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1. Whom or where did you know about the course es!iratory "hera!y# a. Family$ elati%es. b. Friends. c. School$&ni%ersities. d. Mass Media 'e.g. internet( news!a!er( tele%isions. )tc.* e. +thers:___________________________

,. When you knew about the course es!iratory "hera!y( did you gather any in-ormation about the general roles o- a es!iratory "hera!ist in a hos!ital# a. Yes b. .o.

/. 0- Y)S( in what ways did you gather in-ormation about these roles# a. "hrough my !arents. b. 1y researching in the internet. c. "hrough career orientations d. 1y consulting !ro-essionals in the -ield. e. +thers:___________________________ 23)AS) A.SW) W0"4 4+.)S"Y. "he -ollowing statements will test your awareness about the general roles o- es!iratory "hera!ists in a hos!ital setting. 5heck Y)S i- you are aware o- the role mentioned in the statement( then .+ i- you are unaware. GENERAL ROLES OF RT IN THE HOSPITAL SETTING. YES


1. 0nter%iews and e6amines !atients with breathing or cardio!ulmonary !roblems. ,. 5onsults with !hysicians and surgeons to de%elo! !atient treatment !lans and continuing care. /. Monitors and records !atients7 !rogress o- treatment. 8. Administer inhaled drugs and medical gases. 9. "each !atients$relati%es on how to use treatments. ).g. nebuli:ers( inhalers and etc.

GENERAL ROLES OF RT IN THE HOSPITAL SETTING ;. 2ro%ides care to !atients with 5+2<. '5hronic +bstructi%e 2ulmonary <isease* =. 2er-orms diagnostic tests -or lung diseases 'S!irometry( 2eak Flow Meter( 1ody 2lethysmogra!h*. >. 2ro%ides care -or !remature in-ants whose lungs are underde%elo!ed. ?. 2er-orms bronchial hygiene thera!ies 'Suctioning( 5hest 2hysiothera!y( 2ostural <rainage*. 1@.<eli%ers emergency care '1asic$Ad%anced 3i-e Su!!ort( 5ardio!ulmonary esuscitation* 11.0ntubates a !atient. 1,.Sets u!(monitors( ins!ects and clean the %entilating machine and li-e su!!ort eAui!ment. 1/."akes blood sam!les 'A1G* -or blood gas analy:er to test o6ygen and carbon dio6ide le%els. 18.2ro%ide education to !atients( members o- other healthcare !ro-essions and the !ublic on to!ics like smoking cessation. 19.Works in hos!ital settings( !articularly in high risk areas e.g. 0ntensi%e care units( ) (+ ( .eonatal nurseries. 1;.2ro%ide care in s!eciali:ed medical centres e.g. slee! disorder laboratories( cardiac diagnostic clinics and slee! disorder laboratories.



1=.Stabili:e high risk !atients being mo%ed by air or ground ambulance. 1>.)ducates !atients and relati%es on a!!ro!riate measures to be taken during in-luen:a !andemic. 1?.2ro%ides hy!erbaric o6ygenation. ,@.2ro%ides rehabilitation ser%ices.