The Dresden Codex: The Mayan Tree of Life Clifford C.

Richey March 2014

Illustration 1: The Scene or Setting

Ancient Sign Language was transposed from Gesture signs into a tangible medium that utilized Form !mager" and Gesture signs among other structural rules to create compositions that were intended to preser#e important information for posterit"$ %he present state of the art in using depicted sign language to translate ancient compositions is one that cannot guarantee that e#er" detail is correct$ &e cannot be aware of all the associations used in a gi#en composition$ %here is still room for mis'perception of Form and to some e(tent !mager"$ )owe#er since translations are based on *nown signs the general thrust of man" compositions can be grasped$ )opefull" as more researchers become in#ol#ed in stud"ing the s"stem our translations will become more accurate and detailed$ %he original Ma"an composition +!llustration 1, as pictured abo#e shows a

relati#el" Large Figure +a great one) Sitting +the Stance for waiting, in positional the %ree$ !ts bod" appears intermingled with the tree$ -ne is tempted to label this Figure as a tree'spirit but the issue is a bit more complicated than that$ The great one, Waits, Within, The tree. !n order to better understand the intent of this composition we must first loo* at the Forms that appear within the composition$ !t is not alwa"s eas" to separate out one Form from another$ .ach Form and its contents acts somewhat li*e a paragraph and contains further signs within it$

Illustration 2: The Two On the Side

%he first Form we will translate begins at the base of the %ree$ %he Foot of the %ree its /oots$ %he Foot of course represents a journey while /oots represent beginnings +in the sense of the root of the problem,$ %he +tan, Form of the Legs0Feet +a long journey, ma*e up the form of the %run* of the %ree$ %he +red, compound 1%2 shaped sign was based on the straight Line for a surface and the Line the one, positioned, below it. -n the Left or eastern side of the %ree we see the %wo +light blue, signs for male-spirits. %heir Form means turnings$ %he %wo male'spirit Forms are connected together. as one.

Below the surface, In the east, The beginning, of The long journey, On the side, The turnings, of The male-spirits, The two, Together, as one. %he /ight or western side of the %ree has a Leg and Foot e(cept that this Foot has a different Angle to upper arch than the one on the Left$ %his Angle appears to be the /ightward Leaning sign for distant or far. In the west, The beginning, of The long, ourney. !ar, below

Illustration 3: Form:: Loincloth

Illustration 4: Loincloth Signs

%here is a Form of a +orange, Loincloth hanging from the waist of the Figure$

%he Form is one of a Loincloth +the co"ering, and refers to the 3ar* of the %ree$ Among the signs that are part of the Loincloth Form &e can see that the space between the Loincloth and the %run* of the %ree there is a +light green, "ertical-place sign$ %his is followed b" the Form of a Foot +a wal# or journey, positioned on the side. The +blue green, 3ig %oe is in the Form of a &ater'drop +a water-particle,$ %he Stance of the water'particle is one of heading downwards but the Angle of the Foot as /ightward Leaning means stopped. %he an*le of the Foot +the journey sign, is positioned as on the side of the Tree and between the Loincloth the co"ering, and the edge of the %ree the 3ar* of the %ree$ %he edge of the Sole of the Foot was created from %hree +the many, Small 4roo* signs indicating ta#en upwards. The co"ering, $ "ertical-place, The journey, In between, The side, and The co"ering, The water-particle, %eading downwards, &topped, The many, Ta#en upwards, %he +green, "ertical-place sign separated b" two +light green, hori'ontalplaces signs$ %he +light green, hori'ontal places, positionall" the Middle or the center. Abo#e it is +green, the "ertical-place whose sides are cur#e in the Form of the sign for arising. The hori'ontal-places The center, Between, The places, Below,

and $bo"e, The place of arising.

Illustration 5: Forms Connected to the Center

!n !llustration 5 we are able to see how the Forms cluster around the center of the composition$ %he Large +blue, 3ird in the center connects to the Legs Arm %run* +of the %ree03od", the Limbs of the %ree as well as the Mouth and .ar areas of the Figure6s Face$ )opefull" b" following these connections we will find some logical order in the resultant message$ At the center of the 4omposition is a relati#el" Large Form of a +blue, 3ird$ !t appears to be one of the larger Forms within the composition$ %he 3ird with its #er" large bill and short wings is similar to that of a %oucan$ 7erhaps the presentl" un*nown association for a %oucan had something to do with using its rather short wings to hop and fl" high among the branches of the forest$ %he 3ird Form is /ightward Leaning which indicates waiting. !n gesture signing the motion made for a 3ird and flight are the same thus a relati#el" Large single bird would indicate the great one, awaiting flight.

Illustration 6: The Flower The !looming

3ecause the Form !mager" and Gesture Signs depicted are all interloc*ed in a non'linear fashion translating into the .nglish language that uses a linear alphabet cannot be done in a direct one to one relationship$ &e can see that the 3ird Form is also related to the Form of the Figure6s Mouth as well as to the Figure6s Arm and %high$ )owe#er we can onl" translate one Form section at a time which results in a rather m"opic translation$ !n !llustration 8 we see that the !mager" is that of a Flower in 3loom$ Such imager" was used metaphoricall" to indicate a spiritual unfolding or the conclusion of the growth and de#elopment of a spirit'seed into a flower that blossoms$ The positional, center of the +pin*, Flower is -#al or .gg Shaped and an .gg represents the one that will emerge. %he 4ircle is at once both a 9umerical indicator for the number one as well as representing a location$ %he +pin*, petals of the Flower represent the :ouble Lined +hidden or unseen, in the Form of the sign for co"ered. %he +green, parts of the plant such as the 1;2 shaped Sepals +the ones turning on the sides positional, and

Stems +the <ertical rectangles +the "ertical-places, positionall" below. Also the Left and /ight in sign language indicate the directions east and west,

The one, his great flight. at The center, The flower, The blossoming, The one who will emerge, %is location, %idden, (o"ered, The one turning, on the sides, in The east and west. %he center refers to a metaphorical center or na#el of the earth$ A cosmological center of which there could be man" such as the centers of the #arious cities toda"$ Such areas became the focal points or centers of the #arious ancient cultures$ %he +"ellow, -#al +the sign for all or e"erything, )ead +its Stance the /ightward Leaning Form indicating the sign for waiting$ %he 3ird is also heading upwards, and the 3ea* +%he 3ird6s Mouth represents a source of water)$ Within, positional the -#al )"erything, Within, The one, %is location, $waiting, %is upward flight, from

The water-source,

Illustration ": The Flower The !looming

)ere is where the interloc*ing of Form and !mager" gets difficult$ &e can see the :ouble Lined hidden or unseen, Form of a Leg +a long, and Foot +wal# or journey, crossing through the surface +the Line made b" the upper Line of the 3ird6s bea*) the -#al creating a 1=2 sign$ %hus %he ."e of the 3ird is alluded to here as the 4ircular sign is superimposed o#er the area where the 3ird6s ."e would normall" be$ The )ye, the one, his location, %is long, hidden, journey on a trail of moisture. Although not e(plained in this composition %he ."e has been found through its conte(t in man" other gl"phs to refer to the )ye of the &un a metaphor for *enus. %he Lower 3ill of the 3ird is in the Form of the sign for arising and its Stance +/ightward Leaning, is one for waiting. %he >aw of the 3ird li*e a )inge the one, that opens and closes. The )ye of the &un, *enus, %is long, hidden, journey, on $ trail of moisture, The one, his location, %is unseen, (rossing through the surface,

$waiting, The one, That opens and closes, The unseen, arising. %he +red, %ongue +the one who spea#s, the spea#er, of the 3ird is in the Form of a Leg and Foot +the long journey) that was positioned as on the side. %he Foot6s Stance is downwards. %he Form of the Foot is the %riangular shape used to indicate the female'earth$ %he Leg and Foot are within the 1<2 shaped +the sign for an opening, Mouth +the water-source, of the 3ird The Speaker, i!hin, The "a!er#source, The opening, $is long journey, Do"n, The side of The ear!h#fe%ale. %he 3ird Form is connected to the Figure6s %high which is in the Form of a relati#el" Large Slug +indicating the great one, mo"ing slowly,$

Illustration #: The Slug

%he )ead of the Slug +lighter brown,is facing to the left or eastward and downward. %he +light blue, Slug6s )ead is the 1;2 shaped sign for turning$ %he 1;2 is :ouble Lined indicating hidden or unseen,$%he 1;2 is also positionall" below the #ertical'place sign$

The great one, +o"ing, slowly, )astward, ,ownward, %is %idden, Turning. Below.

Illustration $: The Cu%% and Foot

%he 4uff on the Figure6s Leg is tilted /ightward indicating waiting. %he +white, /ectangular place sign combined with the tilt indicates a waitingplace. %he upper part of the place sign fits into and alludes to the Slug6s Mouth +a water-source,$ <iewed from the side the indentation at the Slug6s Mouth is also the sign for a hole. The 4ircular +the one, his location, is positioned in the middle of the place sign or the center. %he +green, /ectangles +places, are Leftward Leaning which indicates stopped$ %he +"ellow, signs are a compound of the 4ircular sign for the one, his location, on the, positional sides. Below, positional is a Foot +a journey, that is tilted /ightward meaning waiting$ %he %oenail is a )orizontal'/ectangle indicating a horizontal'place while the bottom of the Foot is a compound of the ;ndulating mo"ement sign and the Saw'toothed water sign$ The waiting-place, The water-source, The hole, The (uff-.) The one, his location, at

The center, The stopping, /laces, The one, his location, On the sides, Below, $waiting, %is journey. The hori'ontal-place, of The mo"ing water, ;nfortunatel" we do not *now the association that was made with the 4uffs on the arms and Legs$ %heir function ma" ha#e been protecti#e and0or decorati#e$ %he right Arm +the warrior, and )and of the Figure is connected to the 3ird Form$ The great flight of the Arm -the warrior), the )and +the steward of the &un a Sun'priest,$

Illustration 1&: The 'rm The (and and the )essel

Illustration 11: The 'rm The (and and the )essel

%he 4uff on the Arm and )and is similar to the one on the Figure?s Leg$ )owe#er it is positionall" different in that it is )orizontal as opposed to being %ilted$ %here is also a subtle difference in the +"ellow, signs$ %he Form that is held in the )and is difficult to recognize$ %he onl" wa" in which the meaning of this Form could be disco#ered was b" searching all the compositions in the :resden 4ode( for similar Forms and conte(ts$ 3ut first we will finish translating the meaning of the Arm 4uff and )and$

Illustration 12: The 'rm The (and and the )essel

The great flight, of The warrior, The hole,

On the side, The %ouse, The one, his location, at The center. The stretched out places, in The upper-side, and The under-side &e will now search all the compositions in the :resden 4ode( for similar Forms and conte(ts to the one held in the Figure6s /ight )and$

Illustration 13: )essel '

<essel A is in the shape of a )ead and Face +his a**earance,$ %his earthen #essel +#essels made from the cla" of the earth, represents the earth and it waters$ %he )andles on the sides are the signs for turning unseen on the side o% the +essel,earth- %he" also allude to the orifices of the ears as holes on the left and right or the east and west o% the earth- %he alluded to ."es the one his location represent the ."e of the Sun or )enus- %he :ots represent trails o% moisture positionall" .elow- 3ecause the :ots stem from the ."es the :ots also represent tears1- %hus a trail o% tears- )ere we are reminded of the forced remo#al of the 4hero*ee to -*lahoma that the" called 1the trail of tears$2 !t helps us understand that such phrases were #er" ancient and were
1 %om*ins &illiam !ndian Sign Language :o#er publications !nc$ 9ew @or* 9@ pp'22'2A$ 4/@ +meaning tears, &ith both 1 hands at the e"es indicate that tears are flowing b" tracing their course down the face$

not limited to Bust one culture$ %he 9ose alludes to the holes of the nostrils again in the east and west$ %he relati#el" large sign o#erl"ing the nose area is the sign for great,*ain or su%%ering- The com*ounded signs indicate ta/en downwards mo+ing %ar,.elow- %he Mouth +a water,source, of the #essel is in the Form of the :ouble Lined unseen,ca+e sign that was metaphoricall" the wom. o% the %emale,earth- %he !mager" at the Mouth of the #essel is also a Mouth with %wo %eeth +the ones that .rea/ things u* possibl" an allusion to the brea*ing up of the deceased bod" within the earth$ %he /ectangular %eeth are also *lace signs thus the *laces with in the ca+e the water,source%he -#al base of the #essel indicates e+er0thing,.elow- The Foam at the 1outh o% the +essel indicates a *ath o% moisture turning in the east and west-

Illustration 14: )essel !

<essel 3 shows another #essel with a Face$ %he three 4ircles in a triangular shape indicates a %emale,s*irit$ %his is in turn is connected to the )and +a steward o% the Sun2 which is positioned at the Mouth of the #essel 3the water source2 from which the +blue green, water *ours-

Illustration 15: )essel C

<essel 4 is an upright #essel with water %lowing a.o+e and .elow it$ &e see the imager" of the Mouth at the top of the #essel %he .ars are depicted as the 1;2 shaped turning unseen in the east and west- %he Arms and )ands are on the side of the #essel$ %he Arms are composed of +ertical,*lace signs and the )ands are formed b" the turning unseen and a %umi Cnife indicating a metaphor for a /a" of the Sun a warrior- %he Boining of the )ands ma" be gesture sign for at *eace or *eace%ul *ositionall0 .elow-

Illustration 16: )essel 4

<essel : has the Form of a #essel turned upside down with water pouring from it$ !t is interesting that the allusion to the )and is actuall" depicted as a Foot$ %his shows us that despite the !mager" the" are signs that represent specific words and phrases$ Such signs can be used in une(pected places that are not tied to their Form or !mager"$ %he 3ottom of the #essel represents the Straight Line of the earth6s surface$ %he allusion to the )and the steward o% the Sun was positioned crossing through the sur%ace near the side or horizon of the earth$ As a Foot this represents the wal/ or 5ourne0 of <enus as it climbs towards the horizon$ %he Form that represents water has Fingers pointing downwards and the Form of a 3reast +a hill, that has a mo+ement sign on its side-

Illustration 1#: The 60e The 7as*

Illustration 1": )essel 6

<essel . e(hibits an upside'down container pouring its +blue green, water in the Form of a <ertical'/ectangle +a +ertical,*lace,$ %he first sign within the /ectangle is not clear but ma" represent the Saw'toothed sign for water- %he color red represents the east and the rising sun- 9e(t we ha#e a +red, 4ircle that represents o% the Sun the one his location- %he ne(t sign is in the Form of a +red, ."e$ The e0e o% the sun the two- In other words )enus located in its two positions in the east and west- !f we loo* closel" we can see two somewhat cross'e"ed e"es within the ."e Form$ !t is thought that the crossed e"es refer to the the flight of <enus as being more erratic than the other

1stars2 Din effect not fl"ing straight$ 9e(t we see the )ead or Face +his a**earance, of a &asp 3the de%ender2!nternal to the &asp Face is a Mouth +the water,source, that is in the Form of a Sitting 3ird +awaiting %light,$ %he ."e of the &asp is tilted /ightwards indicating waiting- %he Stance of the ."e is loo/ing u*wards- %he 7upil appears to be a small +)alf'4ircle or underside sign referring to the underworld- 3eneath the 7upil is a Se#ered Finger indicating here$ %hus waiting in the underworld here unseen- %he 9ose alludes to the 9ostrils as dual holes- %he 4ur#e of the 9ose forms the sign for %a*en upwards until one reaches the 1;2 shaped series of .ight :ots +an association based on the eight intersecting lines that ma*e up the asteris* li*e s*irit sign$ %he 1;2 shape is the sign for turning- %he combination indicates this is a moisture s*irit trail- !n the center of the 1;2 there is a Se#ered Finger pointing the direction hereFinall" it should be noted that the Lizard )ead6s open Mouth +a water' source, has +blue'green, water *ouring from it$ %he Form of the water is the sign for ali+e %his means the water o% li%e or the li+ing waterFrom the man" e(amples of #essels in the :resden 4ode( we can see the importance of water in the cosmolog"$ !t was considered the medium through which spirits were carried through the underworld to portals +springs pools etc, of flowing water from which the spirits made their flight to the s*" +i$e$ e#aporation,$ !t also informs us that the 4ode(6s relationship to <enus was cosmological and that <enus was considered the destination of deceased warrior priests$ %his cosmological connection between the protectors and defenders of the people made <enus an especiall" significant 1star$2 &e ha#e seen that the Form of a #essel with water pouring from it mouth could be Euite #aried$ %he Form of #essel in the %he %ree of Life composition roughl" matches the Forms discussed abo#e$ !t is also similar in its message content$

Illustration 1$: Connected Forms

!n !llustration 1F we see that the Arm and )and are connected to the Limb and Leaf of the %ree$ %his eEuates the Arm as a Limb and the Leaf as a )and$ &e ha#e seen this correspondence before in the paper titled The Ca0man: The Crust o% the 6arth-2 %here is an additional metaphor in this case$ %he lea#es of the %ree are in the Form of 3reasts that are often used to refer to the hills o% the %emale,earth- %he Lea#es in the %ree held the same function as the hills of the earth ser#ing as portals to the s*" through the means of e#aporation$ Such metaphor blurred the lines between cosmolog" and science$ .#en the social structure of the culture was interwo#en with the cosmolog" as leaders priests and warriors all were in#ol#ed in a rebirth and afterlife in this process led to the stars$ /eturning to the Figure6s 4uff we note that the +"ellow, signs abo#e and under the 4uff indicate *laces in the u**er side and in the underside- %he +green, <ertical /ectangles indicate the two +ertical,*laces together- %he )and of the Sun the steward has a %humbnail that is a hori8ontal,*lace sign$ %he Stance of the hand !mager" is one of being held2 httpG00www$scribd$com0doc08448214H0%he'4a"man'%he'4rust'of'the'.arth'A'Ma"an'4omposition

In the upper side, and The under-side, The "ertical places, The two, The steward of the &un, %is place, %eld, in The earthen-"essel, from which The water pours.

Illustration 2&: The 4ead Flower

%he )and the steward of the &un held in the +green, %hree the many &er!ical Rec!angles "ertical-places. %he +pin*, Flower the one that blossoms. %he Flower is in the Form of the standardized sign for a flower$ %he flower is positioned ;pside'down meaning dead. %he 7istil has an .gg shaped base +the o#ar", indicating the one who will emerge. !nternall" there is a 4ircle the one, his location. %he 4ircle is surrounded b" the 1;2 shaped sign for turning. %his is followed b" a +green, SEuare or house sign$ 9e(t is

the +light green, )orizontal /ectangle or hori'ontal-place sign$ %he abo#e refers to the hidden de#elopment of the seed that will e#entuall" emerge as a plant and e#entuall" flower$ %he center is the female'part of the flower and on each side is a +"ellow, 7hallus Form +the stamens, the male in the east and west. %he male sign on the reader6s left is composed of a +"ellow, Leftward leaning <ertical /ectangle indicating$ The waiting-place of the +dar* "ellow 4ur#ed malespirit sign whose Form was based on the glans penis$ -n the reader6s /ight +the west, the 7hallus is tilted to the Left indicating stopped. %his is followed b" the +dar* "ellow, male-spirit sign$ The steward of the &un the many, "ertical-places The dead one, The one that blossoms, The one who will emerge, The one, his location Turning, unseen, %is house, $ hori'ontal-place, at The center, The male in the east, The waiting-place, of the male-spirit, The male in the west, The stopping-place, of the male-spirit.

%he references to the male in the east and west are related to the mo#ement of <enus$ First arising before the Sun in the east and later arising after sundown in the west$ %he beha#ior of the spirit of the deceased is paralleled with the c"cles of <enus$ %he abo#e message tell us that the Ma"a had a good understanding of the se(ual reproduction of flowering plants and used this *nowledge in their cosmological metaphor related to life death and rebirth$ &e will now loo* at the section that concerns the +dar* brown, Limbs and Lea#es of the %ree$ 4onceptualized and alluded to as the Arms and )ands of the %ree$ &e note that one Limb is descending and the other arising. %he Form of the Limbs are in accordance with their gesture signs$ The warrior, the steward of the &un arising and descending. %he +green, Lea#es are also in the Form of 3reasts +the hills of the female'earth,$ !n a sense the Lea#es of the %ree function li*e the )ills with their Springs both pro#iding for transpiration0e#aporation of water originating from below the earth6s surface$

Illustration 21: The 1outh and 6ar

%he +pin*, Lips the edge of the Mouth the water-source. %he +pin*, signs are probabl" also &orms which would represent, the ones that ma#e the tunnels. %he %eeth the ones that brea# or chew things up. the )orizontal' /ectangle %he 4ur#ed /ectangle the place of the arising, :ouble Lined unseen, positionall" on the side. %he %umi Cnife the ra" of the Sun the warrior of the &un.

at The edge of The water source, The place that brea#s things up, The tunnel ma#ers, $rising, unseen, On the side, $ warrior of the &un,

Illustration 22: The Ser*ent

%he +light green, st"lized Small Serpent Form +the ri"ulet) alludes to the .ar and its orifice or hole on the side. %he Serpent can be di#ided in further signs$ %he lower part of the Serpent is a +tan, Se#ered Finger pointing here in the Mouth the water-source. %he upper portion of the Serpent is unclear but seems to be two male-spirit Forms connected together$ %his would mean the two male-spirits together as one. 9e(t to the Serpent are Four 4ircles the ones, their locations in the Form of the arising sign$ %he 9umber Four indicating the four directions or e"erywhere. The ri"ulet, in a %ole on the side, %ere,

at The water-source, The two, The male-spirits, Together as one, The ones, their locations, arising, )"erywhere.

Illustration 23: The 9ose The 1outh The Chin The 6ar

%he Form of the +green, 9ose +alluding to the 9ostrils the dual holes, is in the Form of a 3reast positionall" the pores of the leaf. 4onnected to it is the Form +brown, of a Large Snail meaning the great one, mo"ing slowly, positioned as on the leaf. 3elow the Snail is the Form that alludes to the ."e !t appears to be a +blue, bab" 3ird the fledgling. Also the Fledgling is in the Sitting position +the one awaiting flight,$ %he Shell of the Snail is in the Form of a 3ird6s )ead +a :uc*, the one who submerges his head beneath the water,$ %he :uc*6s head is .gg shaped meaning the one who will emerge. %he Four 4ircles abo#e the Snail Shell is in the Form of the sign for arising. %he number Four refers to the Four :irections or all o#er e"erywhere. Abo#e the 4ircles is a +blue, 3ird in the Stance of using its %ail as a brace bracing itself against the side of a tree or other obBect$

Illustration 24: !rea/down o% Forms

%he +green, 9ose of the Figure the 3reast is entirel" Form and has no internal signs$ )owe#er the 9ose does allude to the dual holes of the nostrils$ %he 3reast of the female'earth alludes to the holes or pores of the Leaf$ %he )ead of the Snail is positioned as on the side. The ,ual %oles, The pores of The 0eaf, The great one, mo"ing slowly, The one,

That submerges
%is head beneath the water, The One, Who will emerge. %he :uc*6s ."e is a 4ircle that alludes to the ."e the eye of the &un *enus, and as a sign indicates !he one, his loca!ion. %he +"ellow, :uc*6s 3ill is its Mouth a water source. !ts Form is that of a male-spirit that was based on the Form of the glans penis$$ The )ye of the &un, *enus The one, his location the male-spirit at The water source.

%he +blue, Form that alludes to the ."e of the Figure is that of a "oung 3ird a fledgling. The one that will fly. !ts Stance is one of Sitting awaiting +as the fledgling is a 3ird it also is the sign for flight,$ %he 4ircle that alludes to the :uc*6s ."e the eye of the &un, the one, his location, The !ledgling, The one awaiting flight, The eye of the &un, The one, his location, 9e(t we see the 4roo* sign that compounded with the Spiral indicates ta#en in the direction of the Spiral downward. 7ositionall" below we see two small 4ircles that indicate !he 9umber two which are together within the blac*ness or dar#ness. %he Form of a +tan, Leg and Foot indicate a long wal# or journey. Ta#en down, Below, The two together, &urrounded, by ,ar#ness, Their 0ong journey. Abo#e the Snail6s Shell we see Four small 4ircles in the Form of the 4ur#ed arising sign$ %hus the 4ircles the ones, their locations in the four directions or all o#er e"erywhere. $rising, The ones, their locations, )"erywhere.

Illustration 25: !rea/down o% the Forms

At the end of the Four 4ircles arising sign we find the Form of a +blue, 3ird posed +the 3ird6s Stance, as if supporting itself on the side of a tree using its %ail as a brace. %his 3ird Form is composed of two Legs and Feet in the Stance of Sitting on an .dge of something$ %he Leg on the Left has its outline in the Form of a cliff or edge. %his sign appears as an in#erted and upside down capital 1L$2 waiting, at the edge, of the earth their journeys.

Illustration 26: 1ore Form

%he Forms in this section +!llustration 28, are Euite difficult to interpret or e#en recognize$ &e see the #er" ob#ious Arm$ the warrior and )and the

steward that is holding a +brown, 1@2 shape that is the sign for tree or wood$ %he 1<2 part of the sign represents an opening. %his compound ma" represent a doorwa" of wood or a portal$ The opening in the tree. On the side, positional of the tree is the Form of a +light blue, &ater'drop or a particle of water. 7ositionall", below we see the +green, Form of a +green, Fish the one who swims or the swimmer$ with its wide open Mouth a water-source. %his Mouth connects with the Mouth of the Form of the 3ird$ 9e(t to the &ater'drop and abo#e the Fish is a +dar* blue, Form of a 3ird meaning flight. %he /ightward Leaning Form +waiting, of the 4ircles indicates the two their location$ From the 3ea* or Mouth of the 3ird stems a +red, 4roo* meaning ta#en or brought with the cur#ature of the line indicating the direction up to the Straight Line of the surface.

Illustration 2": The ': Color Coded

%he translation of this section+!llustration 2F, is Euestionable because the meaning of the form of the 3attle A( is not *nown$ %he Arm the )and the warrior, the steward, The +red, hole in the surface. %he +white, <ertical'/ectangle, the "ertical-place. %he 4ircle in the middle The one, his location, positionall" at the center. %he +green, )orizontal /ectangles the hori'ontal-places. %he +light blue, Sitting 3ird awaiting flight, an arising sign forms the breast of the 3ird and ends at the %humbnail of the )and Form, arising to the "ertical place, positionall", abo"e. %he

+"ellow, signs indicate "ertical-places on the sides. The opening +made b" the 1<2 shape between the %humb and !nde( Finger of the +light blue, 3ird Form. %he 3od" and %ail of the 3ird Form a 3reast +water-source, sign %he 3attle A(, +the association for the A( is un*nown but it ma" be a /eference to the Sun,$ %he +gra", 3lade of the A( might ha#e been considered a Cnife perhaps a /a" of the Sun a warrior of the &un !ts .dge is a +green,$ )orizontal /ectangle or a hori'ontal-place, positionall" abo#e$ %he base of the of the A( )andle is a +blue, %ale#spiri! sign positioned on the arising sign made b" the +blue, Sitting 3ird6s 3reast$ The warrior, the steward, The hole in the surface, The "ertical-place, *ertical-places, On the sides, The one, his location, at The center. The hori'ontal-places of $waiting, !light, The male-spirit, $rising, to The "ertical place, $bo"e.

Illustration 2#: The ;reat 7ater,dro*

%he part of the A( that holds the 3lade or Cnife is a compound Form made up of a Large &ater'drop +the great water-particle, and a +light blue, malespirit sign whose Stance is heading upwards. %he &ater'drop is positioned alongside the 3od"0%ail of the 3ird that is in the Form of a 3reast +a hill, The opening, on The 0eaf The great water-particle, the male-spirit, %eading upwards.

Illustration 2$: !reast Forms

!n the abo#e !llustration we see the se#eral 3reast Forms$ %wo allude to the Lea#es or )ands of the tree -ne alludes to the 9ostrils or holes in the Leaf and the Largest one alludes to the the position of the )air +the great growth or canopy of the tree,$ %he 3reast probabl" also refers to the great hand of the Sun the great steward of the &un$ %he one whose Face his appearance is seen positionall" below or under, the Breast. The great growth, the great canopy, The great steward of the &un, 1nder it. !n summar" we ha#e seen how the 4anop" of the %ree was metaphoricall" #iewed as a 3reast$ !n man" ancient compositions the 3reast was eEuated with a )ill of the Female'earth$ %he rationale behind this was based on the appearance of springs on hillsides which were conceptualized as portals$ Such portals were where the spirits of the deceased were ta*en up to the stars through e#aporation b" the Sun$ %he %ree of Life apparentl" was based on the same principle of water arising from the underworld through the roots of the %ree$ %he water arose under the bar* of the %ree and e(ited through the pores of the lea#es +stomata, to the s*" #ia transpiration$ %he flowering of the canop" was metaphoricall" compared to a multitude of flowers +human spirits, blooming +the multitude of the deceased e(periencing

their rebirth,$ Although not mentioned in this composition it is possible that the metaphor of flight to the s*" was e(tended to the appearance of )air li*e fibers that are windblown from the mature seedpods$ %he Ma"a li*e man" other ancient cultures li#ed close to nature$ %o be *nowledgeable about nature was a necessar" sur#i#al s*ill$ %his ingrained *nowledge was then applied through metaphor to depict their understanding of the culture6s and the indi#idual?s place in the ph"sical and cosmological world$