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Environmental Volunteering Bali Are you planning a trip to the beautiful island, Bali? Are you dreaming of a tour that includes discovering Balis natural reserves, meeting her people and getting a taste of her culture as well? Well, then theres nothing better for you than volunteer tourism!

Author: Mattijs Naus

Volunteer tourism allows you to combine your fantastic holiday experience with volunteering for humanitarian pro ects or Volunteer program !ri lan"a# And since beyond Balis lush beauty, smooth sands and a$ure seas lies a world that remains neglected, there definitely is a lot that you could do to uplift the condition of her people# %he &oad %rips %ravel 'http())www#roadtripstravel#com* is one such initiative that is ma"ing tourists visiting this fascinating tourist destination do their bit for society# A leader in the +,segment, &oad %rips %ravel, is spearheading a number of volunteer.driven pro ects in different categories, including environmental causes, health and sanitation, construction and education# /t is our firm belief that while we strive to offer an authentic cultural experience to our international tourists, deployed in our social pro ects 0 they ta"e bac" e1ually 0 the love, the values and richness of Bali# Volunteer Bali Project Aims ,iven the abominable living conditions of the underprivileged in Bali, and the lac" in their lives, we have designed a number of volunteer programs in Bali to give them a semblance of a better life! Among the various efforts we run, is also included the volunteer teaching pro ects, Bali# &emember all we are striving to do is giving them a ray of hope 0 that yes, there is life beyond that poverty and degradation! !o many of the children we interact with have never "nown a world outside their village, and many more have never even seen a boo"! We are giving them a platform to through our volunteer programs a chance to learn, get inspired and become responsible individuals# What can you give to Volunteer Teaching Bali or Orphanage Volunteering Sri Lanka?

Well, let us ust rephrase that 1uestion and say, 2what can you not give! /f youre a professional teacher or someone with no prior experience in teaching, we welcome you both to be a part of our 3nvironmental Volunteering Bali# Because what we are wishing to create is not a typical school environment 0 rather a place which nurtures dreams pushes children to discover their talents and spread their wings! !o heres what you can do! 4elp us refine our course structures 5a"e interesting and effective lesson plans /nspire children to ta"e to boo"s and create in them a thirst for learning 6romote a childs communication s"ills 3nsure that children are articulate in 3nglish 6lay, sing and dance or teach them a new sport /nspire them to build their creative talents 0 paint, ma"e handicrafts or teach them a new s"ill

Basically, we want this association with &oad %rips %ravel, to become an en oyable experience for both the teacher and the students ali"e# Where each person goes bac" richer in mind, body and soul! 7hec" out also for Adventure travel in /ndia, !ri 8an"a and Bali