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280000+ Columbine High School April 20-23, 1999 FBI EVIDENCE RESPONSE TEAM DENVER DIVISION JEFFERSON COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE COPY (Rececved sgirdar Ayes Tut CARE earner (Er Trane Ee ot Pal = Peckiukh 08-30-01 « uae, wa rosob ne. 180m 20 008 e | FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Date of transcription _05/01/99 on this date the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Denver Division's Evidence Response Team (ERT) was called upon to aseiet in the homicide scene at Columbine High School 6201 South Pierce Street, Littleton, Colorado (CO). The crime scene wae in the control of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) . Lead crime scene investigator for JCSO Chris Andrist. Andriet assigned ERT to process the south weet side of the school which had two (2) deceased parties as well ae evidence of gunfire and explosive devices. At approximately 9:00 A.M. crime acene team leadera met with JCSO and received a briefing. Total dead at the scene was fourteen (14) students and one (1) teacher. Twelve (12) bodies were in the library which included two (2) dead suspects. One (1) body, believed to be chat of the teacher was in a science room. Two (2) more bodies were cuteide the west door. Numerous exploded pipe bombs and other devices were located throughout the school, In addition to the suspects shooting, JCSO reported that oa numerous responding officers and SWAT personnel had fired their weapons during the rescue of students. At approximately 9:25 A.M, Andrist then provided a walk through of the crime scens to team leaders. writer observed obvious signs of discharge of firearms upon entering the east (main) door of the school. Shell casings, live ammunition, bullet holes and broken glass was immediately observed and continued that way throughout most of the walk through. While proceeding through the school we observed numerous discharged pipe bombs. Writer proceeded to the library with other team leaders and observed twelve (12) deceased persons with obvious signa of severe trauma. Most of the dead were under tables in the library. Two (2) males, identified as gric David Harris, white male, DOB 04/09/1981, SSNH 284-82-1478; and Dylan Bennet Klebold, white male, DOB 09/11/1981, were observed lying next to each other near the south east corner of the library. Both appeared to have suffered head wounds. Numerous firearms to include a 9mm pistol, a Smm carbine type rifle, a sawed-off shotgun and, as well as ammunition was observed near the two (2) bodies. Harris had on a white shirt, and Klebold was dressed in black. e Inveetigationon 04/21/1999 st Littleton, Colorado fle # 4—DN-57405. Date dictated ty SA Carle Schlaff:es ‘This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. Its the property ofthe FBI and i lorned co your agency: