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Are You Superstitious? German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said "Superstition is the poetry of life.

" On the other hand, ritish statesman !dmund ur"e said that "Superstition is the religion of fee#le minds." What$s your opinion%%how superstitious are you? You might find out #y ta"ing this &ui'. Good lu(". )*i"e lu(" has anything to do with it+ Or may#e it does,. A #la(" (at is headed in your dire(tion. You a- /ightail it out of the area #- *et it (ross your path (- Start saying "here "itty, "itty" 0 You wal" into the #edroom and see a hat on the #ed. You thin" a- "1 wonder who that #elongs to?" #- "2hat$s where 1 put my hat+" (- "3h oh." 4 A ladder #lo("s the sidewal". You a- Wal" under it #- Wal" around it (- Stop to (hat with the person on the ladder 5 You drop a mirror and it #rea"s. You a- Sigh, and e6pe(t seven years of #ad lu(" #- 7almly sweep up the #ro"en pie(es (- Say "whoops+" 8 You give a friend a new wallet. You pla(e inside it a- A pi(ture of you #- A 98: #ill (- A shiny penny ; You thin" <ridays are a- Great days, #e(ause the wor" wee" ends #- 3nlu("y days (- 2he days after 2hursdays

= You spill some salt. You immediately a- >i(" some up and throw it over your left shoulder #- Spill some pepper (- rush the salt off the ta#le and onto the floor ? A "friend" sends you a (hain letter. You a- 2hrow it away #- <ollow the letter$s dire(tions to a 2 (- <orget a#out it @ You drin" all the #u##les on the surfa(e of your (up of (offee, so that you will a- 7ool your (offee #- Aa"e a new friend (- Soon have lots of money .: Your neigh#or tells you he has a new ra##it$s foot. Your first thought is a- "Gosh, that will #ring you good lu("" #- "2hat is really gross" (- "2hat must #e really aw"ward" You got 4B.: (orre(t. Good S(ore? 7hallenge a <riend+

. 7orre(t+ 2he (orre(t answerC A /ightail it out of the area Your answerC A /ightail it out of the area A((ording to superstition, it is #ad lu(" to let a #la(" (at (ross your path. 0 1n(orre(t 2he (orre(t answerC 7 "3h oh." Your answerC A "1 wonder who that #elongs to?" Superstition has it that leaving a hat on a #ed will #ring #ad lu(".

4 1n(orre(t 2he (orre(t answerC Wal" around it Your answerC A Wal" under it 2here is a long%standing #elief that wal"ing under a ladder #rings #ad lu(". 5 7orre(t+ 2he (orre(t answerC A Sigh, and e6pe(t seven years of #ad lu(" Your answerC A Sigh, and e6pe(t seven years of #ad lu(" <ol"lore has it that if you #rea" a mirror, you will have seven years of #ad lu(". 8 1n(orre(t 2he (orre(t answerC 7 A shiny penny Your answerC A A pi(ture of you A((ording to tradition, it is good lu(" to put a penny inside a wallet or purse given as a gift. ; 1n(orre(t 2he (orre(t answerC 3nlu("y days Your answerC A Great days, #e(ause the wor" wee" ends Aany people have long regarded <riday as an unlu("y day. = 7orre(t+ 2he (orre(t answerC A >i(" some up and throw it over your left shoulder Your answerC A >i(" some up and throw it over your left shoulder Aany #elieve that if you spill salt, you must toss some of it over your left shoulder in order to prevent #ad lu(". ? 1n(orre(t 2he (orre(t answerC <ollow the letter$s dire(tions to a 2 Your answerC A 2hrow it away A((ording to superstition, a #ro"en (hain letter will #ring #ad lu(". @ 1n(orre(t 2he (orre(t answerC 7 Soon have lots of money Your answerC A 7ool your (offee *egend has it that if you drin" all the #u##les on the surfa(e of your (offee, you will soon have lots of money. .: 1n(orre(t

2he (orre(t answerC A "Gosh, that will #ring you good lu("" Your answerC 7 "2hat must #e really aw"ward" A ra##it$s foot is thought to #ring good lu(". 2o find out more a#out these #eliefs and pra(ti(es, see !n(arta !n(y(lopediaDEFs superstition arti(le. What are different "inds of superstitious #elieves in Asian (ountries? what$s this? #y Genie. 0? Jun 0::= .0C.8

Geport A#usive

Superstitious is some thing that is nothing to do with reality and those views are Hust the (reation of our minds. On(e a thing happened to some one and then the people start ma"ing different views a#out it. 2here are so many superstitious #elieves around us and there is (onsidera#le num#er of people who do #elieve that these superstitious things are true and they happened to people. 1ts is #elieve in some (ommunities that if a #la(" (at (rosses you, if you are going out then,some "ind of #ad thing or a((ident will must happened with you. 2here is superstitious #elieve in some (ommunity that if a (row is sitting on your wall in the morning and (reating noti(e ,then it means that some guests are (oming to your house. 2here is another #elieve that if your trouser is folded from the #ottom, then it means that some one is (oming to your home .so get reality for the guests. As in some (ommunities, they will never travel to hilly areas on 2uesday as some #ad thing (an #e o((urred on 2uesday. And a((ording to some Wednesday is not (onsidered as a good day, #e(ause at that there no pro#lem is solved and all things whi(h they started turns into a loss. As s(ien(e is te(hnology is so advan(ed #ut still we all are living in the superstitious world. lurtit has the Answer on Superstitions What Superstition Io You /ave? #y lovelyme 0; Jov 0::= .;C5.C5: % 0: answered /mm, 1 am not superstitious at all. 1 don$t #elieve in su(h things. 1 don$t o#sess myself. 1 have heard many things li"e #la(" (at (rossing you, the num#er... more Are Airrors A Ioor 2o Another Iimensional Of !nergy 7an 2hey 2a"e Ay !nergy? #y #a#ygurl:4 := Jov 0::= 0.C4@C.. % 0 answered 1 guess if you #elieve in that stuff, #ut 1 sleep in front of a mirror and 1 am never short of energy. Just don$t worry a#out it. more Io You <ind Your >ast? #y #luph 00 O(t 0::= .0C0:C5. % 0 answered

2here are several people who li"e finding and remem#ering their past.#e(ause of their emotional atta(hment to (ertain people or events.1 am (ertainly one... more /i 1$ve Just Seen .; Aagpies 1n One Spot. 1s 2here Any Superstions A#out 2his % 1s 1t Good Or ad? Any Suggestions Would e Aarv. 2han" You. #y *ots7 .@ Sep 0::= .0C50C.4 % 4 answered 1$ve #een loo"ing around #ut (an$t find any superstition a#out magpies going higher than the well%"nown "seven for a se(ret." /owever 1 #et someone invents... more 1 have a perfe(t 4 on my left leg, what does this mean? #y ni(egirl5. :0 Aug 0::= :5C:.C5? % . answered Jum#er 4s on your and your relatives$ legs+ Wow, it shouldn$t #e anything #ad, don$t worry. Just (onsider it a funny feature or your lu("y num#er+ more What type of spell #rea"ing involves a leaf,9.::, #utton and white string in individual envelopes for three days? #y lmodri(" :. Aug 0::= :5C..C5; % 0 answered 2here are no su(h things as spells, they are superstitions and only wor" if you thin" they have power whi(h if you do not #elieve they do not. 1t is the... more What does a yellow fin(h sym#oli'e? #y ta(n""r :. Aug 0::= :5C:=C50 % . answered 2he yellow fin(h sym#oli'es few things. 1t is a sign of eternal love that god gives us. 1t is also a sym#ol of trust. more 1f their are people out their that state that they "now so mu(h a#out you. <or instan(e Silvia #rown, then why dont they get more involved in solving (rime (ases?1 have only heard of a few. #y walteria 05 Jul 0::= 0:C:;C80 % 0 answered 1t$s true, some people do have this a#ility to pi(" up on energy, or they see images, or whatever their parti(ular gift might #e. ut, it isn$t as easy... more /ow the involuntary vi#ration of the organs is a predi(tion and how (an it effe(t a person? #y 1nterstar 0? Jun 0::= .@C.:C00 % . answered 2he involuntary vi#ration of the organs is a predi(tion and many of people from all over the world (an #elieve on it. Some people says these are only suppurations... more What are different "inds of superstitious #elieves in Asian (ountries? #y Genie. 0? Jun 0::= .0C.8C:; % . answered Superstitious is some thing that is nothing to do with reality and those views are Hust the (reation of our minds. On(e a thing happened to some one and... more /ave you any idea a#out the !astern Superstitions? #y Jero6 .0 Jun 0::= ::C0?C4; % . answered Superstitions had #een a part of life the !astern (ulture. /ere Asghar$s (hara(ter will des(ri#e superstitions whi(h he #elieves or not.Asghar was #etween... more

What are the superstitions for a person who has the hi((ups? #y God7hoseAe 0; Apr 0::= .5C5=C:? % . answered A person who$s in hi((ups whenever meets someone #elieves that he "nows the person already, may #e he has overheard hisBher name. more What does K1f u dream of losing a toothL mean? #y lovese6y 08 Apr 0::= .4C8=C4@ % 0 answered 1 thin" it means that if you dream of something, you (an hardly own it again. more What does it mean when you dream a#out tornadoes? #y Ai("ey?8 :@ Apr 0::= 0:C54C.@ % 4 answered 1t means some sort of (ompli(ationsM tussles and pro#lems are going on in your su# (ons(ien(e. more When someone dreams of a person dying ,what does that mean? #y dn?.0 :@ Apr 0::= .4C0?C0? % 4 answered All dreams mean two things wither that will (ome true or not.... sometimes people thin" a#out other people dying or the dead who they (are a#out the most... more Ay grandpa passed away three months ago. Ay dad had a dream last night seeing my grandpa who was telling him to "(lean his tools". What did my grandpa mean when he as"ed this? #y Storm :@ Apr 0::= :0C88C8= % 5 answered 2he departed (an (ome to you in your dreams, and if you are re(eptive in that way, you (an see, hear, and sometimes even smell them. 1n this (ase, your... more /ow do superstitions #egin? #y sudipaNsar"ar 05 Aar 0::= .@C8.C4@ % . answered A superstition is #asi(ally a #elief whi(h usually #orn of fear and it is (ontrary to reason and (anOt #e proved #y e6perien(e. Superstition has e6isted... more 1s it true that people who lived at your address #efore you (an affe(t your (redit rating? #y Sta'' .8 Aar 0::= .5C0@C:; % 0 answered Almost three%&uarters of us thin" so % #ut almost three%&uarters of us are wrong. 7redit (he("s are (arried out all the time, #ut on people, not their... more Where does the num#er ;;; (ome from in relation to the devil? #y ho#y 0= <e# 0::= .;C.;C:? % 5 answered e(ause of the ;th day, of the si6th month, of the si6th year. more /ow do S(orpios feel a#out Aries? #y Starwin 04 Jan 0::= .:C..C45 % . answered S(orpions feel that fellow Arians are a wee%#it too emotional. Sin(e a S(orpion is an emotional #eing herself, she (an easily feel what is running in an... more Why are magpies asso(iated with #ad lu("?

#y din"ydi .= Jan 0::= :;C8;C8= % 0 answered A((ording to superstition, Aagpies (an #e #oth lu("y and unlu("y. 2o view one Aagpie is said to #e unlu("y, whereas to view two is lu("y. Although no... more /ow do superstitions help our daily lives? #y !dna <J;0 .0 Sep 0::; .:C54C0? % . answered Superstitions in some form or another, have #een around for thousands of years, (ertainly sin(e Goman and Gree" times. 1n the 3nited Pingdom many superstitions... more Some superstitions (an #e a#surd, while others may have interesting stories #ehind them. 2hese spawned from the primitive so(ieties in the past, where superstitions (an either spawn from fol"lores or o#servations that (ould not #e e6plained #y s(ien(e in the past. Ama'ingly, some may have a little truth #ehind them when e6plained with the (urrent day s(ien(e. /ere is a list of (hinese superstitions that i have heard of, Hust for your interestC .- When you are pregnant, do not hammer nails into the walls. 2his will result in the #a#y #eing #orn with imperfe(tions. 0- Jever sleep with the top of your head fa(ing the door #e(ause that is the position of a dead person. /ere is some that may have reasons #ehind themC 4- Jever pla(e a mirror in front of your #ed #e(ause your spirit may leave your #ody temporarily while you were sleeping, and get (onfused #y the mirror image when it tries to return to your #ody. )2here (ould #e a possi#le e6planation for this, my own interpretation, pro#a#ly, when you Hust wa"e up from your sleep, and while you are still #lurry%eyed, you (ould mista"e your image to #e a ghost and get sho("ed and get a heart atta(".5- Jever leave your house unventilated for a long time. 2his will (ause ill%health. )A possi#le e6plantion is that if there is no air (ir(ulation, your house would pro#a#ly stin" and pro#a#ly #a(teria may #reed and (ause illness?2hese are Hust some of my suggestions to the reasons for these superstitions. You$re wel(ome to (omment+ 1t is undenia#le that 7hinese are superstitious. ut some of the superstitions have underlying reasons #ehind them. 7hinese #elieve that you shouldn$t (ut your fingernails at night, if not you$ll see a spirit. 2his might #e #e(ause in the olden days, people use (andle lights or oil lamps as a sour(e of light. 1f you (ut your nails at night, you might hurt yourself. 7hinese also #elieve that you shouldn$t hang your laundry out in the open at night as evil spirits will atta(h themselves to your (loths and into your house when you ta"e in the (loths. 2he

reason #ehind this is there will #e mist during the night whi(h will result in the (loths #eing damp in the morning. You shouldn$t have a house that situated in a 2%Hun(tion. A possi#le reason is it$s dangerous as there is a high possi#ility a (ar (an (ome (rashing into your house. 2he headlights of (ar passing (an also #e refle(ted into the house. What ever the superstition might #e, whether you #elieve it or not, it is still #etter to avoid doing these intentionally. As a 7hinese living in Singapore, 1 have gone through forty%si6 years of life in the midst of superstitions, myths and legends. 1 have listed a (ouple of them in this arti(le. 1f the responses are good 1 will add more on the ne6t part two arti(le. rea"ing A Airror 1t is said that #rea"ing mirror will #ring = years of #ad lu(". 2he mirror does not #ring you the #ad lu(" #ut the image it refle(t. 2his superstition has e6isted for many (enturies even #efore the invention of the mirror. !ven the a#original people who never see a mirror in their life, also #elieve this superstition. Sin(e the #eginning of times, people #elieve that to see his own image is to see his own soul. efore the invention of mirror, the only way to see one$s refle(tion is to loo" into a pool of water. When someone throw a stone into the water and #rea" the refle(tion in the water, many people #elieve that #ad lu(" will follow #e(ause as the refle(tion disappear, the soul of the person will disappear and death will result. ehavior 2a#oos <or >regnant Aothers *oo"ing at unattra(tive people ma"e the #a#y #orn ugly. Joise (reated #y (onstru(tion li"e hammering or drilling, will (ause deformities in the fetus. Altering the #ed li"e sewing or (utting will harm the internal organs of the #a#y.*oo"ing at pretty pi(tures let your #a#y #orn pretty. 7onstru(tion within the house will (ause deformities in the fetus. /eavy lifting and raising the hands a#ove the head will (ause mis(arriage. Jever attend a funeral as it #ring #ad lu(" to #oth the #a#y and the dead. Asian <ood 2a#oos <or >regnant Aothers 1t is #elieve in Asia tradition that if the pregnant mother eat any of the food mentioned #elow during pregnan(y period, the food will have a negative impa(t on the un#orn (hild. Porea%!ating (hi("en will (ause the #a#y to #e #orn with loose s"in li"e (hi("en s"in. Aalaysia%!ating #anana will (ause the #a#y to have a lot of gas. !ating lam# and mutton will (ause the #a#y to #e unhealthy.

>hilippines%!ating #anana will (ause the #a#y to #e dull and la'y. 7hina%!ating light (olor food li"e mil" will (ause the #a#y to have a fair (omple6ion. Japan%!ating sour food will (ause mis(arriage. *u("y <our *eaves 7lover 2he sym#ol used #y many is the four leaves (lover. 1t is one of the lu("y sym#ols re(ogni'ed #y many people. Aost (lover have 4 leaves. 1t is estimated that there is appro6imately .:,::: 4%leaves (lovers for every 5%leaves (lover. 2herefore finding a 5 leaves (lover is (onsidered to #e very lu("y. A((ording to legend, ea(h leaflet represents somethingC the first is for hope, the se(ond is for faith, the third is for love, and the fourth is for lu(". Aany swear #y it, do you #elieve it? 1t is up to you. >lease use your dis(retion /as anyone noti(ed that Asians are in(redi#ly superstitious? Allow me to rephrase. What is it with Asians and superstitions? Ghosts, lu("y num#ers, lu("y (olours, (hanging names to #e lu("ier, more ghosts, lu("y days, et(. 1n all honesty, these are pro#a#ly the strangest and most frustrating things 1 en(ounter #eing married to someone from another (ulture. 2hey$re also helpful in ways, #e(ause they$re small reminders that yes, there are (ultural differen(es. 1t$s easy enough to Hust shrug off most times, #ut everyon(e and a while there$s times 1 want to Hust Hump up and down shouting, "1t$s Hust a (olour+ On a shirt++ A shirt that loo"s good on you+ Who (ares if it has a little #it of Q6R (olour on it?+" Of (ourse, it (ould have Hust #een a ni(e way of saying, "/us#and, your tastes in (lothes are horri#le sometimes and 1$d never wear that. Sin(e 1 (are a#out you, don$t want to hurt your feelings too #adly, and 1$ve previously esta#lished that Q6R (olour isn$t lu("y for me, 1$ll simply say that 1 don$t want the shirt #e(ause it has Q6R (olour on it." 7on(lusion 2he story of 7hinese superstitions has (ome a long way. Iemographi(s, religion, (ultural influen(es, media, and lifestyle all play (riti(al roles in determining the e6tent of whi(h one #elieves in 7hinese superstitions. Aany people #elieve that the 7hinese are a superstitious lot. 1ndeed they are, and they themselves admit to this. Why not #elieve in something that may give one #etter lu("? /owever, there have #een re(ent trends that show that the 7hinese youths are losing this traditional tagline. After thorough resear(h, our team has (ome out with some interesting results.

Geasons 1n this se(tion, we e6amine the fa(tors that lead to these trends. Geligion With more 7hinese turning into followers of the 7hrist, we see that they have a#andoned their original (ultural roots. One person we surveyed (ommented, KAy religion )7hristianity-, for#ids me from pra(ti(ing these superstitions.L 1t seems that religion is indeed a (ru(ial fa(tor in influen(ing people, espe(ially the young. Aost 7hinese superstitions and festive o((asions have religious roots and tie%ins, espe(ially with uddhism. When religion and (ulture (lashes, one has to #e forsa"en in order to a(hieve harmony. 2he individual will have to de(ide whi(h is more important to him. One e6ample would #e the origins of the notorious /ungry Ghost festival, whi(h falls during the =th month of the lunar (alendar. 2he festival has lin"s with uddhism. 1n this (ase, will 7hinese%7hristians (hoose to #elieve in their religion, or will they heed the advi(e of their elders? 1f they (hoose the former, will they totally forget a#out this $Ghost Aonth$? Aedia 2he media has seen an influ6 of foreign influen(e. Ameri(an firms and produ(ts have (hal"ed up the #ul" of (ommer(ial time and spa(e. 2he so(iety has #een e6posed to more Western (ulture than lo(al (ulture. !ven lo(al 7hinese%#ased firms are turning more $Ameri(an$ to attra(t a larger pool of demand. With this in(reased $A(Iomination$ o((urring throughout 7hinese (ountries, its people are #e(oming more Westerni'ed. Ameri(an pop musi( top musi( (harts in Singapore, /ollywood movies are #e(oming #o6%offi(e hits in 7hina, 1nternet users in /ong Pong are surfing Ameri(an we#%sites daily, fashion #rands from Ameri(a are filling up 2aiwanese wardro#es, while Western food outlets are widely (ommon in Aalaysia. Ausi(, movies and we#%sites spread an Ameri(an so(ial (ulture whi(h appears to #e more attra(tive than 7hinese superstitions. <riday the .4th has #e(ome one of the most dreaded o((asions, surpassing other 7hinese $unlu("y$ days. 7hristmas has sin(e #e(ome more popular with (hildren than 7hinese Jew Year. Iemographi(s 1t seems that age is a mu(h more important fa(tor as (ompared to gender. Signifi(antly different trends have emerged a(ross the different age groups, #ut there appears to #e less variation #etween the two se6es. !lderly fol"s seem to #e more atta(hed to the 7hinese superstitions. /owever, we o#served a sharp de(line in the #elief of 7hinese superstitions in the post .@=8%ers. We #elieve that this serves as (on(rete eviden(e to prove that westerni'ation has played a (riti(al role in de(iding these trends in these young minds. 2hese post .@=8%ers were teenagers when the glo#ali'ation revolution spar"ed off.

*o(al 1mpa(ts Some say that this trend is good, as it shows that more people nowadays are #e(oming more aware of s(ientifi( truths rather than myths. /owever, do the positive aspe(ts outweigh the negative aspe(ts? Judging from the response we re(eived from the people whom we surveyed and interviewed, the answer is $no$. What are the negative impa(ts? !rosion and undermining of 7hinese (ulture *oss of 7hinese traditional values su(h as filial piety and respe(t for elders 7hinese festive o((asions #e(oming less well%"nown 7hinese people #e(oming less 7hinese in their way of life Gegional 1mpa(ts 2he 7hinese region stret(hes from 7hina, 2aiwan, down to South%!ast Asia, in pla(es su(h as Aalaysia and Singapore. Within these regions, we see that 7hinese superstitions and #eliefs are mu(h more than small daily happenings. AaHor events are affe(ted #y these minor superstitions. 2a"e for e6ample the wedding e6amples whi(h were demonstrated in Shanghai and Singapore. 1n #oth (ases, the method of sele(ting an auspi(ious affe(ted so many (ouples and their wedding asso(iates. AaHor parts of lifestyles are affe(ted #y 7hinese superstitions. 1n our resear(h wal" around various parts of Singapore, we noti(ed that many shops and homes have altars pla(ed within their premises. 2hese altars are a to"en of respe(t for one$s an(estors. 1magine if, a de(ade from now, we see a (omplete elimination of these altars. Ioes this means that the 7hinese no longer respe(t and remem#er their an(estral roots? Ioes this signify that they have lost their original identity? Just imagine the dire (onse&uen(es if a region of more than ..0 #illion people lose their roots.

Glo#al 1mpa(ts 2he 7hinese (ulture is one of a long and illustrious history, spanning more than 8,::: years. What it has to offer to world (ulture is plentiful. 1t enri(hes glo#al (ulture with its values, prin(iples, and ri(h traditions. 1ts values have already #een spread around the glo#e through movies, musi(, food, and other forms of media. 1f the future 7hinese generations lose their ethni(ity, they not only lose their own identity, #ut the world also loses out. 2he short term impa(t is a homogenous glo#al (ulture, where we see

western ur#an (ities even in the heart of Shanghai. 2his is good for #usinesses, #e(ause (ommuni(ations will #e made easier for all. 2ravelers will also fit into 7hinese (ities easily. /owever, in the long run, what will we stand to gain? What will happen to those 7hinese values? What will happen to all the enri(hing (ultural e6perien(es? 2he foreigners have as mu(h to lose as the 7hinese. 1f the 7hinese lose all these interesting aspe(ts of their lives, no#ody #enefits. Aoreover, 7hinese #eliefs have resulted in many se6 stereotypes in our so(iety today. 2he 7hinese #elieve that the males are dominant as they (an (arry on the family lineage name, whereas the females will only #e married away to another family, hen(e, males are favoured. 2his has led to so(iety stereotyping that males are more important than females, something whi(h we disagree totally. oth se6es are important in their own ways, and we should not let su(h #eliefs affe(t our mindsets. Aoreover, with many of su(h #eliefs and superstitions #eing refuted #y S(ien(e these days, we should instead adopt the perspe(tive that everyone is e&ual % and that, it is what he or she does that ma"es him spe(ial. 2he world has already witnessed the loss of a magnifi(ent an(ient empire, and now, its time for us to stop the loss of another one for our (hildren. As for us, we should not trust 7hinese #eliefs and superstitions revolving around gender stereotypes. Su(h adverse thin"ing will only lead to the degradation of so(iety, something everyone should strive to prevent from happening.

2he <uture Jo#ody (an predi(t the future. Jot the a(ademi(s, or the s(holars, or the politi(ians, or the old man ne6t door, and either (an us. ut we (an do our #est to thin" of measures to hopefully prevent erosion of the 7hinese (ulture. A((ording to our resear(h, we reali'ed that the family has the most important role to play in passing down 7hinese superstitions. What we (an do is limited, #ut still important. Youths and adults ali"e have similar tas"s if they want to preserve and enri(h this tradition even further. We (an start #y reading up more on 7hinese festivals, su(h as the *unar Jew Year and the Sing Aing festival, and then enlighten our friends and younger family mem#ers a#out the origins and traditional pra(ti(es of these o((asions. 2hrough small a(ts li"e these, 7hinese (ulture (an go a long way. While less (ommon so(ial 7hinese superstitions are less li"ely to #e passed on through family lines, we (an still pass down the more (ommon ones, su(h as wearing $lu("y%(oloured$ (lothes during auspi(ious events. Whether or not 7hinese superstitions are #enefi(ial, and whether or not they are true, we (an #e assured that they were and still will #e part and par(el of the lives of the 7hinese.

2he pra(ti(e of animism in Malaysia is still a(tive and is pra(ti(ed either openly or (overtly depending on the type of animisti( rituals performed. Some forms of animisti( #elief is not re(ognised #y the government as a religion for statisti(al purposes although su(h pra(ti(es is not outlawed.


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[edit] Overview
2here are different types of animism pra(ti(ed throughout Aalaysia. Shamanism is pra(ti(ed espe(ially #y the Aalays in >eninsular Aalaysia #y people "nown as bomohs, otherwise also "nown as dukun or pawang. Aost Orang Aslis are animists and #elieve in spirits residing in (ertain o#He(ts. /owever, some have re(ently (onverted into 1slam. 1n !ast Aalaysia animism is also pra(ti(ed #y an ever de(reasing num#er of various orneo tri#al groups. 2he 7hinese generally pra(ti(e their fol" religion whi(h is also animisti( in nature. 2he word "#omoh" has #een used throughout the (ountry to des(ri#e any person with "nowledge or power to perform (ertain spiritual rituals in(luding traditional healing Vand as a su#stitute for the word "shaman". Generally spea"ing, Aalaysians have deep superstitious #elief, espe(ially more so in the rural areas.

[edit] History
/istori(ally, #efore the arrival and spread of 1slam in the .8th (entury, and the spread of 7hristianity from the .@th (entury, the inha#itants in the land were either /indus or animists. 1n the >eninsular, widespread 1slamifi(ation is said to have #egun in .5:@ after >arameswara #e(ame Sultan of Aala((a and (onverted into 1slam after marrying a prin(ess from >asai. Sin(e then, other Sultanates in the Aalay peninsula have adopted 1slam. Also sin(e then, and (ontinuing after the independen(e of Aalaysia, 1slam played a (entral role in Aalaysian so(iety. 1t has #een said that there is a strong desire #y the people to get rid of their animisti( pastT.U whi(h has #een viewed as "#ar#ari(" or "#a("wards". Similarly in !ast Aalaysia, animism was widespread prior to the arrival of 7hristian missionaries from !urope. 2he pra(ti(e of headhunting was &uite (ommon in these so(ieties.T0U 1n Sa#ah, the Pada'an%dusuns would worship Pinoingan or ri(e spirit and (ele#rate Paamatan or harvest festival every year. Iuring Paamatan, there are (ertain rituals whi(h has to #e (arried out #y the high%priestesses "nown as the bobohizans. 2oday, most Pada'andusuns have adopted 7hristianity #ut some would still (ele#rate Paamatan. /owever, the num#er of

#o#ohi'ans has tremendously dropped and is in the #rin" of e6tin(tion.T4U 1n Sarawa", it has #een said that the animism pra(ti(ed #y the 1#ans and other related groups is the most developed, ela#orated, and intelle(tuali'ed in the world.T5U Animism pra(ti(e in !ast Aalaysia is related to the religion of Paharingan in Palimantan, 1ndonesia, whi(h has #een re(ognised as an offi(ial religion #y the 1ndonesian government. /owever, the rituals involved are not entirely similar with variations depending on the ethni( su#groups whi(h pra(ti(es it.

[edit] Shamanism and traditional healing

2he shamanist #omohs or wit(h do(tors still pra(ti(e their (raft in Aalaysia. 2he #omoh pra(ti(e #y Aalays have #een integrated into 1slam and is not for#idden.T8U 2hey are also "nown as traditional healers and sometimes serve as an alternative to (onventional modern medi(ine. /owever, the pra(ti(e has sometimes #een viewed negatively #y Aalaysian so(iety as in some instan(es #omohs have the power to (ast spells )Hampi- and have used them on other people with ill effe(ts. 2he num#er pra(titioners of #omohs has also dropped.T8U 2he #o#ohi'ans of Sa#ah are also shamanisti( and are traditional healers. 2hey also a(t as a medium to (ommuni(ate with spirits and play an important role in the rituals involved during Paamatan. Ge(ently there has #een suggestions for the need and importan(e to preserve the pra(ti(e of #omohs and other shamans as traditional healers and to (omplement or su#stitute (onventional modern medi(ine.T;UT4U

[edit] Chinese folk religion

2oday most of the 7hinese population in Aalaysia are uddhists, while the rest are 7onfu(ianists, 2aoists, 7hristians, and a small num#er of Auslims and /indus. Aost 7hinese still adhere to the 7hinese fol" #elief system or an(estor worship in tandem with their )mainstream- religion. /owever, some have stopped pra(tising this religion after adopting a mainstream religion whi(h prohi#its animism or idolatry. As is the (ase in 7hina, the pra(ti(e of this religion is not do(umented #y the government for statisti(s purpose. 2hus the num#er of followers in Aalaysia (an only #e estimated.

Baldana (Maharashtra): 1t always pays to "now the future, espe(ially if you are a farmer in Widar#ha, Aaharashtra, infamous for its sui(ides. So when Gam Ias AaharaH % the unoffi(ial lo(al soothsayer % ma"es his predi(tions for the year ahead, people listen. Says a resident, Samadhan /iwa"e, "2he predi(tions for rain are a((urate. We (onsider them while farming."

2he tradition, whi(h is (alled Aaandani, is over 4:: years old, #ut this year the ora(le has #ad news. After e6amining the soil and ma"ing several (al(ulations, Gam Ias has issued a warning to the (otton%growers. "2he (otton yield will #e good, #ut there will #e losses. Jawar yield will #e good too #ut the pri(es will flu(tuate," says he. Over 4,::: farmers have ta"en their lives in Widar#ha in the last five years % 4:: of them this year. 2hose "eeping an eye on the distri(t$s agri(ultural (risis say superstition adds to the pro#lem. Says agri(ulture e6pert, Pishore 2iwari, "2he pra(ti(e of fore(asting is nothing #ut en(ashing the inno(en(e and vi(timisation of the farmers. /ow (an one predi(t the weather and pri(es?" Gam Ias$s predi(tions have gone wrong in the past, #ut li"e #efore, many villagers this year won$t start their farming until the Aaandani ends, preferring to (hoose hope over #ad e6perien(e.
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1n mysti(al arts, the (lim#ing per(h )puyu- is seen as a fish that dwells in two realms )whi(h ma"es it uni&ue- and it has the a#ility to live without water for days )if in a proper environment- whi(h is &uite sym#oli( for (ertain &ualities whi(h humans don$t have )as fishes are supposed to #e dependent on water, humans are dependent on air, #ut in the (ase of this fish, it is a#le to dwell in #oth realms-. 2hese a#ilities are seen as spe(ial and unusual, whi(h is another feature that ma"es this fish $spe(ial$. 1t is said that here are two "inds of uses for these fishes. ).- 1t (an #e used to repel $pest%li"e$ spirits, those of the $wea"er$ "inds. Spirits that (an #e mis(hievious su(h as toyols and (ertain dwarf%li"e #eings )"erdil-. Some versions of this e6plains that these #eings are a(tually not afraid of the puyu at all, #ut uses them as $toys$ to play with. )0- 1t (an also #e used to repel demoni( spirits, those with grosser #odies )in the (ase of IHinnsas these #eings are said to disli"e its sharp #odies. 2here$s also a third use of these fishes. 1t (an #e used as a sa(rifi(e for removal of (ursed o#He(ts )santau- #y transferring those o#He(ts into the #ody of those fishes )though it is not (ommonly pra(ti(ed-. Some uses the puyu as a medium to send (ursed o#He(ts instead. 1 guess all ra(es $a((ept$ these fishes for their uni&ueness and attra(ted to the stories of old

rather than having any understanding whatsoever a#out these fishes. As a matter of fa(t, not many $modern$ Aalaysians "now the uses of these fish anymore unless they are #eing #rought up with proper guidan(e in the old ways. 1t is more li"e an adaptation as the (lim#ing per(h is a native only to Southeast Asian (ountries and (an also #e found throughout 2hailand, 7am#odia, Wietnam, urma, parts of 1ndonesia and orneo... 2hese fishes have JO $mysti(al$ powers of its own without any $divine$ assistan(e and usually it has to #e done with proper (onHurations and spells. la(" magi( is a term referred to (ertain pra(ti(es whi(h involves dar"er intentions of one$s pra(ti(e. 1n reality, there is no su(h thing as $#la("$ or $white$ magi(. 2he intention of one$s heart determines the (ause and effe(t of its spells. 2hrough the powers of these spells, (ertain #eings are #eing used to $wor"$ for a parti(ular person )eg. wit(hdo(torsB#omoh-, and thus the (lim#ing per(h is used for the purposes as mentioned earlier a#ove. /ope this helps... 1 do not wish to ma"e this too lengthy, #ut #asi(ally mention the $idea$ a#out "eeping these fishes for the purpose of $preventing$ #la(" magi(.

1t$s test day for sophomore #usiness maHor Aaron We(hter, and everyone "nows what that means. /e gets up, #rushes his teeth and puts on his mid%(alf, #right orange and #rown 7leveland rowns so("s. Whether they are under layers of (lothing in the winter months or fa(ing the world with shorts and sandals, this is one test day superstition that amounts to more than Hust a fashion fau6 pas. "2hey were a gift given to me, and 1 would wear them on game days, #e(ause they$re spe(ial for game days," We(hter said. "1 thought 1$d wear it for spe(ial o((asions li"e tests also, and ever sin(e 1$ve worn them, 1$ve done very well on my tests. 1$ve never had a #ad test grade with my rowns so("s, ever. 1 forgot to wear them on(e, and 1 (olored my so("s orange. 1 did well, #ut not as mu(h." Aany students (an relate to having a personal superstition li"e We(hter$s, whether they are a(ademi( s(holars, dedi(ated Aggies or (ollege athletes. Superstitions among students on (ampus are as varied and diverse as the students themselves. While some deal with a(ademi(s, others are fo(used on "eeping Aggie traditions or parti(ipating in (ollege sports events. We(hter started this superstition his freshman year of high s(hool and has not given it up while at (ollege. "Ay mom is a(tually sending them in the mail right now, #e(ause 1 forgot them at home," he said. " ut 1 wore them all last semester for tests. 1 a(tually already went through one pair #e(ause they were no longer fun(tional, and so 1 got another pair ordered. ut 1 still have the originalsM 1 haven$t let go of them." So whether the test day (omes with rain or shine, We(hter proudly sports his good lu(" so("s around (ampus. "1 wear them with shorts. 1 wear them with sandals. 1 wear them with anything. 2hey$re my pride," he said. Another test day superstition followed #y several students is the tradition of pla(ing (oins on the Sul Goss statue in hopes of re(eiving a good s(ore in return. "1 don$t put (oins on the Sul Goss statue for every test," said rett Gedman, a freshman general studies maHor "Only the ones 1 thin" 1$m going to do #ad on. When 1 put (oins on the statue, 1 feel #etter a#out the test, #ut that doesn$t ne(essarily mean 1 do #etter." When it (omes to his Aggie traditions, Gedman is (ertainly not (heap. "1 mainly put pennies, #ut if 1 want to do really good, 1 start getting higher up in the silver," he said. "2he most 1 ever put on was a#out a dollar, and that was around finals wee"."

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While some students may (omplain that putting po("et (hange on a lifeless statue is a waste of their pre(ious funds, Gedman en(ourages students to parti(ipate in this tradition, espe(ially sin(e a few (oins is not mu(h to as". "1 don$t feel li"e 1$m wasting the (oins if it$s Hust (hange sitting around somewhere," he said. Another Aggie tradition that (auses students to #e superstitious is the (entury tree. !veryday, students (an #e seen darting around the tree$s giganti( #ran(hes, hoping to avoid a most hideous fateC a life of solitude. "3sually 1 wal" on that sidewal" to the right and Hust wal" around the tree," said senior animal s(ien(e maHor Aandy <armer. "1$m not really superstitious or anything, #ut Hust the tradition and 1 guess 1 Hust li"e the whole romanti( part of it. !veryone else does it, so 1 do it too." Although she has never wal"ed under the tree, solo or with a #oy, <armer said may#e one day, she will ma"e the wal". "1f it was serious (ommitment, li"e #efore we got married, 1 would wal" under it," <armer said. /owever, when it (omes to the ever%popular proposals under the tree, <armer said she opts for (reativity over tradition. "1 li"e Tthose proposalsU. 1 thin" they$re (ool and Hust the tradition #ehind it is really neat, #ut 1 don$t thin" 1 would want it for myself #e(ause 1 want something different and spe(ial," <armer said. While many Aggies are superstitious a#out ta"ing tests and ta"ing their AYA traditions &uite seriously, there is another #reed of Aggies who ta"e their superstitions to a whole new levelC

the AYA athlete. <reshman psy(hology maHor Aatthew <o6 runs for AYA$s tra(" team, spe(iali'ing in the ?::% meter. When it (omes to game day, <o6 has a variety of superstitions that he #elieves help him during his ra(e. "1 have to eat four hours #efore the ra(e," <o6 said. "!6a(tly four hours, and if 1 don$t, it #asi(ally unsettles my stoma(h. 1 try to eat pasta, #ut if 1 (an$t eat pasta, 1$ll eat anything, #ut 1 mainly try to eat pasta four hours #efore the ra(e. 1 also wear the e6a(t same underpants and so("s for the ra(e. Of (ourse, they$re washed." Although some students may #rush off <o6$s routine as an impra(ti(al superstition, he (laims it affe(ts his performan(e. "One time 1 was on a trip that was away, and 1 forgot my underpants that 1 normally run in, and 1 didn$t run well," <o6 said. "1 have no idea if that$s related, #ut 1 didn$t ra(e well at all. 1 reali'ed when 1 wo"e up that morning that 1 didn$t have them, and 1 a(tually pani("ed a lot." <o6 says his reasons #ehind his superstitions are #ased on his years of e6perien(e of #oth su((ess and failure. "1f 1$m on the start line, and 1 "now that 1$ve done everything 1 (an, then there$s nothing more 1 (an do," he said. "1 feel more (omforta#le on the start line "nowing that 1$ve done everything 1 did in my fastest time #eforehand. 2hen 1 "now, $O"ay, 1 (an go this fast again or faster. 1s there any reason why 1 should go slower?$" Q prev >age $ of 0

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