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Gospel Centered homes:

A gospel-centered home is a place where family members learn to love the gospel and to worthily participate in priesthood ordinances. It is a place where they grow in faith in God and in their love for him, for his restored gospel, and for one another. The Spirit of the Lord resides there. The primary responsibility for building testimonies and providing faith-building e periences in our members, including our youth, resides in the home. Monson 1990 conf add To understand that home is the best place to prepare for the challenges of earthly life and the blessings of eternal life.

Elder boyd k packer The most sacred place on earth may not be the temple, necessarily. The chapel, the sta!e house, and the temple
are sacred as they contribute to the building of the most sacred institution in the "hurch#the home#and to the blessing of the most sacred relationships in the "hurch, the family$ %That All May Be Edified &'()*+, *,-.,/0.

dc 88:119 aOrganize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a bhouse, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God;
The Lord has commanded us to 1remember the sabbath day, to !eep it holy$ %2 odus *34)0. The Sabbath is the day when we nourish our souls with spiritual truths and e periences. It is not merely a day to rest from wor!, but it is a sacred day when we meet with fellow Saints in reverent worship and renew our covenants with the Lord. Throughout this special day, we should direct our thoughts and actions specifically toward God. 5e should plan with our family to !eep the entire Sabbath day holy, both by dressing appropriately and by spending our time wisely. As you plan your Sunday activities, you may want to set aside time for your family to be together, for personal study and meditation, and for service to others. 6ead the scriptures, conference reports, and "hurch publications. Study the lives and teachings of the prophets. 7repare "hurch lessons and other "hurch assignments. 5rite in 8ournals. 7ray and meditate. 5rite to or visit relatives and friends. 5rite to missionaries. 2n8oy uplifting music. 9ave family gospel instruction. 9old family council meetings. :uild husband-wife relationships.

6ead with a child. ;o genealogical research, including the four-generation program and family or personal histories. Sing "hurch hymns. 6ead uplifting literature. ;evelop appreciation for the cultural arts. 7lan family home evening study 7lan other family activities.

<riendship nonmembers. <ellowship neighbors. =isit the sic!, the aged, and the lonely. 9old interviews with family members.

7arents are responsible for helping their children understand and live the Lord>s moral standard. They should teach their children this standard so well that they can clearly recogni?e and avoid evil. 7arents can successfully teach virtue to children only if they set the proper e ample4 1:e thou an e ample of the believer, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity$ %' Timothy -4'*0. In order to be an e ample in word and conversation, parents must themselves have pure thoughts. @ur thoughts dictate our words and actions, which ultimately shape our character. Aovies, television, maga?ines, and other media that enter our homes can have a powerful influence on our families. Auch popular entertainment is not uplifting and ma!es immorality seem harmless or even desirable. Thoughtfully consider and carefully choose the influences that you allow in your home so that your home will be an uplifting place to be. The Lord highly values modesty and virtue. Aodesty is reflected in the way we spea! and dress. Teach your children that our bodies are the temples where our spirits dwell. They must be !ept pure and worthy in order for us to live with God. "hildren should also learn that God has provided a sacred power within our bodies. This power allows us to be parents, to give other spirits the opportunity of coming to earth. God has given us the law of chastity to help us use this sacred power wisely.