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Isaiah 59:1-2 1 Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too

dull to hear. 2 But your iniquities have separated you from your od. !omans ":2" #or all have sinned and fall short for the $lory of od.

I %ohn 1:&-1' & If (e )laim to *e (ithout sin, (e de)eive ourselves and the truth is not in us. 9 If (e )onfess our sins, +e is faithful and ,ust and (ill for$ive us our sins and purify us from all unri$hteousness. 1' If (e )laim (e have not sinned, (e ma-e him to *e a liar and +is (ord has no pla)e in our lives. !omans .:2" #or the (a$es of sin is death, *ut the $ift of od is eternal life in /hrist %esus our Lord.

+e*re(s 9:20 %ust as a man is destined to die on)e, and after that to fa)e ,ud$ment. I 1hessalonians 1:&-9 & +e (ill punish those (ho do not -no( od and do not o*ey the $ospel of our Lord %esus. 9 1hey (ill *e punished (ith the everlastin$ destru)tion and shut out from the presen)e of the Lord and from the ma,esty of +is po(er. I %ohn 2:2-. 2 1he man (ho says I -no( +im, *ut does not do (hat he )ommands is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 5 But if anyone o*eys +is (ord, od3s love is truly made )omplete in him. 1his is ho( (e -no( (e are in +im. . 4hoever )laims to live in +im must (al- as %esus did. 5atthe( 0:21 6ot everyone (ho says to me 7Lord, Lord3, (ill enter the -in$dom of heaven, *ut only he (ho does the (ill of my #ather (ho is in heaven. 5atthe( 0:1"-12 1" 8nter throu$h the narro( $ate. #or (ide is the $ate and *road is the road that leads to destru)tion, and many enter throu$h it. 12 But small is the $ate and narro( the road that leads to life, and only a fe( find it. 5atthe( 9:12-1" 12 It is not the healthy (ho need a do)tor, *ut the si)-. 1" But $o and learn (hat this means: I desire mer)y, not sa)rifi)e. #or I have not )ome to )all the ri$hteous, *ut sinners.

5atthe( 1&:" I tell you the truth, unless you )han$e and *e)ome li-e little )hildren, you (ill never enter the -in$dom of heaven. 5atthe( 1":29-5' 29 1his is ho( it (ill *e at the end of a$e. 1he an$els (ill )ome and separate the (i)-ed from the ri$hteous. 5' 9nd thro( them into fiery furna)e, (here there (ill *e (eepin$ and $nashin$ of teeth. %ohn 1':9-1' 9 I am the $ate, (hoever enters throu$h 5e (ill *e saved, he (ill )ome in and out, and find pasture. 1' 1he thief )omes only to steal and -ill and destroy. I 1imothy 1:15 :/hrist %esus )ame into the (orld to save sinners. !omans 2:.-& . od (ill $ive to ea)h person a))ordin$ to (hat he has done. 0 1o those (ho *y persisten)e in doin$ $ood see- $lory, honor and immortality, +e (ill $ive eternal life. & But for those (ho are self-see-in$ and (ho re,e)t the truth and follo( evil, there (ill *e (rath and an$er. !omans ":2' 1herefore no one (ill *e de)lared ri$hteous in +is si$ht *y o*servin$ the la(; rather throu$h the la( (e *e)ome )ons)ious of sin. !omans ":22 1his ri$hteousness from od )omes throu$h faith in %esus /hrist to all (ho *elieve. od are sons of od.

!omans &:12 Be)ause those (ho are led *y the Spirit of

!omans &:1. 1he Spirit +imself testifies (ith our spirit that (e are

od3s )hildren.

!omans 1'-9-1' 9 1hat if you )onfess (ith your mouth %esus is Lord and *elieve in your heart that od raised +im from the dead, you (ill *e saved. 1' #or it is (ith your heart that you *elieve and are ,ustified, and it is (ith your mouth that you )onfess and are saved.

%ames 2:1' #or (hoever -eeps the (hole la( and yet stum*les at one point is $uilty of *rea-in$ all of it. %ames 2:10 9nyone, then (ho -no(s the $ood he ou$ht to do and doesn3t do it, sins. %ames 2:10 In the same (ay, faith *y itself, if it is not a))ompanied *y a)tion, is dead. %ames 2:19 <ou *elieve that there is od. ood= 8ven the >emons *elieve that and shudder.

%ames 2:22 <ou see that a person is ,ustified *y (hat he does and not *y faith alone. %ames 2:2. 9s the *ody (ithout the spirit is dead, so faith (ithout deeds is dead. II ?eter 1:2'-21 2' 9*ove all, you must understand that no prophe)y of s)ripture )ame a*out *y the prophet3s o(n interpretation. 21 #or prophe)y never had its ori$in in the (ill of man, *ut men spo-e from od as they (ere )arried alon$ *y the +oly Spirit. II 1imothy ":1.-10 1. 9ll s)ripture is od *reathed and is useful for tea)hin$, re*u-in$, )orre)tin$ and trainin$ in ri$hteousness. 10 So that the man of od may *e thorou$hly equipped for every $ood (or-. I /orinthians 2:12 1he man (ithout the Spirit does not a))ept the thin$s that )ome from the Spirit of od, for they are foolishness to him, and he )annot understand them, *e)ause they are spiritually dis)erned. I /orinthians .:9-1' 9 >o you not -no( that the (i)-ed (ill not inherit the -in$dom of od@ >o not *e de)eived: 6either the seAually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homoseAual offenders 1' nor thieves nor the $reedy nor drun-ards nor slanderers nor s(indlers (ill inherit the -in$dom of od. alatians ":11 /learly no one is ,ustified *efore faith. od *y the la(, *e)ause, the ri$hteous (ill live *y

alatians 5:5 But *y faith (e ea$erly a(ait throu$h the Spirit the ri$hteousness for (hi)h (e hope. alatians 5:1" <ou my *rothers (ere )alled to *e free. But do not use your freedom to indul$e sinful nature. alatians 5:1. So I say live *y the Spirit, and you (ill not $ratify the desires of the sinful nature. alatians 5:19-21 19 1he a)ts of the sinful nature are o*vious: SeAual immorality, impurity and de*au)hery; 2' idolatry and (it)h)raft; hatred, dis)ord, ,ealousy, fits of ra$e, selfish am*ition, dissensions, fa)tions 21 and envy; drun-enness, or$ies, and the li-e. I (arn you, as I did *efore, that those (ho live li-e this (ill not inherit the -in$dom of od. I ?eter 2:1. Live as freemen, *ut do not use your freedom as a )over up for evil; live as servants of od. 8phesians 5:" " But amon$ you there must not *e even a hint of seAual immorality, or of any -ind of impurity, or $reed, *e)ause these are improper for od3s holy people. 2 6or should there *e o*s)enity, foolish tal- or )oarse ,o-in$, (hi)h are out of pla)e, *ut rather than-s$ivin$. 5 #or this you )an *e sure: 6o immoral, impure or $reedy person B su)h a man is an idolater B has any inheritan)e in the -in$dom of od. 1itus ":5-0 5 +e saved us not *e)ause of ri$hteous thin$s (e had done, *ut *e)ause of his mer)y. +e saved us throu$h the (ashin$ of re*irth and rene(al *y the +oly Spirit, . (hom he poured out $enerously throu$h %esus /hrist our savior, 0 so that havin$ *een ,ustified *y +is $ra)e, (e mi$ht *e)ome heirs havin$ the hope of eternal life. II ?eter ":9 1he Lord is not slo( in -eepin$ +is promise, as some understand slo(ness. +e is patient (ith you, not (antin$ anyone to perish, *ut everyone to )ome to repentan)e. !evelation 2':15 If anyone3s name (as not found (ritten in the *oo- of life, he (as thro(n into the la-e of fire.

8phesians 2:&-9 & #or it is *y $ra)e you have *een saved, throu$h faith, and this not from yourselves, it is the $ift of od, 9 not *y (or-s, so that no one )an *oast. 1' for (e are od3s (or-manship )reated in /hrist %esus to do $ood (or-s, (hi)h od prepared in advan)e for us to do. Isaiah 1 :1& :1hou$h your sins are li-e s)arlet, they shall *e as (hite as sno(; thou$h they are red as )rimson, they shall *e li-e (ool. !omans 5:& But od demonstrates +is o(n love for us in this: 4hile (e (ere yet sinners, /hrist died for us. %ohn "-1.-1& 1. #or od so loved the (orld that +e $ave +is one and only Son, that (hoever *elieves in +im shall not perish *ut have eternal life. 10 #or od did not send +is o(n Son into the (orld to )ondemn the (orld, *ut to save the (orld throu$h +im. 1& 4hoever *elieves in +im is not )ondemned, *ut (hoever does not *elieve stands )ondemned already *e)ause has not *elieved in the name of od3s one and only Son. 9)ts 1.:"1 Believe in the Lord %esus, and you (ill *e saved B you and your household. 9)ts 2:12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven $iven to men *y (hi)h (e must *e saved. %ohn 10:" 6o( this is eternal life: 1hat they may -no( you, the only true (hom <ou have sent. od, and %esus /hrist,

I %ohn 5:11-1" 11 9nd this is the testimony: od has $iven us eternal life, and this life is in +is Son. 12 +e (ho has the Son has life; he (ho does not have the Son of od does not have life. 1" I (rite these thin$s to you (ho *elieve in the name of the Son of od so that you may -no( that you have eternal life. I %ohn 2:1-2 1 But if any*ody does sin, (e have one (ho spea-s to the #ather in our defense, %esus /hrist, the ri$hteous one 2 +e is the atonin$ sa)rifi)e for our sins, and not only for ours *ut also for the sins of the (hole (orld.

%ohn 12:. I am the (ay and the truth and the life. 6o one )omes to the #ather eA)ept throu$h 5e. %ohn ":" I tell you the truth, no one )an see the -in$dom of %ohn 12:5 If you love 5e, you (ill o*ey (hat I )ommand. %ohn 1.:22-25 22 If anyone (ould )ome after 5e, +e must deny himself and ta-e up his )ross and follo( 5e. 25 #or (hoever (ants to save his life (ill lose it, *ut (hoever loses his life for 5e (ill find it. %ohn 1:12 <et to all (ho re)eived +im, to those (ho *elieved in his name, +e $ave the ri$ht to *e)ome )hildren of od. !evelations ":2' +ere I am= I stand at the door and -no)-. If anyone hears my voi)e and opens the door, I (ill )ome in and eat (ith him, and he (ith 5e. !evelations ":19 1hose (hom I love I re*u-e and dis)ipline. So *e earnest and repent. 9)ts 10:"' In the past od overloo-ed su)h i$noran)e, *ut no( )ommands all people every(here to repent. ?rover*s 20:1 >o not *oast a*out tomorro(, for you do not -no( (hat a day may *rin$ forth. !omans &:9 :9nd if anyone does not have the Spirit of /hrist, he does not *elon$ to /hrist. od Cnless he is *orn a$ain.