm of Viswaroopa shiva..

tam satyam parabrahma puruam kapigala rdhvaretam virpka vivrpya vai nama Here the lord after controlling all his senses is having a flow of semen upward through his Sushumna. .He is called uurdhwaretaaH.. That is why when Shanmugha was to be born the life energy emanated from Shiva's five faces and also his Sahasraara face.. If people really reach such stages connection with the superior wisdom may be possible-- it is only a speculation.. The ancient rishis who discovered mantras including Gayatri ( they are called manthradhrishtaas) achieved such discoveries by such intense concentration of their own minds with the universal wisdom.. like we do of electromagnetic waves of the various measurable frequencies. But the difficulty is that even the best of the minds of the yore had only partial experiences, and even when they would have had experiences, such experiences were either not properly documented, or were not capable of documentation and whatever that was documented has been more or less lost. The kindling of the intellect by the superior bharga of Savita (is it the Sun we see?) as prayed in the mother of mantras Gayatri reflects the yearning of the human mind to connect with the supreme mind.

No one can say anything categorically on this point because the experiences may not be similar or complete for different minds. Still everyone would have experience some elation or foreboding when some good or bad news is about to arrive. These premonitions are also perhaps part of this package. This is also one of the reason why people are advised to remain optimistic, because negative thoughts originating especially in trained and strong minds can find resonance in some distant superior mind and might bring about the feared catastrophe. This premonition is used to great advantage by the astrologers and soothsayers. Ma and Tha put together makes a word which is holier than the holiest..Maatha... of course it is not the same tha in malayalam.. And they talk a lot about the hasta mudras, chinmudraas.. etc. Jagatguru Dakshinamruthy sit under a Vata vriksha and the disciples sanatkumaras sat around him and they exchanged knowledge in silence.. "gurosthu maunam vyaakhyaanam shishyaastu chchinna smashayaaH.". Symbols which are perceived by mind need not be vocal or visual.

We talk about the transfer of energy quanta.. can we define the shape of the quantum? We may use some symbol in science, but it is only for the person who have learned the language of that faculty. But the transfer of knowledge between the supreme mind and the receptor human mind is direct.. and no platform or operating system may be required for that. The mother who has delivered a child a few hours ago communicates with her child.. what is the language or symbol used? I think the phenomenon is more important than the mode of communication and the symbols. .I always feel human beings who arrogate to themselves the possession of sixth sense and all waste more time in the preface, and appendix and bibliography rather that the real stuff governing the core of the matter. When will we come out of this scholastic approach? What Ramana or Ramakrishna or Radhakrishna or Russel said is less important that the interaction of the mind, and the ideas. What is done is more important than who asked me to do it. The hypothesis is not mine.. It is the primordial idea available in our ancient scriptures. At the end of every Kalpa the entire world is destroyed.

The sum and substance of all knowledge which is symbolically the Vedas are withdrawn from the human minds at that stage, and is taken over by the universal puruSa. At the beginning of the next Kalpa the Supreme deity is born and also the Brahma. But the vedas are not revealed by Brahma . The sons or manasaputras of Brahma are created, and they are directed to do tapas(penances and austerities) or contemplation and in that contemplation alone the knowledge is once again revealed to them. So the creation by Vishnu and Brahma are only putting the foundation and superstructure of the universe. The Rishis are given the duties of getting power supply through contemplation. Like a NoaHs ark the entire living species are perhaps kept in some place, may be the belly of Damodara but the data base or universal wisdom or knowledge is just stored in some unknown contraption, may be what we call ether or whatever receptacle one may choose to call.. and through concerted mental exercise the newly born Rishis have to revive that knowledge, set up connection between that great source-house of knowledge and the human mind. We on earth who have received only maybe very little portion of that knowledge, do not know really how much knowledge is in store somewhere.

And if a lucky or great person is born who can connect with greater antennae of mind more effectively with that endless source, he may be able to draw greater knowledge and since the minds of other human beings in the world would find it easier to receive the knowledge channelized through a human mind, such people become prophets, or Gurus, or seers... whatever we call them. They are actually like the relaying stations or sorts of transponders.. Maybe it is for this reason that we believe that we cannot attain knowledge without the intervention of the Guru. The books we read are also our gurus, but as we were discussing at great length , we try to imbibe knowledge contained in books through visual symbols. Such symbols have limitations.. What is conveyed by such symbols at some point of time may not induce the exact resonance in the mind of the reader sitting in a different frame of space- time. But the sadguru uses books, audio signals and more significantly his knowledge base gained through perhaps direct communion with the universal repository of wisdom and conveys to the disciple all that he has got. The supreme burning intellect of a Vyasa, Krishna, Dakshinaamoorthy, or Shankara cannot be explained unless we believe that they were more in sync with the great stored knowledge and wisdom than their peers.

We can see even from the level of depth of discussion in this thread itself that the capacity to perceive and interpret things is present in varying degrees among the participants. Here the difference is negligible, although. And we have to remember that our attempt should be to gain more knowledge than dishing out whatever half-baked ideas we have formed and adding so much of garbage to it. I was always mentioning for this reason alone that we can convey to others only hundred words carrying sense, only if we have digested ten thousand words. We should be able to differentiate between the signals carrying knowledge and the background noise and static.. as we conceive in the language of electronics.. We should be able to apply suitable filters, oscillators and amplifiers. These are easy with the known wavelengths of electromagnetic spectrum but when the knowledge is transmitted and received in a bandwidth which we are not able to identify we face limitations.

There is an interesting slokam in Kumarasambhavam.. Parvathi the Uma was being imparted knowledge on Vidyas. how strange, she is the Vidhya.. All the knowledge reached her just when she in her form of a child is slightly reminded of the existence of the knowledge.. the rich poetic imagination of Kalidasa describes this in a very picturesque

manner. . t hasaml aradva gag mahauad naktamivtmabhsa sthiropademupadeakle prapedire prkthanajanmavidy

as the swans reach ganga naturally in the Sarat season, the intrinsic lustre visit the great medicinal herbs at night, when she was reminded of the vidyas throught proper advise. all the vidyaas of ealier lifes reached her so naturally..

This lead to another thought which is not exactly subject matter of this thread.. do we. at the time of birth inherit some wisdom which we have acquired in our earlier lives.. that is to say, our connection with the supreme intelligence is revived to a certain extent when our mind is activated for action after we attain the present birth? The ideas are hazy..we do not have empirical proof for the existence of a super brain connected to mundane brains. I do agree. But regarding the tenets of religion, if we go into the basic core of any religion the principles evolved would be more or less the same.

The procedures and rituals, and later interpolations causing strife among believers are all only peripheral additions. But the similarity in thoughts manifesting in various time frames and various geographical areas could be simply attributed to the identical brain structure, logical patterns and other common features obtaining across the whole human race. The religion is basically one thing.. there is someone other than the group of humans who is in control..the extent of control, the form of control etc may vary from religion to religion, schools of thoughts within the religion, and even some atheists and agnostics have directly or indirectly subscribed to the idea of existence of a collective superior being. I think howsoever we argue, we may not reach any finality in this matter because our thoughts are created essentially by this mind matter and what we call logic is for the die hard seeker of proof only materials which can be perceived and proved by the human senses with the mind presiding over it. The question whether there is anything above and beyond the perception of mind and sense organs cannot be answered sitting in our restricted frame of reference. This may be the reason why the Great Logician, Krishna the blessed lord, concluded his Gita with a call to Arjuna that he has expounded the various aspects of the philosophy which he is fairly confident to be representing the truth and supporting the logic.

But then He leaves it to arjuna to take a choice between accepting it or rejecting it "Yadechchasi tada kuru.. you do what you think is right.". this is the greatest advice that has come from the Lord and Master that is Krishna. We have the power to accept or reject.

The storage of the super intelligence in any particular medium or in any form should not be the core issue..If that is what you are searching for, you will never reach any particular location. The loud thinking is that there is some repository of all that is to be ever known and the cognitive faculties in the living creature..with five, six, seven or eight senses can connect (strangely we do not know how, but such connections do occur) with that storehouse and draw from it according to the receptive capacity of the beings. This thought in some form or other is present in philosophy, spirituality and may be in a muffled way in science. It would appear that even super brains like Hawkings and Einstein speculated on this. If we are missing the core issue and are discussing on the modalities, we can discuss for ever and ever with each one us pulling in diverse directions of his own. In fact the Vedic speculations like Naasadidya suuktham do not reveal anything definite.

The Vedic man just looks up at the expanse of the vast universe and utters many speculative words in awe. I do not think we have proceeded much from that state even now. We are insignificant creatures before that great force which is beyond any definitions. We have to shed our ego and prejudices if we are to think freely.