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R S Consultancy is a solution providing company and we are into providing of total automation for various segments.

We are mainly into providing of the following solutions.

1.Energy Monitoring and Management 2.Compression Testing Machine with Software 3.Automatic Weather Station 4.Biometric 5.Data Acquisition 6.Visitor Management And Many more

These machines are used to test the particular compressive strength and specimen of concrete cubes or cylinders by applying load through CTM.
1.Dig. CTM 2. Dig. Display 3.Pr.Transducer

Loading accuracy as high as + 1%. Straining at variable speeds to suit a wide range of materials. Continuous roll autographic recorder supplied as standard to enable study of the behaviors of materials. High reading accuracy due to large size and design of dial.

Compression Testing Machine is designed to test materials and other materials under compression, bending, transverse and shear loads. Hardness test on metals can also be conducted.

1. To produce best quality of Product. 2. To increase productivity. 3. To know the compressive strength of Cube. 4. We can show the collected data through Software.


Testing windows application is developed to:

1.Acquire the maximum limit of pressure a sample of product can tolerate. 2.Save the data along with the sample details into the database. 3.Get report of some selected samples. 4.`Take back up of the record whenever needed.

Ordinary Port Land Cement

Period-> It is the number of days before which the sample has been manufactured. Once you select the day the Sample Date is set to the manufactured date automatically. For example , If you select 3 in Period then Selected Date will be set to 3 days before todays date. Default is 1. Unit-> You can select the unit of the sample between 1 to 10. Default is 1. Sample Date-> You cannot select it as it will be automatically set to the date of manufacturing of the sample when Period is selected. Default is <1 day before the current date as Period is set to 1 by default> Stage-> You can select the stage of the sample between Grinding & Loading. Default is Grinding. Sample Type-> You can select the Type of the sample between OPC or PPC or CLINKER. Default is OPC.

PPC means Precast Prestressed concrete. OPC means Ordinary Portland Cement. Clinker: In the manufacture of Portland cement, clinker is lumps or nodules, usually 325 mm in diameter, produced by sintering limestone and alumino-silicate (clay) during the cement kiln stage.