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What is the difference between updated project and end to end project. explain Answer1: Some organisations select to implement SAP module by module, thus gets updated as per their con enience ! schedule. "his is called as updated project. Some organisations simply plan all integrated functional modules and decide to go#li e with all functional modules and ta$e their entire operations on SAP. "his is called as %nd to %nd SAP implementation project. Answer&: 'pgrade Project is a project where in SAP is already in place and it is the ersion upgrade from a lower end to a higher ersion. %nd to %nd project is a project where SAP is implemented for the first time. What is anking or!er in automatic pa"ment program # (ts the priority assigned to each house ban$ which helps Automatic Payment program choose the house ban$ for payment in case there are more than one ban$ satisfying the payment program. (f a payment program ends up selecting more than one)say *+ ban$ for payment, the ran$ing of the ban$s helps it select one ban$ from the list of )say *+ selected ban$s. What is S$P $P%# Answer1: SAP AP, stands for Ad anced Planner and ,ptimi-er, which is one area of S./ and application component of /ySAP product. (ts is designed to pro ide solutions for companies in 0emand planning, networ$ design, supply networ$ planning, production planning and global a ailable to promise, transportation and scheduling. Answer&: Prior to S./*.1 )#AP,2.1+ AP, was a system, now from S./*.1 AP, is a function of S./ not a system as S./ now includes %.3 and ./ What are the support tickets given in S$P fico mo!ule# please give some e&amples. Support tic$ets are basically the problems that arise in day to day usage of SAP. So any sap fico consultant who is resol ing the day to day production issues is actually supporting the tic$ets. 'ow is bank reconciliation han!le! in S$P# "he following are the steps for 45S: 1. .reate 4an$ /aster 0ata # "his can be created through "..ode 6(11 or you can also create the house ban$ through (/7!6A!4an$ accounting!4an$ account

&. 0efine 3ouse 4an$ 2. Set up 4an$ selection payment programe# (/7!6A!A5AP!4"!A'",(P!P/!4an$ selection for payment prg. a. setup all co codes for payment transaction # .ustomer and endors b.setup paying co codes for payment transactions c.setup payment method per country d.setup payment method per co code for payment transaction e.setup ban$ determination for payment transaction Please go for .he8ue mangement using " code 6.3( )(/7!6A!A5AP!4"!,P!Auto,p!Payment/edia!.hec$/anagement+ and for oid reasons 6.39. :ou can create 4an$ 5econcilliation statement by ". 66;< )SAP!A.!"reasury!.ash/anagement!(ncomings!/anual4an$Statement+ . 0on=t forget to $eep the opening 4alance as -ero. 'se 64%A for post process. All the steps together will lead to )66;<+ 4an$ reconciliation statement. 'ow !o "ou configure electronic bank statement# Answer1: 6ollowing is the se8uence of configuration to be done for %lectronis 4an$ Statment)%4S+: 1. create "ranaction types) which helps you group all the house ba$s with same %xternal transaction code+. &. assign them to house ban$s. 2 create and define posting rule $eys . * assign them to external transaction codes. external transaction codes are ban$ specific codes for buisness tranactions) which it issues in each %4S+ each one for each type of payment. eg. transfer order, foreign transfer,bill of exchange etc. > define posting specification for 7!? posting as well as subledger posting ;. define account symbols)which determines the 7!? account to be posted to+ and assign them to posting $eys. Answer&: 1. .reate account symbols &. .reate gl accounts ans assign t account symbols 2. .reate posting $eys: *. Posting rules >. Assing external transactions 'ow !o "ou configure manual bank statement# configuration is re8uired during electronic ban$ statment not in mannual ban$ stament. (n mannual ban$ statment you just ha e to enter the data on screen and sa e it. What is !unning# 0unning is actually the process by which you @billA or @in oiceA a customer for past due items. With regards bad .hec$s for example dunning procedure could follow these steps:

B Step 1: Phone call to customer on receipt of bad chec$ C at this stage, perform the journal posting outlined in section on 5eturned .hec$s B Step &: ?etter to customer )D11 days+ B Step 2: ?etter to ., )D< days+ B Step *: ?egal letter to customer )E 0012F+ )D12 days+ B Step >: (ssue 0012F )D11 days+ B Step ;: 6ollow#up on 0012F )dispersing officer+ )D*> days+ B Step <: Write#off )after ; months+ Steps &#; abo e will be handled by dunning le els in SAP. .onfiguration before dunning can be carried out 1. 0efining 0unning Area &. 0efine 0unning Geys 2. 0efine 0unning 4loc$ 5easons *. 0unning Procedure B 0efine 0unning Procedure )". .ode C 64/P+, "o set up a 0unning Procedure, the following must be specified: number of 0unning ?e els )1#F+ 0unning "exts, Standard "ext can also be included in the 0unning "exts. 0unning Procedure major parameters: 0unning (nter al, Humber of 0unning ?e els, 7race Period >. Assign 0unning Procedure to .ustomer ! 9endors Accounts )". .ode C I01&+ ;. 0efine .orrespondence "ypes )". .ode C ,4<<+ <. Assign .ompany .odes to .orrespondence company .odes J. Assign Programs for .orrespondence "ypes ),4<J+ F. 0unning 5un: "ransaction .ode: 61>1 /enu Path: accounting K financial accounting K accounts recei able K periodic processing K dunning. Hote: Whene er you schedule more than one dunning run a day, the @(dentificationA number must change. :ou may run se eral dunning runs on the same date but the @(dentificationA name must be different as well as certain parameters such as the @0unning 0ateA and @0ocuments Posted up toA date. What is the !ifference between profit center accounting an! Profitabilit" anal"sis # profit center accounting is basicaly done for internal controlling purposes. (t lets you determine the profit and loss using the cost of sale approach or period accounting approach. 3ere you can find the profit from an @area of reponsibility or psersonA point of iew.this is accound based costing Whereas in Profitability analysis, mar$et segments based on product , cutomer,order aor any comobination of these are studied to find wots the profit. PA pro ides information to the mar$eting,sales and planning department so that they can ma$e decisions. PA has two forms account based and ., based. both these are tools for profit management, and both are alternati e. "hey are not same. What are the manufacturing cost of a pro!ucting # /aterail cost D Productions cost L /anufacturing cost What is the !ifference between stock transfer between two plants belongs to same compan" co!e an! to that of !ifferent compan" co!e#

(n 1st case it is called as intra company stoc$ transfer and the &nd case is inter company stoc$ transfer Stoc$ "ransfer between plants of same company code only includes in entory mo ement without any pricing and so called Stoc$ "ransfer ,rder where Stoc$ "ransfer between plants of different company code is same as a purchase order as along with the in entory there is also accounts transfer )pricing+ in ol ed.

(onfiguration in $sset $ccounting

)hese are the steps that "ou nee! to !o to create $sset $ccounting: (op" eference (hart of *epreciation/ *epreciation $reas /enu Path is: (/7K 6inanacial AccountingK Asset AccountingK ,rgani-ation StructuresK .opy 5eference .hart ,f 0epreciation! 0epreciation Areas, # 0ouble clic$ on .opy 5eference .hart ,f 0epreciation # .lic$ on .opy (con and update it from ,0% to your .hart ,f 0epreciation and change the description too. $ssign +nput ta& +n!icator for ,on-)a&able $c-uisitions: (/7K 6inanacial AccountingK Asset AccountingK (ntegrate With the 7eneral ?edgerK Assign (nput "ax (ndicator for Hon#"axable Ac8uisition # Sa e this. $ssign (hart of *eprecaition to "our (ompan" (o!e : (f .o .ode is not properly 0one then it will gi e Problems but still sa e it. Specif" $ccount *etermination: (/7K 6inanacial AccountingK Asset AccountingK ,rgani-ation StructuresKAsset .lassesK Specify Account 0etermination # /a$e the 7? Accounts for this and those 7? accounts to be specified here, %xample for ?and, 4uilding, Plant M /achinery, 9ehicles And Asset 'nder .onstruction then again # Sa e it. (reate Screen .a"out ules: (/7K 6inanacial AccountingK Asset AccountingK ,rgani-ation StructuresKAsset .lassesK .reate Screen ?ayout 5ules: # 3ere we copy the screen ?ayouts from the standard .o .ode 1111 We will copy for each Asset .lass li$e ?and, 4uilding, Plant M /achinery, 9ehicles And Asset 'nder .onstruction, # How sa e it again. *efine ,umber ange +nterval: (/7K 6inanacial AccountingK Asset AccountingK ,rgani-ation StructuresKAsset .lassesK 0efine Humber 5ange (nter als # .lic$ ,n (nter als # .lic$ ,n (nter al and update the following:

# 6or all the 6i e Asset .lasses #Sa e (t. ,ow *efine the $sset (lasses: (/7K 6inanacial AccountingK Asset AccountingK ,rgani-ation StructuresKAsset .lassesK 0efine Asset .lasses # .lic$ on Hew %ntries and fillout the Page in the blan$ space where Asset .lass is gi en gi e the Asset .lass 7? number and in 0escription gi e the name in long and short form, # 7o to next le el and gi e the Screen layout 5ule number # 7i e the number ranges 11 and in Status ,f Au. clic$ the first 5adio button: Ho Auc ,r Summary /anagement of Auc and in 3istory Status clic$ /anage 3istorically and sa e it. # ?i$ewise .reate for 4uilding, Plant M /achinery and 9ehicles and in case of Asset under .onstruction 'pdate in Status of # Auc the second 5adio 4utton: ?ine (tem Settlement and # Sa e it now. +ntegrate with /eneral .e!ger: (/7K 6inancial AccountingK Asset AccountingK (ntegration with the 7eneral ?egderK 0efine how 0epreciation Areas Post to 7eneral ?edger and then Assign the 7eneral ?edger Accounts (/7K 6inancial AccountingK Asset AccountingK (ntegration with the 7eneral ?egderK Assign 7!? Accounts and then Specify 0ocument "ype A6 and specify inter als 1 /onthly 2 Nuaterly Posting ; Semi# Annually 1& Annually. )ips b" : Saleem

SAP Product Costing deals with Plan Costing + Actual Costing of Finish products or Services. CO comprises Product Costing + cost accounting integrated with FI. It uses Integrated Cost Accounting. Product costing also has 2 phases depending on the Mfg Scenarios. If ou are a normal mfg comp! ma"ing goods to stoc" # sale! ou have to first do planning of the costs of products initilall as a S$% COS$ of a product. $his is used in man phases in SAP CO acounting. In simple terms! ou cost a product & different methods depending on different 'IF( C)C'( phases of product. $hese are %evelopment of new product. *rowth stage & modif ing it. Mature stage +mass prod,. %ecline -etirement of that product from Mfg+M"tng, $he whole CO process starts with this P'A..(% costs of products # ends with totalling the S$% Costs for Actual Production. $his is a simple Std cost Accounting s stem! in which the end result is calculating /ariance &et Planned # Actual # anal sing those for further corrective actions. Product costing is well integrated to FI! &ut onl where overhead cost accounting is used. Otherwise normall it

used onl for settlement. All these actual costs of Prod are finall settled0offset to FI or Profita&ilit segments. SAP CO is a ver vast # complicated module of all. It needs deep understanding of the su&1ect. $his give ou an overview glimpse of SAP CO.

SAP Product Costing # Material 'edger Configuration

2Product Cost Planning2 %etailed configuration of overhead "e s!costing sheets! overhead groups and Complete Cost Component Structure 2Material Cost (stimates 2 In depth configuration and anal sis of the Costing /ariants including /aluation variant!$ransfer Strateg and Costing $ pes 2Special Features of Cross Compan Costing 2Complete Cost O&1ect Controlling Configuration across various industries including -epetitive Manufacturing 2Complete Integration with Production Planning on %efault Order t pes! parameter chec"s 23or" in Progress Configuration2 Calculation of -esults Anal sis "e s! /aluation Method and Assignments. 2%etailed /ariance Calculation configuration and setting up of /ariance "e s 2Setting up the Settlement Profile! Allocation and Source Structure including the comple4 PA $ransfer Structure 2%etailed configuration for Sales Order Costing 2 Ma"e $o Order+An a&solute steal, 2%etailed configuration for Ma"e to Stoc" + An a&solute steal, 2%etailed configuration of Material 'edger + A real value add,