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1) I have 2 vendors in the same country but belonging to different company codes.

With one I get a withholding tax pop-up but not for the other and the withholding tax has to be entered manually. Master data for both vendors is exactly the same - I have treble chec ed. !he configuration is always country specific - except for "#ssigning !ax !ypes to $ompany $ode" and "#ctivating %xtended With holding !ax". &owever' one vendor wor s - the other does not. #ny clues at all to what I could have missed( #ns) 1) $hec *endor Master - +ub,ect to With holding !ax -ields It should be $hec ed 2) $hec !ax $ode #ssigned to $ompany $ode - -rom . to year #t best of my nowledge' if the configuration is same in both $omp codes' please chec these 2 things in respect to the issue mentioned here 2) I have an issue with /0 I0 clearing. !here was a 12 posted with amount 34.44 /0 posted with 12 amount and invoice posted with amount 144. !he 5uantity in 6uestion is 1. If we loo at 12 history it seems that /0 was posted after I0 71 day difference) and was posted with M841. 9ow the Invoice has been cleared in -I side but /0 I0 still shows imbalance. +ince there is no 5uantity variance M0 11 is not pic ing it up nor does -.1: wor . &ow do we go about clearing this mess( - #ny suggestions( #ns) !his should not occur for you can input the I0 before the /0. It sounds to me that after the I0 was entered' the purchase order price was changed and then the /0 was done. ;ou could try processing a ,ournal entry directly to your /0<I0 general ledger account and reference the purchase order number for the value difference and write the value off to another general ledger account. !his will correct your /0<I0 /<= only and not your purchase order detail. 20 ;ou can reverse you M841' change your purchase order price to the value of the I0 that posted to your /0<I0 clearing account and then do your M841 goods receipt again.

Statistical Key figure to a Profit Center

by elvinagres on Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:24 pm Hi all!! We are facing a problem that seems to be q ite simple b t !e " st can#t fig re o t !hy it#s happening$ %he thing is that !hen posting a statistical &ey fig re to a cost center, it is not posted to its profit

center as, ' s ppose, it sho ld be$ We !o ld need it to be posted there #ca se !e !ant to se it in a form la$ %hat is, once the statistical &ey fig re is posted to its respecti(e profit center !e !o ld be able to create a report painter sing )for e*ample+ 'ncome di(ided by that statistical &ey fig re$$$ Has anyone faced this problem before,,, %han& yo !
#ns) /oto to !$2>% :?%/' chec whether you have added the +?-s and attached to !;1% ?+ 7$ost center). ;ou can also go thro +102 7customi@ation route) +102 A $ontrolling A 1rofit $enter accounting A Master >ata A +?- A $hoose +?- 70ead the documentation attached for further information) - *en at ?ota

Integration tests
by steve2 on %h -ar 0., 2008 8:4/ pm 0or integration test before go li(e o r c stomer !ants to enter all data for month of 1ecember from legacy systems and compare 234 !ith the old systems$ ' thin& this is not integration test$ 1o yo thin& this is acceptable and if not ho! to p rs e the client to limit the scope of integration test,
#ns) 1.!hat isn"t integration test is a parallel system. #ns)2. +ooner or later customer will re6uire a full data upload to assure new model will fit current model. !hat is critical for product costing for example. +o depending on pro,ect length I mean if you are going to have more test cycles such as a %I! 7extended Integration tests) or the B#! 7Bser #cceptance test) maybe your are right is too soon to do that but if +I! is the last one your customer is right. 7#fter all' customer is always right' isn"t it( hehehe)

Q5) Implementation Starting

by anya_nanda on -on 0eb 58, 2008 /:25 pm

Hi all ' am heading an 234 implementation for my company$ ' !ant to ma&e s re that the implementing company deli(ers a fine and !ithin time and b dget sol tion$ What are the points that are s ally !ritten in contracts to a(oid delays 6 bad sol tion, 4ls gi(e me tips as to !hat all ' can ha(e as part of the contract$ 3ll s ggestions 6 'np ts !elcome$ %han&s$ anya7nanda

Re: Implementation Starting by datangosalesguy on % e 3 g 52, 2008 50:08 pm

4lease contact me directly: /85$..3$/820 art$freedman9datango$com datango 6 adding efficiencies to application roll o t, training and end ser adoption: datango offers a niq e a thoring soft!are for doc mentation de(elopment, &no!ledge transfer and in;application based performance s pport for sers of (irt ally any soft!are system )partic larly 234, 4eoplesoft 6 O<3=>?+$ 2pecifically, red cing the costs associated !ith doc mentation de(elopment, training and s pport considerably !hile sim ltaneo sly drastically increasing ser prod cti(ity$ 4lease (ie! a brief 2 min te a dio (ideo presentation at: http:66!!!$datango$com 0or e*ample@ a car man fact rer tiliAes datango for its 234 3pplication B%ra(el;managementC )boo&ing and acco nting of b siness trips+ for more than 30$000 sers !orld!ide$ %hro gh a conte*t sensiti(e, process oriented g idance datango s pports the sersD " st;in;time directly !hen operating the system )B2oft!are na(igation systemC+$ %h s the mal;operation rate is red ced by p to 80 E compared to a sit ation !itho t sing datango and the process q ality is increased accordingly$ %his leads to cost red ctions at the ser help des& and increased ser prod cti(ity thro gh B>earning by 1oingC !hich res lt in a positi(e <O' !ithin appro*imately 4 months$ 3t the same time soft!are sim lations are prod ced a tomatically in the standard mode F1emoF, F%rainingF, F%estF nd F=onc rrentF as !ell as high;q ality process doc mentations in !ord or po!er;point format, !hich can be sed as training materials for face;to;face trainings or for self; st dy$ %h s prod ction costs for these materials, and thereby e*penses for trainings and rollo ts, are red ced considerably !hile the sec rity of a s ccessf l soft!are introd ction increases at the same time$ %he niq e ob"ect recognition and re;recording technology of datango localiAes learning contents f lly a tomated in o(er 33 G lang ages, !hich significantly lo!ers the e*penses for international rollo ts$ 2ome of the benefits !e pro(ide are as follo!s: H I ic&, ine*pensi(e creation of 4rototypes H J siness 4rocess 1oc ments

H %est 2cripts H Kser adoption o )2im lation O(er(ie!s, 4ractice O(er(ie!s, 3ssessment ?*ercises, %raining -an als, 4erformance 2 pport and ongoing Lob 3ids+$ H 4ost implementation remediation )in;application help+ H O(er 33 >ang ages translated at the to ch of a b tton for easy international localiAation H -a*im m <$O$'$ )<et rn on 'n(estment+ 3ll generated in a streamlined and synchroniAed manner, effecti(ely red cing costs and increasing significantly end ser adoption and ongoing prod cti(ity$ Ho! does yo r calendar loo& for a brief introd ctory call !ith one of o r specialists, 3re there others !ithin yo r organiAation concerned !ith these iss es and sol tions, 'f so@ !o ld a conference call and perhaps online demonstration be of interest, 4lease feel free to for!ard this message to those indi(id als$$$ )-any %han&s+ Mind <egards, 3rt /85$..3$/820 datangosalesg y5 Posts: . !oined: % e 3 g 52, 2008 N:45 pm

Q") Implementing ## and $I_C%& toget'er vs seperately

by c() 5 * on 0ri Oo( 5/, 200. .:8N pm What is the impact of implementing 0'7=O and rolling o t before implementing --, Will there be re;!or& req ired, 3re there efficiencies to be gained from implementing together, O(erlapping process models, Ob"ect models, 'f so, !hat are the specific o(erlaps, %han&s! 3: by snmsee on 2at Oo( 58, 200. 8:52 pm ' &no! (ario s companies !here 0';=O !as implemented first and other mod les !ere added later$ --;4K< for instance is relati(ely easy to implement in;dependent of other mod les$ snmsee Posts: 38N0 !oined: %h -ar 0N, 200. 2:0N pm

%op by c(oges' on -on 1ec 5/, 200/ 2:2/ pm 't is al!ays better to implement 0'=O before or at the ma*$ along !ith any other mod les that impact controlling or 0inancial sheets$ %he only implication of implementing -- after 0'=O is the change in P> acco nts, secondary cost elements etc$ that may be req ired in some scenarios$

Q+) Pro,lem after restore PR- data,ase in S.P R/0

by ,rian1ma on Wed Oct 03, 200/ 4:08 am Hi, ' am a ne! ser in 234$ 'n order to reco(er the system q ic&ly once my company#s e*isting 234 ser(er do!n, ' tried to set p a testing 234 2er(er Q restore the 4<1 database from an e*isting ser(er$ J t not s ccess$ 2ymptom: 3fter restore the database and login to client 000 !ith sapR, an error message prompted$ -essage Header: 2ynta* errors =ontent: 2ynta* error in program ; F234>2-%<7O3S'P3%'OO7-O1K>?2F in incl de ; F>2-%<7O3S'P3%'OO7-O1K>?2K03F in line ; F5N8F >ast changed by ; F234F 3 thor ; F234F ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; F$$$F is not e*pected$ When ' clic& Ftic&F or FcrossF, it !ill go to the a blan& page$ When ' inp t other t;code )e$g$ s im, s 05+, seems it r n normally and let me go to the related page, b t !hen ' clic& its s b;item, same error appears again and ' cannot se this t;code completely$ ' also ha(e tried 2-25$ When ' inp t 2-25, a !arning message appears$ -essage title: FWarn ngF -essage =ontent: F%his instance !as entered in %2>?4F %hen, ' clic& F=ontin eF$ 't !ill sho! the log normally$ 'n the log report, there are 3 error logs$ )I0', I0- Q <0K+ 0rom the logging time, I0' and I0- occ red after 234 ne!ly set p$ 3nd <0K occ red after the database restored$ 'n order to login client /// !ith o r ser acco nt )!hich restored from the e*isting database+, ' apply the temporary license &ey$ When ' login to the client /// !ith o r ser acco nt, an error message appeared, !hich is as same as sapR login to client 000$ %he symptom is as same as

sing sapR to login in client000, b t i can se some restored ser acco nt to login client///$ %herefore, ' belie(e the database sho ld be restored s ccessf l, b t missing some modification6config ration$ 3nyone can help me, -y set p proced re: 5$ 'nstall 234, it !or&ed and ' can ta&e some tas& !ith sing sapR 2$ <estore database )-2 2I> 2000+ from a ba& file$ 3$ < n sql statement in 2I> 3nalyAer: use master EXEC sp_addlogin 'prd', passwd, PRD go use PRD EXEC sp_change_users_login 'Update_One','prd','prd' EXEC sp_grantdbaccess 'prd' EXEC sp_addrolemember 'db_owner', 'prd' go use master EXEC sp_grantdbaccess 'prd' EXEC sp_addrolemember 'db_owner', 'prd' go use msdb EXEC sp_grantdbaccess 'prd' EXEC sp_addrolemember 'db_owner', 'prd' go use model EXEC sp_grantdbaccess 'prd' EXEC sp_addrolemember 'db_owner', 'prd' go use tempdb EXEC sp_grantdbaccess 'prd' EXEC sp_addrolemember 'db_owner', 'prd' go use master grant all on xp_cmdshell to prd go EXEC sp_addsr rolemember 'prd', 'ser eradmin' EXEC sp_addsr rolemember 'prd', 'dbcreator' EXEC sp_addsr rolemember 'prd', 'bul!admin' go

EXEC xp_s"lagent_prox#_account '$E%', '$&P%E$%', '$&P'ssXPUser', ('Cc)*+,-.' go EXEC sp_grantlogin '$&P%E$%/prdadm' EXEC sp_grantlogin '$&P%E$%/$&P$er icePRD' EXEC sp_de0aultdb '$&P%E$%/prdadm','PRD' EXEC sp_de0aultdb '$&P%E$%/$&P$er icePRD','PRD' go EXEC sp_addsr rolemember '$&P%E$%/prdadm', 's#sadmin' EXEC sp_addsr rolemember '$&P%E$%/$&P$er icePRD', 's#sadmin' go 4$ <eset pass!ord of sapR to FpassF 8$ 2et its '4 Q hostname in the host file -y 234 system info: 234 <63 ?nterprise Windo!s 2er(er2003 2td (ersion -2 2I> 2000 244 )release: 8$00$2040T+

Q2) S.P:S3% 4System 3andscape %ptimi5ation) 6 P#/PP7PI

by gaco8d on % e -ar 2/, 200/ 5:3N am Hi 0ol&s, We are in the early stages of is embar&ing on a pro"ect to amalgamate 8 4rod ction 0'6>O instances of 234 and are considering sing the 2ystem >andscape Optimisation gro p from 234 to do some of the !or&$ ' ha(e started researching the capabilities of this ser(ice sing the ser(ice mar&etplace b t it is pretty light on for details and seems to only concentrate on 0' and to a limited e*tent, -- so ' am fairly comfortable !ith these mod les$ %he rest of the doc mentation is mar&eting material and of (ery little (al e and none of it co(ers 4-, 44;4', 21 or I-$ 1oes anyone ha(e any e*perience in !or&ing !ith this gro p aro nd these mod les or can someone please point me in the direction of some additional reference material on this 234 2er(ice$

' had raised this q estion in the basis for m b t didn#tget too many nibbles$ ' apologise if ' ha(e breached the d plicate posting r les by doing this$ %han& yo
#ns) &i >amo' I have also done some research on this. !he +=2 team can merge clients together without loosing any history. !hey will first do a chec on the conflicts and will provide you with a transaction so that you can also 7re) chec yourself. !hey will analyse conflicts both for customi@ing 7e.g. same order type has different settings in the different source clients) as well as master data 7e.g. same customer number' but different descriptions)' and also number ranges. ;ou then have to either solve these conflicts yourself' or provide the +=2 team with mapping rules. !hey will then implement these mapping rules when merging the clients 7e.g. all orders with order type C20C from source client will be mapped to D201 in the target client). !he whole merge can be done in a wee end. 2bviously this is all a complex operation 7dependent on the number of conflicts) and it is also consuming a lot of time on consultancy side. We haven"t decided yet if we are going to do it. We are struggling a bit on the costs and the consultancy efforts. Merging the clients without history is a lot easier and CcleanerC' but the business prefers the history... &ow did you proceed after all ( &ey &erman We are still waiting to get the final go ahead for the pro,ect and haven"t done any more than what you have by the sounds of things. I agree with you however on the fact that there seems to be a lot of money going to +#1 to have this service in place but there is very little in the way of tools or processes to help you correct the duplications and the omissions and I suspect that this will greatly impact on our data cleansing<conversion effort. My best guess at this point is probably by a factor of : for every additional client that we want to merge in. !he big and fiddly stuff li e vendors and materials will have considerable duplication for us and this will ta e a long time to correct. !han s for your response.

Q *) Implement Payment Card )/o Sby )oolies on Wed -ay 24, 200. 55:5N pm

Hi, 's it possible to 'mplement 4ayment =ard feat re for c stomer payments !itho t the 21 mod le , 3ny process s ggesstions, %&s n rgds
#) &ello' ;es' this is possible' but you will have to implement a third party product' li e Ei1ay from 1aymetric. !o learn more about this you can probably contract %ric 8ushman of 1aymetric. I have attend a Webinar of 1aymetric and was surprised to see' that with their product you would be able to process payments on customer invoices' that are being paid by credit card. !rust this helps. 0egards' Fan 1el 8) FW' #s Fan mentions above 7than s for the recognition FanG) it is possible' using third-party provided +#1 functionality' to clear open receivables with a credit card directly in -I. +#1 also provides a product called 8iller >irect which is part of -+$M that allows you to host a web portal where customers can view open invoices and ma e payments via credit cards. We"ve also had some customers choose to import invoices into +#1 that have already had a credit card charge applied and then the settlement ta es place in +#1. What scenario are you loo ing to perform specifically(

Q ) -ocumentation mangagement in I#9

by .nil Kumar Palle on %h 0eb 0N, 200. 8:24 am
&i' I and my team use transaction $*4:9 in +#1 0<: H.Ic to view<upload<change functional<technical documents. 8ut as a part of security policy in my company they have removed modification authori@ation to all the employees to $ drive. from then we are facing problems to view any documents from +#1. %very time when we are trying to view a document' internally the system is trying to create a temporary document in $ drive it is failing since there is no modification access to the drive. Is there a way available to use so that the we can tell to the +#1 system to use some other drive for example > drive to be customi@ed using IM/ settings. !he company networ s personnel have refused to give modify access to $ drive' as it will violate security policy. search this forum with eyword +#1W20?>I0