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Marketing Plan

I. Marketing Strategy Heavenly Escape Salon and Spa aims to be the premier spa/salon in Tomas Morato area. Through a unique combination of offered services and products, they will quickly gain market share.Heavenly Escape Salon and Spa will provide customers with a relaxing, rejuvenating atmosphere where all of their mind and body needs can be met. The business will be set up as a partnership with Danica John Agregado, Rhoan Aguilar, Mc.Darell Janoras and Daryl Montalbo owning equal portions of the operation. I.1 Products and Services Heavenly Escape Salon and Spa offers a wide variety of mind and body healing services and products. The salon aspect of the business will provide both males and females with any type of hair styling services. The spa business is devoted to providing holistic methods of massage, body work and energy work. This is all done in a relaxing, Serene setting. II. Positioning Heavenly Escape is a salon and spa where you can experience total make over or body healing while being entertained. At Heavenly Escape you will feel that you are at a different dimension because of its dynamic music matching its ambiance. Heavenly Escape edge is their unique combination of service and customer-centric focus. Aside of our lively place, we have a cinema house and a game station where you or your accompany can watch or play games while availing our services. The goal of Heavenly Escape is to become a major competitor of all the salon and spa in Tomas Morato area. Both the extraordinary services and location has been detailed previously. It has set out since its inception to provide quality, dependable services. Heavenly Escape Salon and Spa has an innovative training program that is extensive in its depth, properly training employees to provide an unprecedented level of customer service. All customers will leave Heavenly Escape Salon and Spa with a feeling that their needs were met well beyond any expectations that they previously had and far better than any competitor.

III. Point Differentiation Heavenly Escape Salon and Spa will become a popular destination for wellness and relaxation. It immediately distinguished itself as a premier hub of wellness offering

innovative treatments, advanced therapies, and breakthrough procedures. We also have an entertainment room which can be use while availing our services and a selfie booth where you and your friends can take photos and share it through Facebook or Instagram. And for our loyal clients, we will give them a loyalty cards where they can gain points through availing our services and use this points to redeem service awards. Heavenly Escape Salon and Spa is not just about make-over and body healing, we also want to bring fun and excitement to our customers. Our employees will make sure that you will enjoy your stay at Heavenly Escape Salon and Spa, they do entertaining stuffs like dance numbers or flash mobs.

IV. Pricings The final pricing of Heavenly Escape Salon and Salon and Spa depends on the positioning of the product. The major dynamic pricing strategy that the business would like to adopt is known as the Price-quality relationship where the product provides its consumers with high quality which thus enables the company to impose moderately high prices to be able to gain more profit and penetrate the market. The proponents have come up with those prices for their products by using the cost plus strategy. First, they determine how much is the cost of the services and how much is lowest possible price it can be set. The researchers have also used the penetration pricing strategy in order for them to penetrate the market and compete with its reigning competitors.

V. Promotion Mix and Public Relation Here are some of the marketing strategies and tools to be used by proponents in promoting its merchandise and their other offerings to the customers: 1. Distribution of leaflets/handouts This marketing strategy is effective in attracting and encouraging potential customers in the individual level. Included in this tool is the company logo, the products/merchandise sold, and the promos being offered by the enterprise to attract potential customer. These leaflets/handouts would be distributed to shoppers within the vicinity of Tomas Morato. With this strategy, potential customers are given first-hand information regarding the enterprise.

2. Word-of-mouth Customers of the enterprise are given informal talks and conversations upon availing the business services or even upon setting their appointments. They would be encouraged to try and avail our services and promote the enterprise with their relatives, friends, and neighbors. This would give them the feel that the business is not just about beauty and wellness spa; it is also about sharing and good customer relations, a feeling of relaxation and comfort at the same time this would promote the enterprise on a more expanded level. 3. Social Media In this new world of technology where anyone have the access to the internet, and almost everyone has their own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, We agreed upon to advertise their products through the use of social media which they believe can be an effective way of promoting their product. We also condsider Since the main target market of the proposed business are the youth and the young professionals, this type of promotion/advertising can be the most effective and efficient way of promoting their product for creating accounts on social medias is free of charge. Moreover, the target market of the proposed business are those who spend most of their time in posting pictures, liking photos and are the most active in these social networking sites, this type of advertisement would definitely be the best way to advertise the products/ t-shirts. There are few social networking sites that Heavenly escape salon and spa is registered or is a member of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Through these social medias, the customers can easily view the different customers who had different serivice provided by Heavenly escape salon and spa, We will include a Selfie booth where in the customers could feel free to take pictures and post or tag it to our FB account. And it is a perfect place to ask questions and to set an appointment. The most important goal of the enterprise is to penetrate the target market. Thats why special discounts, free gift items/giveaways and other special promos are some

of the strategies of the enterprise to attract potential and frequent customers. These are some of the following promotions: a. The loyal customers will be given a Loyalty Card where they can earn points through availing our services that we offer and redeem the points to their choice of award. b. On the first operation day, customers are given free gifts items for every single availed services for Php 1000 c. The business would propose sponsorships for various pageants (e.g. by letting the candidates experience the selected services like hair treatments and body massages). This would increase sales and further expand the business to various organizations and this, result in exposure of the enterprise.

VI. Sales Process A sales process is a systematic, repeated series of steps that map out and track interaction with prospects from their first point of engagement with your business through to a close. Lead Generation Sales representative use lead bait and other outbound tools and techniques to identify decision makers who meet the buyer persona. Qualify Leads Sales representative and prospects decide if theyre a good fit. In particular, theyll want ti assess criteria such as: -Does the prospect have the budget to invest in your business? -Is the prospect willing to spend time with the sales representative? -Is the prospect committed and willing to start a trial?

Demonstrate solution Once a sales representative has confirmed a prospect is qualified lead, the next step is to demonstrate, in detail, the solution they can provide and then explain how it will benefit the prospect.

Deal or no deal

If the sale is to close, the sales representative must anticipate and handle the prospects objections. The end of the decision stage is marked by a purchase or a rejection.

Deliver The sales process doesnt end after closure. The final stage is to deliver the customer promise and lay the foundations to encourage repeat buying.
Printing Advertisement

Promotion Mix Flyers

Quantity 2500 pcs. 4 Distributors

Cost/Wages Php 5.00 Php 400 X 7days

Amount Php 12,500 Php 11,200 Php 17,500

Location Tomas Morato and Malls such as SM north, Trinoma and Centris

Duration March 20-27, 2014


Php 41,200


2500 pcs.

Php 7.00

Promotion Mix Blogs

Rewards for blogger Hair cut Body massage Manicure & Pedicure

Online Advertising Quantity Cost 2 per blogger Php 500 2 per blogger Php 800 2 per blogger Php 500

Amount Php 1000 Php 1600 Php 1000

Duration March 28-April5 2014 20-Mar-14 until the business Operation

Budget Php 3,600

Facebook Twitter Instagram

The cost for using social media sites are free

Php 0

Total Budget Php 44, 800