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SIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA SCIENCE KERTAS 1 Satu jam lima belas minit ____________________________________________________________ 1. Kertas ini mengandungi 50 soalan.

2. Jawab semua soalan dengan memilih satu pilihan daripada pilihan A,B,C atau D. ____________________________________________________________ 1. A. B. C. D. What is the function of a synapse between two neurones? To strengthen the nerve impulses To allow quick conduction of nerve impulses To allow nerve impulses to move in one direction only To slow the movement of nerve impulses

2. Which of the following health problems is not caused by poor coordination between the nervous system and the endocrine systems? A. Difficulty in maintaining the body temperature B. Diabetes C. Dementia D. Malaria 3. What are dominant genes? A. Genes that control DNA B. Genes that show the characteristics that they control when paired with a dominant gene or a recessive gene C. Genes that show the characteristics that they control when paired with another recessive gene only D. Genes that show the characteristics that they control when paired with another dominant gene only 4. Which of the following statements is true about chromosomes? A. Each somatic cell contains 24 pairs of chromosomes B. Each somatic cell contains 22 pairs of autosomes and two pairs of sex chromosomes C. Each somatic cell contains 22 pairs of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes D. Autosomes determine the sex of a person 5. Which of the following statements are true about cloning? I Clones are similar to its parents in all aspects II Cloning does not involve sexual reproduction III Plant clones can only be done from its sex cells A. B. C. D. I and II only I and III only II and III only I, II and III

6. Which of the following assumptions of the theory of matter are true? I Particles constantly move or vibrate II When particles are closely packed in an orderly pattern, the forces of attraction between particles become weak III Kinetic energy of particles increasing with temperature

A. B. C. D.

I and II only I and III only II and III only I, II and III

7. Which of the following substances is held together by strong forces between positive ions and negative ions? A. Copper B. Sodium chloride C. Water D. Ammonia 8. Which of the following methods can be used to separate two miscible liquids in a mixture which have different boiling points? A. Distillation B. Crystallisation C. Filtration D. Evaporation 9. A. B. C. D. An endothermic reaction ... releases heat into the environment absorbs heat from the environment recycles heat in the system causes the surrounding to become hot

10. Which of the following metals do not produce hydrogen gas when reacted with acid? A. Sodium B. Magnesium C. Aluminium D. Platinum 11. In a scientific calculator, mercury cell is used as the electricity source. What is the electricity source in a car? A. Dry cell B. Lead-acid accumulator C. Lead-acid dry cell D. Alkaline battery 12. The process where a radioactive material decays and emit radiation is known as A. radioactive decay B. radiotheraphy C. radiowave D. radioisotope 13. M emits radioactive particles.Which of the following substances is M? A. Carbon-12 B. Nickel-59 C. Uranium-238 D. Molibdenum-95 14. Which of the following are produced by radioactive substances? A. Radioactive radiation B. Microwaves C. Electromagnetic waves D. Heat 15. A doctor administres a radioactive solution, S, to a patient having a thyroid defect. What is S?

A. B. C. D.

Iodide-131 Cobalt-60 Hydrogen-1 Strontium-88

16. A boy standing 3.0 m in front of a plane mirror sees his own image on the mirror. The distance of the image from the plane mirror is A. 3.0 m B. 4.0 m C. 6.0 m D. 10.0 m 17. Human beings are able to see a tiny bacteria with a A. electron microscope B. camera C. telescope D. magnifying glass 18. Which of the following alloys contains carbon? A. Duralumin B. Bronze C. Steel D. Brass 19. Which of the following products is not made from ammonia? A. Detergent B. Cloth dyes C. Synthetic fiber D. Alloys 20. Which of the following industrial wastes can cause gene mutation? A. Heavy metals B. Lead C. Plutonium D. Fungicides 21. Which of the following statements is true about bacteria? A. Bacteria are multicellular microorganisms B. Cell walls of bacteria are made from cellulose only C. Bacteria do not have nuclear membranes D. spirilla bacteria are spherical in shape 22. Which of the following is a favourable condition for the growth of microorganisms? A. pH 10 B. Dark condition C. Temperature of 60'C D. Absence of nutrients 23. What is the function of the microorganism that lives in the alimentary canal of rabbits? A. To produce amylase enzyme B. To produce vitamin A C. To produce cellulose enzyme D. To produce alkali condition 24. Putrefying bacteria are microoraganisms which A. decompose dead organisms B. kill or inhibit the growth of other organisms C. provide plants with nitrates

D. used to treat oil spills 25. Which of the following are the symptoms of Tinea? I Red-shaped infection on the skin II Patchy hair loss on the head III Red and scaly patches on the skin A. B. C. D. I and II only I and III only II and III only I, II and III

26. What is the purpose of injecting vaccines into the human body? A. To stimulate the body to produce antiseptic B. To reduce the number of antibodies in the body C. To stimulate the body to produce antibodies D. To stimulate the body to produce serum 27. Which of the following statements are dangers of using drugs without prescription and medical advice? I Relapse of infection II Cause allergies III Pathogens build up resistance towards drug A. B. C. D. I and II only II and III only I and III only I, II and III

28. Which of the following processes involve microorganisms? I Putrefaction II Digestion III Fermentation A. B. C. D. I and II only I and III only II and III only I, II and III

29. Which of the following classes of food contains no calorific value? A. Carbohydrates B. Vitamin C. Fats D. Proteins 30. Which of the following people need more calories in their diet? I Males II Small body size III A person in a warm place A. B. C. D. I only I and II only II and III only I, II and III

31. The deficiency of nutrient Y in plants causes yellow patches on leaves.

A. B. C. D.

Nutrient Y is most probably nitrogen phosphorus potassium sodium

32. A deficiency in nutrient O makes leaves to appear dark green with purple or red spots. What is the way to curb this problem? A. Cut the leaves B. Cut the plant away C. Place the plant below direct sun D. Add fertilisers that contain more phosphorus 33. Nitrogen is needed by plants to I synthesise protein II synthesise chlorophyll III synthesise stomata A. B. C. D. I and II only II and III only I and III only I, II and III

34. Which of the following natural phenomena is involved in nitrogen fixation? A. Earthquake B. Tornado C. Lightning D. Tsunami 35.Which of the following illnesses is a psychological illness? A. Anorexia nervosa B. Kwashiorkor C. Rickets D. Diabetes mellitus 36. What microorganism lives inside the nodules of a leguminous plants? A. Bacteria B. Virus C. Algae D. Fungi 37. The tertiary consumer in the food web of an ecosystem is A. an omnivore B. a carnivore C. a herbivore D. a detrivore 38. Which of the following gases is responsible in ozone depletion? A. Chlorofluorocarbon B. Carbon dioxide C. Carbon monoxide D. Oxygen 39. Inorganic compounds are carbon compounds obtained A. from living things B. naturally from air only C. naturally from soil only D. naturally from air, soil and water

40. Carbon dioxide, magnesium carbonate and zinc carbonate are examples of A. polymers B. monomers C. hydrocarbons D. inorganic compounds 41. Which of the following gives alcohol its special properties? A. Carbon B. Oxygen C. Hydroxide D. Hydrogen 42. Which of the following parts of an oil palm fruit is used as fuel for the boiler? A. Kernel B. Mesocarp C. Shell D. Stalk 43. A stroke petrol engine does not have A. crankshaft B. valve C. piston D. cylinder 44. Which of the following safety features in vehicles are related to reducing the negative effects of inertia? A. Cushioned seat B. Larger seat C. Larger car D. Headrest 45. Which of the following is not an example on the use of hydraulic system? A. An excavator B. A dental chair C. Drill used to crack rocks D. A power steering 46. Which of the following design features allow water vehicles to travel at high speeds? A. Streamlined shape of ship B. High pressure steam C. Powerful gas turbine engines D. Pair of wings under the hull 47. Which of the following comparisons are true about the jet engines and the rocket? A. Need a long runway B. Carries its own oxygen supply C. Use liquid hydrogen as fuel D. Both use internal combustion engines 48. Which of the following statements is not true? A. The wings of an aeroplane have the shape of an aerofoil B. In an aerofoil, the air moving over the curved upper surface produces lower speed C. Drag is due to air resistance

D. Thrust is generated by the engines 49. What property can be found in iron metal to enable it to be used as structural components for buildings? A. Electrical conductivity B. Heat conductivity C. Melting point D. Tensile strength 50. Where are the receptors most likely to be found? A. Brain B. Skeletal muscle C. Skin D. Spinal cord