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Marbury v. Madison (1803) Mc&ulloch v. Maryland (181') *lessy v. +er uson (18',) %chenc. /. 0.%. (1'1') 5itlow v.

6ew 7or. (1'89) *al.o v. &onnecticut (1'3A) ;rown v. ;oard4 1st (1'9@) ;rown v. ;oard4 8nd (1'99) Ma## v. 1hio (1',1) En el v. /itale (1',8) ; v. &arr (1',8) ?bbin ton v. %chem## (1',3) 5ideon v. 2ainri ht (1',3) 2esberry v. %anders (1',3) 5riswald v. &onnecticut (1',9) Miranda v. ?ri:ona (1',,) Cemon v. Durt:man (1'A1) <oe v. 2ade (1'A3) 0.%. v. 6i(on (1'A@) ;uc.ley v. /aleo (1'A,) 0.&. <e ents v. ;a..e (1'A8) 2ebster v. <e#roductive 3ealth %ervices (1'8A) He(as v. "ohnson (1'8') Em#loyment Givision o$ 1re on

Established judicial review; midni ht jud es;! "ohn Marshall; #ower o$ the %u#reme &ourt. Established national su#remacy; established im#lied #owers; use o$ elastic clause; state unable to ta( $ed. )nstitution; "ohn Marshall; the #ower to ta( involves the #ower to destroy.! Established se#arate but e-ual. 1liver 2endell 3olmes; clear and #resent dan er test; shoutin $ire! in a crowded theater; limits on s#eech4 es#. in wartime. Established #recedent o$ $ederali:in ;ill o$ <i hts (a##lyin them to the states); states cannot deny $reedom o$ s#eech =>#rotected throu h due #rocess clause o$ ?mendment 1@ *rovided test $or determinin which #arts o$ ;ill o$ <i hts should be $ederali:ed > those which are im#licitly or e(#licitly necessary $or liberty to e(ist. %chool se re ation unconstitutional; se re ation #sycholo ically dama in to blac.s; overturned se#arate but e-ual; use o$ 1@th ?mendment; judicial activism o$ 2arren &ourt; unanimous decision. 1rdered schools to dese re ate with all due and deliberate s#eed.! Established e(clusionary rule; ille ally obtained evidence cannot be used in court; 2arren &ourtBs judicial activism *rohibited state=s#onsored recitation o$ #rayer in #ublic schools by virtue o$ ?mendment 1neBs establishment clause and the 1@th ?mendmentBs due #rocess clause; 2arren &ourtBs judicial activism. 1ne man4 one vote.! 1rdered state le islative districts to be as near e-ual as #ossible in #o#ulation; 2arren &ourtBs #olitical judicial activism. *rohibited devotional ;ible readin in #ublic schools by virtue o$ establishment clause and due #rocess clause. 2arren &ourtBs judicial activism. 1rdered states to #rovide lawyers $or those unable to a$$ord them in criminal #roceedin s. 2arren &ourtBs judicial activism in criminal ri hts. 1rdered 3ouse districts to be as near e-ual in #o#ulation as #ossible. Established ri ht o$ #rivacy throu h @th and 'th ?mendments. %et a #recedent $or <oe v. 2ade. Established Miranda warnin s o$ counsel and silence. Must be iven be$ore -uestionin . 2arren &ourtBs judicial activism in criminal ri hts. ?llowed states to #rovide te(tboo.s and busin to students attendin #rivate reli ious schools. Established 3=#art test to determine i$ establishment clause is violatedE nonsecular #ur#ose4 advancesFinhibits reli ion4 e(cessive entan lement with overnment. Established national abortion uidelines; trimester uidelinesE no state inter$erence in 1 st4 state may re ulate to #rotect health o$ mother in 8 nd4 state may re ulate to #rotect health o$ unborn child in 3rd. )n$erred $rom ri ht o$ #rivacy estab. in 5riswald v. &onn. ?llowed $or e(ecutive #rivile e4 but not in criminal cases; Even the *resident is not above the law;! 2ater ate. 1st ?mendment #rotects cam#ai n spending; le islatures can limit contributions4 but not how much one s#ends o$ his own money on cam#ai ns. ?lan ;a..e and 0& Gavis Medical %chool; strict -uotas unconst.4 but states may allow race to be ta.en into account as 16E $actor in admissions decisions. ;a..e admitted. More leeway $or states in re ulatin abortion4 thou h no overturnin o$ <oe v. 2ade. %truc. down He(as law that banned $la burnin 4 which is a #rotected $orm o$ symbolic s#eech. %tates could deny unem#loyment bene$its to a #erson $ired $or

v. %mith (1''0)
*lanned *arenthood v. &asey (1''8) %haw v. <eno (1''3) 0.%. v. Co#e: (1''9) &linton v. 67 (1''8) ;ush v. 5ore (8000) Ielman v. %immons=3arris (08) ?shcro$t v. ?&C0 (8008) Cawrence v. He(as (8003) 5rat: v. ;ollin er (8003) 5rutter v. ;ollin er (8003) Delo v. &ity o$ 6ew Condon (B09) 5on:ales v. &arhart (800A) G& v. 3eller (8008)

violatin a state #rohibition on the use o$ #eyote even thou h the use o$ the dru was #art o$ a reli ious ritual.
%tates can re ulate abortion4 but not with re ulations that im#ose undue burden! u#on women; did not overturn <oe v. 2ade4 but ave states more leeway in re ulatin abortion (e. .4 8@=hour waitin #eriod4 #arental consent $or minors) 6o racial errymanderin ; race cannot be the sole or predominant $actor in redrawin le islative boundaries; majority=minority districts. 5un +ree %chool Iones ?ct e(ceeded &on ressB authority to re ulate interstate commerce. ;anned #residential use o$ line item veto 0se o$ 1@th ?mendmentBs e-ual #rotection clause to sto# the +lorida recount in the election o$ 8000. *ublic money can be used to send disadvanta ed children to reli ious schools in tuition voucher #ro rams. %truc. down a $ederal ban on virtual! child #orno ra#hy 0sin ri ht o$ #rivacy4 struc. down He(as law bannin sodomy. %truc. down use o$ bonus #oints! $or race in under rad admissions at 0niversity o$ Michi an. ?llowed the use o$ race as a eneral $actor in law school admissions at 0niversity o$ Michi an. Eminent domain caseE Cocal overnments may $orce the sale o$ #rivate #ro#erty and ma.e way $or #rivate economic develo#ment when o$$icials decide it would bene$it the #ublic. 0#held *artial ;irth ?bortion ;an ?ct o$ 8003. %truc. down a 2ashin ton G& ordinance that banned hand uns