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Who We Are
We Innovic India Pvt. Ltd. like to introduce ourselves as the company providing Hands on Practical Training cum Placement Program in Advanced Industrial & Process Automation and Embedded Systems. Innovic India has rich experience in providing Industrial Training/Workshops and Core Industry Placement.

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Our Group Companies

NaukriZone Management Services

Rankers Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Innovic India Pvt. Ltd.


Our Services

Industrial Trainings

Placement Services

Legal Services

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Industrial Automation Training Panel Designing Instrumentation CAD/CAM/CAE Embedded Systems

Head Hunting Mass Recruitments Campus Recruitments Reference Checks

Investment Advice Executive Contract Agreements Corporate Resolution & Incorporation Agreements Crime, Family Law, Court Trials, Civil Courts


Our Services

Event Management

Staffing Solutions

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Government Sector Staffing Corporate Events Private Sector Staffing Convention/Exhibitions Temporary & Permanent Staffing Corporate Parties/ Brand Promotions Trade Shows & Management Workshops & Seminars


Industries we Serve

Metals and Minerals Food and Beverages Pulp and Paper Power Water Material Handling

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Chemical plants Oil and Gas Metallurgical process plants etc


Control Room with Hard Panel Controls

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Control Room with DCS Controls


Innovic India Pvt. Ltd.

Introduces A Career Transformation Course on Innovative Industrial Automation for the development of Technical Skills of Trainees.
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Innovic India Pvt. Ltd.

We would like to Introduce ourselves as the leading company in India providing Hands on Practical Training cum Placement Program in Advanced Industrial & Process Automation. Innovic is going to bridge the gap between your Engineering studies and Core Industries job, it should be more Practical with all Advanced and Updated Automation products i.e. PLC, DCS, SCADA/HMI, INSTRUMENTATION, VFD,COMMUNICATION,PROJECT MANAGEMENT. In Innovic each candidate will be exposed to the World Class Practical Training in Industrial & Process Automation. Innovic provides a comprehensive educational environment to individuals and enterprises, offering training i.e., customized to the various needs of the audiences with diverse backgrounds.

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Industrial Automation
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PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) DCS (Distributed Control Systems) SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ) Instrumentation & Analytical(Liquid + Gas ) Drives (AC & DC ) Communication (Fieldbuses,Profibus,Modbus etc.) Project Management Soft Skill Domain Knowledge Industry Exposure Latest Automation Technologies



PLC: Stands for Programmable Logic Controller, it is microprocessor based hardware controller which is an interface between field inputs and field outputs

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Program & Hardware Configuration in PLC

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A Distributed Control System integrates the PLCs and process controllers of a process line into a coordinated, interactive system. Enables you to manage the process as a complete system

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Honeywell DCS C -300 and C-200E


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DCS Architecture



SCADA: It stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, it is responsible to control the whole plant at supervisory level, it collects the data from RTUs then monitoring of data takes place.

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General SCADA Architecture


Automation Technology Division - 18

Coal Crusher Process


Automation Technology Division - 19

Boiler Process



An electric drive is an electromechanical system that employs an electric motor as the prime mover to control the motion, direction and processes of different machines and mechanisms.

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Drives In Process Industry


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Drives Application



Instrumentation is an art of measuring the value of some Plant Parameter i.e. pressure, flow, level, or temperature etc and supplying a signal that is measured Parameter. The output signals are standard signals and that can be processed by the other equipments to provide Indication, alarm and automatic control Therefore, Instrumentation can be categorized into four major parts: Pressure Measurement Temperature Measurement Flowmeter by Emmerson Flow Measurement Level Measurement
ST300 Pressure Transmitter by Honeywell

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High Temperature Thermocouple Orifice plate as flow measuring device



Fieldbus is a digital communication bus line connecting the field instruments with the control system components. Profibus is a vendor-independent, open fieldbus standard for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, and process automation. Modbus is an open data communication protocol.
Area Controller

Factory Level
Bus Cycle Time < 1000 ms

MMS, TCP/IP Backbone

Modbus Client (Master) SCADA HMI

Cell Level



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Bus Cycle Time < 100 ms

Modbus Device (Slave) Modbus Device (Slave)

Profibus-DP Field Device Profibus-PA Transmitter Field Device

Field Level
Bus Cycle Time < 10 ms





Skillset of Engineering Students

According to NASSCOM-McKinsey report on Indias Employability Gap which had brought out the fact that out of every 4 engineering graduates only 1 is employable.
Indian IT firms reject 90 percent of college graduates and 75 percent of engineers who apply for jobs because they are not good enough to be trained, according to Nasscom. India produces around 750,000 engineers every year. Of these, almost 40 per cent who scout for a job for almost a year, while around 22 per cent take almost two years before bagging a job, according to HR firms

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Bridging the gap

Unemployability is today a greater issue than unemployment. As APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India said, "It is not unemployment that is the major problem; it is the question of unemployability that is the major crisis in this competitive arena The situation is grave, but it can be addressed through well planned approach . We have developed a Smart Employability Program, that has an objective to enhance the employability skills of the students.

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Industry ready Manpower

The Key challenge in today's Industrial Automation sector is the demand and supply imbalance of quality manpower.

The buzzword in the recruitment circle today is "Industry Ready Manpower". At INNOVIC, our focus is on creating Industry Ready Manpower in Industrial Control and Automation space.
INNOVIC provides a 360 exposure to our students which cover all aspects of industrial automation, project management and soft skills. Our Experience Based Learning Solutions considers the student to be the focal point of the programme and ensures that one learns in an industry oriented environment where the knowledge of industrial control systems can be applied in various industrial processes and applications.

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INNOVIC for you

Innovic Training on Innovative Process Automation and Embedded Technology will help you to take your passion and turn it into a very rewarding and successful future. Life Transformation-Fulfilling the Dreams for your life. We will change your thoughts and you change your world.

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Why Train with Us

Hands-on Practical Training on various Automation Systems and Embedded Technology of Various Brands/Make.
Quality tailored programs are available in an ever increasing range of subjects, as technology develops, so do our courses. Each course is aimed at the level of the students concerned; we cater for the complete spectrum of personnel.

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Our methodology is based on building skills, confidence and effective communication.

Training would be deliver by Industrial experienced and qualified engineers.


One single reason

We have infinite reasons to justify that we will take your career to sky and if you have one for not joining ,do come to us and we will explain further and satisfy you.

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Comprehensive Certification Course for Career Building

2nd year Student- Students who shall take the course for all the Three Years

A Comprehensive Program for 2nd Year Students on emerging technologies in Automation and Embedded Technology, understand and implement for getting integrated into the core of business, thus bridging the gap between institution and industry

3rd year Student - Students who shall take the course for 3rd and 4th Year.

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The Course is designed to train a student from the basics of Automation Engineering & Embedded Systems and to make him Industry Ready. The course is primarily focused on third year students and shall continue for 4th Year as well. The course covers Embedded Systems, PLC, Drives (AC), HMI/SCADA, Automation Engineering and Soft Skills. The course also includes mandatory Project Work including involvement in live projects


Comprehensive Certification Course for Career Building

4th year Student- Special Job Oriented Program for 4th year Students This training has been specifically designed for final year degree students keen on enhancing their career opportunities and upgrading their knowledge in the field. Conducted by the Industry Experts and Consultants at your College, this course will introduce you to latest industry trends, and equip you with Knowledge tools relevant to Embedded Systems as well as Control and Automation industry.
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Who Should Attend

For Students (2nd ,3rd ,4th year) of:

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Electrical Engineering Electronics Engineering

Instrumentation & Control Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Or Any Other Branch Related to above branches


Serve For Industry

Automation Engineer Operations Managers Operators & Control Room Personnel Metallurgists Production Engineers

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Process Engineers
Plant Engineers Electrical & Instrumentation Technicians

Maintenance Engineers & Supervisors

Process Control Engineers & Technicians


Placement Opportunities

Innovic will ensure minimum 4-5 placement opportunities for all the students who will undergo comprehensive Training Modules. Placements will be in Core Industry.

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Our Major Clients


Join Hands with INNOVIC

And choose the path to success now

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