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Debate Motions for the English Debates in the 6th Macao Inter-Tertiary Debate Competition

Information and Instructions to Participating Teams/Debate Coaches: a) Given below are 6 sets of debate motions grouped under 6 broad topic areas. b) These 6 sets of debate motions will be used for Round 1, 2, 3, 4, and the Grand Final of the event. One set of motions will therefore not be used. c) The actual set of 3 debate motions for debate for each Round of debate will only be disclosed 30 minutes BEFORE the actual debate. d) As the debating positions (Government or Opposition) for the competing teams for each debate round will be only be announced just before the release of the debate motions, all debate teams are advised to prepare BOTH Sides of the issues of debate for ALL the debate motions before the 1st Debate Round on 18th October 2009. e) Among the 3 motions for each debate, only one will be debated, after both teams have agreed on which exact one, through a specific process spelt out in the Rules and Regulations sent to you earlier by Ms Stephanie Io from GAES. Please consult the relevant section of that document on the procedure for the mutual selection of the debate motion for debate, if you are not clear about the process. Or you may write to Mr Loke Wing Fatt at for further clarifications. Health 1. This House would put a fat tax on fast food. 2. This House would place clinically obese children under the care of the State. 3. This House would implement a compulsory morning-exercise regime for all government servants. Education 1. This House would require all elementary and secondary schools to include debating in the curriculum. 2. This House believes that the State should provide free and compulsory nursery education for all children. 3. This House believes that full-time students should take part in compulsory charity work.

Ethics 1. This House believes that doctors should be compelled to report instances of domestic violence. 2. This House would ban pharmaceutical companies from giving monetary compensation to clinical trial volunteers. 3. This House believes that medical workers from developing countries should not be allowed to migrate to the developed world. Internet 1. This House would ban peer-to-peer file sharing. 2. This House would ban websites that facilitate suicide. 3. This House would regulate social networking websites. Prisons and Prisoners 1. This House believes that prisoners should be allowed to vote. 2. This House would privatise prisons. 3. This House would allow prisoners who are sentenced to life-imprisonment to choose the death penalty. Democracy 1. This House believes that democracy is a necessary condition for economic growth and stability. 2. This House believes that opinion polls distort the democratic process. 3. This House believes that democracies should allow citizen-initiated referendums. Compiled by: Loke Wing Fatt, Chief Adjudicator President Society for Associated Inter-Tertiary Debaters (SAID) Singapore Email Address: