Representative Assembly Meeting Meeting Minutes Winter 2014 February 26, 2014 CHDN 144 at 6:00 p.m. I.

Call to Order Mallory calls the meeting to order at 6:00 PM Roll Call (initial on the line) Eric Chalmers, President _________ Mallory Barnes, Executive Vice President _________ Bharat Bhojwani, Vice President of Finance _________ Brady Carlson, Vice President of University Affairs _________ Dominic Ortiz, Senior Representative _________ Raquel Davalos, Junior Representative _________ Samantha Marshall, Sophomore Representative_________ Austin Kawano, At-Large Representative _________ Haley Bayuga Graff, At-Large Representative _________ Clark Huey, Multicultural Representative _________ Phat Nguyen, Transfer Representative _________ Nora Almunif, International Representative _________ Brandon Moak, Students with Disabilities Representative ABSENT _________ Kristen James, Athletic Representative _________ Meggie Green, Freshman Representative _________ Karen Gallo, Non-Traditional Representative _________ Owen Goetze, Freshman Representative _________ Nicole Robison, Advisor Approval of the Minutes Motion passes to approve the minutes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez Public Comment – Bikes, SSA, Keenan Comments from bikers - Jonathan thinks a covered bike rack would incentivize him to ride more - Patrick stores his bike in his efficiency triple and would store it outside if possible - Ames’ bike gets a lot of wear and tear in the rain, on an institutional level, bike infrastructure is really important - Nike can’t use his bike on campus because of the hassle - Bikes with disk breaks get rusty in the rain, the only covered rack is always full





Bikers are afraid to leave their bikes overnight or even for a longer period Nick had parts stolen and most bikers leave them in their rooms Tonya doesn’t feel comfortable biking to campus, sees broken bikes on campus, stolen parts

Keenan and Club Donations - Expectation of something free associated with funds for SGSU, SGSU shouldn’t be asking for free tickets when given funds - If you attend the event, the expectation should be if you purchase tickets, incentive exists for giving away free tickets in exchange for appropriations - Representative Huey clarifies that this is not an incentive for funds, also that the appropriations committee is reviewing policy - VP of Finance Bhojwani clarifies that the conversation about funds occurred three weeks after the appropriations meeting and that the goal if the discounts or free tickets are offered, we can support the club in the best way possible V. Guest Speakers – Solynn McCurdy, Director of External Affairs for Marketing Communications Introduction of the Role - Attended SU for graduate school - Worked for non-profits on issues surrounding education, college success and readiness, STEM funding, afterschool programs, community engagement and advocacy - Always committed to social justice, advocating - Role for external affairs for marketing is relatively new, no primary liaison to the community - Trying to pull together the different groups on campus - Also communicating with governmental organizations (get them on campus and engaged with groups on campus) Priority Areas - Pushing Seattle U license plates, in the Senate rules currently, probably going to work - Connected with Murray representation, excited to hold a community symposium on campus on March 27th on income inequality (over spring beak) to discuss a range of issues from raising the minimum wage to other issues in the community - Wrapping up discussion about corporation strategy task force, going to companies, other opportunities to partner with companies, tied in with capital campaign Q&A President Chalmers: Where do you start to see students being involved in outreach to community partners? Response: That’s a great question. We do want students more civically engaged. We are well within our right to have students provide public comment. There are a fair amount of development projects in the area impacting housing and safety and we want to know the impact on students. I would like to see you all take more initiative in engaging in these conversations. Giving you all a voice is my primary responsibility. Executive VP Barnes: What role has the student voice played up until this point?

Response: There is a need for more internship opportunities and more outreach. One of our conversations has been around social media, but are there other things that could go out in terms of updates about what’s happening in the community? Representative Goetze: Is there room for SGSU to work with you on metro cuts? Response: I think we could work together, but we could definitely look into that. President Chalmers: Tonight we are having a conversation about a letter to Eastside Catholic Board of Trustees. Executive VP Barnes: An idea brought up last year was the idea of a student discount list where local businesses offered discounts in order to build partnerships. This would maybe be a good way to build those relationships. VI. Old Business REPA 20140212 Bike Lockers (Meg Green, Max Snyder) – Discussion Representative Green moves to add Max Snyder to the conversation Representative Davalos seconds the motion The motion passes unanimously Max Snyder: This is a big capital campaign and the answers will come in time. Representative Green: We met with a facilities representative today and he answered most of the questions that we’ve all been having. They are the following: Main Points - If we choose to appropriate money, we are not responsible for future funding - Responsibility for maintenance would be with public safety rental spaces, but it would be possible to talk to the CAC as a fall back - SGSU would work on the policy and reinforcement of the policy - Usage and rental policies for transportation concerns are typically handled by Dept. of Public Safety - Facilities is committed to seeing this project through, bike amenities is a priority in the fund and for facilities - This project is much farther along than we originally believed - Architects will be interviewed in the next couple of weeks - It would be possible for the project to move forward if SGSU were to split up its appropriations by appropriating a smaller amount to get the project started, and then assessed the need for more later on in the process - MIMP is required every ten years and that is just a mandatory part as an institution - Absolute need for the project to be done is $5,000, but the recommendation was to fund $8,000 to account for unseen issues and in time decide whether to move forward with another payment of $4,000 - The $8,000 would help to get the process started and if, after progress has been made, we might appropriate more money, half of the SURF fund and more than half of what was asked for - There will be a list of stipulations with the project: o SGSU receives a percentage of the usage fee to begin the process of replenishing the SURF


o All SGSU funding is utilized only for the construction of the structure o A guarantee of the prioritization of groundbreaking on this project at latest Summer Quarter 2014 o SGSU works with Facilities to determine maintenance o SGSU receives a bi-monthly progress report on the project o SGSU reserves the right to withdraw its financial support should the stipulations and requirements of progress not be met The numbers are estimates not finalized numbers We are already partly through the time table schedule so voting needs to happen soon

Representative Green moves to change this agenda item to an action item Representative Goetze seconds the motion The motion passes 10-2 with opposition from Representative Kawano and Huey, absentia from Representative Gomez The motion is now an action item There is a stipulation on this motion to correct any grammatical and wording errors Executive VP Barnes requests an informal motion of approval of the financial support Representative Nguyen moves to vote that SGSU will financially support the bike rack project with the stipulation that we will have the formal statement voted on at the following Representative Assembly Representative Green seconds the motion President Chalmers requests the addition of the clarification that the funding is $8,000 Representative Davalos moves the motion Representative Goetze seconds The motion to add the amendment passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez The motion in whole passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez REPA 20140219 Coca-Cola (UA Committee) – Discussion VP of UA Carlson seeks a motion to table this item until next week Representative Ortiz moves the motion Representative Almunif seconds the motion The motion passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez VII. New Business REPA 20140226 SUSS Presentation (PAB) – Discussion President Chalmers requests a motion to table this item until next week Representative Ortiz moves the motion Representative Bayuga Graff seconds the motion The motion passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez REPA 20140226 Letter to Eastside Catholic Board of Trustees (Eric Chalmers) – Action - Our Catholic institution is the largest in Seattle, would be a landmark move - If we passed the letter, we would open up to signatures around campus


Have worked with Scott McClelan and Father Steve, the arch bishop also knows

Representative Davalos moves to approve the letter to Eastside Catholic Representative Bayuga Graff seconds the motion The motion in whole passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez VP of Finance Bhojwani requests a motion to add an action item to the agenda: Budget Transparency Forum Representative Huey moves the motion Representative James seconds the motion The motion passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez REPA 20140226 Budget Transparency Forum - Goal to have 200 students - Should be the focal point of SGSU for next two weeks - Try our best to have all student classes represented at the forum - Trying to make this a huge event - On the SUSS students said that they cared about the budget, now they have the opportunity to show it Representative Ortiz moves the motion Representative Almunif seconds the motion The motion passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez and Goetze REPA 20140226 International Student Forum Representative Almunif moves to approve the International Student Forum Representative Huey seconds the motion The motion passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez VIII. Officer Reports: A) Eric Chalmers-President: a. Proud to pass the bike funding b. Sexual conduct advisory board founded B) Mallory Barnes- Executive Vice President a. Also proud of the discussion C) Bharat Bhojwani- Vice President of Finance a. Keenan’s comments were part of a miscommunication D) Brady Carlson- Vice President of University Affairs a. Got the okay for Coca Cola to move forward with legal E) Representatives a. Dominic Ortiz, Senior Representative: Nothing to report b. Raquel Davalos, Junior Representative: Campus religious and spiritual climate survey for sophomores and juniors c. Samantha Marshall, Sophomore Representative: Meeting with sophomores about Halfway There d. Austin Kawano, At-Large Representative: Tobacco free campus e. Haley Bayuga Graff, At-Large Representative: CITI, presenting work at LGBTQ conference in April f. Clark Huey, Multicultural Representative: Riding in Cars Event yesterday

g. Phat Nguyen, Transfer Representative: Working on Coca Cola project h. Nora Almunif, International Representative: Graduation requirements, commencement deficiency policy i. Brandon Moak, Students with Disabilities Representative ABSENT j. Kristen James, Athletic Representative: Swishes for Wishes k. Karen Gallo, Non-Traditional Student Representative: Working with nonprofit, emailed constituents l. Meggie Green, Freshman Representative: Bikes m. Owen Goetze, Freshman Representative: Meetings F) Logan McDonald, Internal Chief of Staff: Minutes, petition, SUSS G) Advisors a. Nichole Robison: Homecoming this week IX. Committee Reports A. PAB: Launching the Petition Initiative B. Steering: We are search for a new commuter representative due to extenuating circumstances with the current representative C. Appropriations: The Forum D. University Affairs: Haley, Nora, and Phat are meeting with Dr. Lawrence about online evaluations Announcements Adjournment at 8:05 PM

X. XI.

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