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Article appeared Friday, March 7th, 2014 in The News Today, Bangladesh

The Revelation !1"#

yo$s$% &ah'$'$l (sla&, )h*

+an religion 'e $sed in ways other than giving a tri'$te and showing gratit$de to the +reator, For e-a&ple, can it 'e $sed %or personal gain or personal pop$larity, (% yes, how and in how &any ways can religion 'e so $sed, Be%ore at ways in which religion can 'e $sed, let $s agree on a de%inition o% religion/ 0ow can we de%ine a religion, 1ne way co$ld 'e at an analogy to %ind a si&ilarity as to why h$&an 'eings have 'een &ade di%%erent/ 2et3s i&agine that yo$ are a car &an$%act$rer/ To &a.e these cars a h$ge a&o$nt o% precision engineering and years o% design i&prove&ent have 'een spent testing the cars/ 4o$r s.ill as a car &an$%act$rer is $nparalleled/ 5o everything is %ine, e-cept one thing/ The cars the&selves do not individ$ally and independently 6.now7 who yo$ are, they do not recogni8e yo$ as their &an$%act$rer, nor are they a'le to analy8e the hard and innovative wor. that yo$ have p$t in & each vehicle/ 0ow co$ld yo$ &a.e a car recogni8e yo$, 1ne way co$ld 'e that yo$ pic. and i&prove a partic$lar &odel 9 to this &odel yo$ add an analytical a'ility/ To allow the car to analy8e things yo$ also create vario$s types o% 6.nowledge7/ The .nowledge wo$ld also incl$de .nowledge a'o$t things that do not have the a'ility to &an$%act$re as well as what 6&an$%act$ring7 &eans/ The e-press p$rpose o% i&parting this a'ility wo$ld 'e to allow the car to appreciate what yo$ have done %or it and than. yo$ %or this special gi%t/ Being a'le to create s$ch an analytical a'ility wo$ld 'e the $lti&ate test o% yo$r greatness as a &an$%act$rer 9 i% yo$ co$ld do so, yo$ wo$ld deserve the highest praise/ Now, can this analogy 'e applied to h$&an 'eings, :hile there is &$ch de'ate {1} a'o$t the theory o% evol$tion, h$&an 'eings &ay 'e classi%ied as a %or& o% ape, pri&ate and &a&&al/ :hat i% the +reator too. one o% the 'asic ape &odels, i&proved its loo., added analytical a'ility, created the s.ill to read and write, created .nowledge and added %ree;will 9 all %or the e-press p$rpose o% allowing the &odel to appreciate the val$e 0e has added and 'e h$&'ly grate%$l to 0i&/ 5o the p$rpose o% this special a'ility and gi%t is to apply analytical a'ility to learn a'o$t the +reator, adore 0i& %or what 0e has done %or $s, and spread this .nowledge/ )eople who do this will have %$l%illed the p$rpose o% this special gi%t, 'e rewarded on the *ay o% <$dg&ent to live as g$ests o% the +reator %orever/ This de%inition o% religion %its in with what <es$s said =2, !, 4, >? a'o$t the +reator/ <es$s p'$h# said that the greatest and &ost i&portant co&&and&ent is@ <es$s replied@ AB2ove the 2ord yo$r Cod with all yo$r heart and with all yo$r so$l and with all yo$r &ind/B {3} 2i.ewise, we %ind in the &ost recent Revelation, the D$r3an, 1 yo$ peopleE Adore yo$r C$ardian;2ord who created yo$ and those who ca&e 'e%ore yo$ that yo$ &ay have the chance to learn righteo$sness F2/21G (t is 0e :ho 'ro$ght yo$ %orth %ro& the wo&'s o% yo$r &others when yo$ .new nothingH and 0e gave yo$ hearing and sight and intelligence and a%%ections@ that yo$ &ay give than.s to Allah#/ F1I/7"G Adoring the +reator %or what 0e has done not only %$l%ills the p$rpose o% intelligent h$&an li%e, it is also righteo$snessE 5o, what a'o$t those who $se their %ree will to %ind e-c$ses to s$ggest that the li%e evolved 'y itsel% rando&ly or $se religion %or any other p$rpose, e.g. to %$rther personal wealth, %or political gain or J$st to pro&ote a religio$s i&ageKc$lt to &a.e &oney, Rather than 'eing grate%$l %or the special gi%ts 'estowed 'y the +reator, these people $se religion as a %ront %or personal or sel%ish gain/ (n doing so, s$ch people not only &isg$ide others as to what religion is, they also prove their dis'elie%/ 0ow sho$ld the +reator treat s$ch people, (n the %ollowing Lerse, 0e calls s$ch dis'elieving people pagan and says they are $nclean,

9.28 O you who believe! Truly the pagans are un lean! so let the" not a#ter this year o# theirs approa h the $a re% &os'ue. (n% i# you #ear poverty soon will (llah enri h you i# )e wills out o# his bounty #or (llah is (ll*+nowing (ll*,ise.
0istorically, the region aro$nd the Ma3a'a 5hari% was $sed as a trade;centre 'y all/ At a partic$lar ti&e in history, Allah, o$r +reator %or'ade pagans or dis'elievers approaching the Ma3a'a/ Following this co&&and&ent, only M$sli&s can now visit the precincts o% the Ma3a'a %or 'oth worship and trade/

9.29 -ight those who believe not in (llah or the .ast /ay nor hol% that #orbi%%en whi h has been #orbi%%en by (llah an% )is (postle nor a 0nowle%ge the religion o# truth 1even i# they are2 o# the 3eople o# the 4oo0 until they pay the 5i6ya with willing sub"ission an% #eel the"selves sub%ue%.
Those who do not 'elieve in the +reator and the *ay o% <$dg&ent '$t wish to enJoy the 'ene%its o% living $nder a M$sli& state, are reN$ired to pay co&pensation, i.e. a .ind o% ta-, na&ely Jizya/ The %ollowing Lerses give e-a&ples o% dis'elie% in the 1NOness o% the +reator/

9.37 The 5ews all 86air a son o# (llah an% the 9hristians all 9hrist the son o# (llah. That is a saying #ro" their "ouths! 1in this2 they but i"itate what the %isbelievers o# ol% use% to say. (llah:s urse be on the"; how they are %elu%e% away #ro" the truth!
+an a created h$&an 'e in any way the sa&e as the +reator, 2a'eling a h$&an 'eing as a 6son7 is li.e saying that the car in the analogy $sed a'ove is a son o% the &an$%act$rerE

9.31 They ta0e their s holars an% "on0s as lor%s besi%es (llah an% also the &essiah< son o# &ary! yet they were not o""an%e% e= ept to worship but one (llah {>}; there is no deity except Him. 3raise an% glory to hi"; 1#ar is )e2 #ro" having the partners they asso iate 1with )i"2. 9.32 They want to e=tinguish the .ight o# (llah with their "ouths but (llah will not allow but that )is .ight shoul% be per#e te% even though the unbelievers "ay %isli0e it. 9.33 ?t is )e who has sent )is (postle with gui%an e an% the religion o# truth to pro lai" it over all religions even though the pagans "ay %etest 1it2. 9.3@ O you who have believe%< in%ee% there are "any a"ong the s holars an% "on0s who %evour the wealth o# people unAustly an% %ivert "en #ro" the straight way to the 9reator. (n% those who hoar% gol% an% silver an% spen% it not in the way o# (llah; announce to them a most grievous penalty. 9.3B On the %ay when heat will be pro%u e% out o# that 1wealth2 in the #ire o# hell an% with it will be bran%e% their #orehea%s their #lan0s an% their ba 0s Cthis is the 1treasure2 whi h you burie% #or yourselves; taste you then the 1treasures2 you burie%!C
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