NOTE: This notice should be sent to each Shareholder in accordance with the Bylaws unless notice is waived.

A special meeting is typically called to address a resolution(s) or other business at a time different than set for the annual meeting of Shareholders. NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS OF __________________<Company Name>____________________ To the Shareholders: In accordance with Bylaws of this Corporation, a special meeting of Shareholders will be held at the date, time, and address shown below: Date: _______________________ Time: _______________________ Address: _______________________ City, State: _______________________ The purpose of the meeting is to conduct the following business: <Enter Business Details Here> Shareholders of record at the close of business on <Date>, are entitled to vote in person or by proxy at the meeting or any adjournment or adjournments thereof. Those Shareholders are listed below: ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Dated: ____________ _______________________ Secretary