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Rotary Club Takes On Bookshelf Project

Two years ago the Cleveland Bookcase Project began as a volunteer effort to encourage reading in the homes of the four-year-old students enrolled in the Cleveland Head Start Program. Set up similar to a project that was rst started in Arkansas, local resident Ron Shipman coordinated the initial volunteer effort and over a two year period, with the help of many volunteers in fund-raising, book collection and carpentry, 48 bookcases were constructed and over 700 books were collected. A presentation ceremony was held near the end of each school year, and each student received their own personalized bookcase and a book bag full of books, much to the delight of the students and their parents. It appeared the worthwhile project would, after two years, come to an end for various reasons. However, at a recent Cleveland Rotary Club meeting, a discussion was held that such an important project deserved to be continued and the local Rotary Club offered to sponsor the Bookcase Project to ensure the continuation of the endeavor. A work day was held on Saturday, March 1, at the First Presbyterian Church to assemble the bookcase kits and attach the brass name plates. Several Rotarians, spouses and children were in attendance to help out. Also helping with the assembly of the bookcases were the two resident Mormon missionaries. The assembly proceeded very well with all 27 bookcases completed. Mufns, from Bliss Bakery, and coffee were provided by the church and were very much appreciated. Attention will now be turned to the collection of approximately 300 books that will be needed. The presentation ceremony will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 27 in the Presbyterian Church educa-

VA ASSISTANCE HERE Lee Webb, All state VFW VSO is available to meet with and answer questions from 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. on Fridays at Cleveland City Hall. HEBRON LODGE The Hebron Masonic Lodge No. 215 will hold its regular stated meeting Thursday, March 6, at 7:30 p.m. at the Lodge in Cleveland. KPPOA The Keystone Peninsula Property Owners Association will meet on Monday, March 10, at 7:00 p.m. in the Westport Community Center. Speaker Tom Briggs of Pawnee will give insights into plans that prosper Pawnee County. The public is invited. FREE HEALTH CLINIC The Pawnee County Area Free Health Clinic is available Tuesday, March 1 1. The clinic hours begin at 5:30 p.m. in the ofces of the Pawnee County Health Department, 1390 W. Cherokee, in Cleveland. PCEDF The Pawnee County Economic Development Foundation will hold its month meeting, Tuesday, March 1 1 at 6:00 p.m. at the Indian Electric conference room. TERLTON FIRE DEPT. The Terlton Fire Department will conducts its monthly meeting Tuesday, March 1 1 at 7:00 p.m. JENNINGS MASONS The Jennings Masonic Lodge No. 151 will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 1 1 at the Jennings Lodge.

tion building, at which time each of the four-year old students in the local Head Start Program will receive a book bag full of books and their very own personalized bookcase. The hope of the Rotary Club is that this effort will help develop, in each student, a lifelong love of books and reading.


BOOKSHELF BUILDERS. Helping put together bookshelves Saturday for the Cleveland Bookshelf Project were members of the Cleveland Rotary Club and members of their families, and guests. Top row: Gene Jackson, Corbin Jones and Austin Kidd; second row: Alan Hall, Tom Bach, David Ellis, Dan Doss, Bob Henderson, Brenda Ellis and Sandy Bach; front row: Ron Shipman, Brooke Lewis, Margaret Shipman, Oakden Ellis, Emily Maker and Liz Maker. BEVERLY JACKSON PHOTO

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Second Burn Assoc. Meeting Set

The Pawnee County Burn Association will have a meeting on Thursday, March 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the Womens Building at the Pawnee County Fairgrounds. Meeting agenda includes election of ofcers, selection of board members and developing a plan for the association. There was an excellent response and attendance at the organizational meeting on February 20 and organizers want to keep that enthusiasm going. Please plan to attend. It is going to take all the Ag Producers in Pawnee County to make this association go. For more information please call the Pawnee County Extension service at 918762-2735.

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Shipman Seeks Re-Election To City Council

My name is Ron Shipman, and I have been honored to serve the residents of Ward Two as your City Councilor for the past several years. My wife and I are both from Cleveland and I graduated from Cleveland High School in 1955 and my wife in 1959. After graduating from Oklahoma State University, I taught school in Kansas City, and then served a tour of duty as an infantry ofcer in the United States Army. After returning from the military, I attended dental school at the University of Missouri at Kansas City and practiced dentistry in Sapulpa, Oklahoma until retiring in 1994. We moved back to Cleveland 20 years ago and have been active in various community endeavors since that time including teaching algebra at Cleveland High School for 13 years. We have two daughters, Cheryl Wilkinson and husband Kent and their two children Michael and Rachel of Edmond, Okla., and Stephanie Ellstrom and her daughter Bella of Minneapolis, Minn.. I love and respect my hometown of Cleveland and I ask for your support in the upcoming election. If you live in Ward Two be sure you are registered and then exercise your privilege of voting on April 1st, regardless of which candidate you support. Thank you. Ron Shipman 918-358-5592

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This Week In History

ton, Massachusetts, where the younger Bell found work as a teacher at the Pemberton Avenue School for the Deaf. He later married one of his students, Mabel Hubbard. While in Boston, Bell became very interested in the possibility of transmitting speech over wires. Samuel F.B. Morses invention of the telegraph in 1843 had made nearly instantaneous communication possible between two distant points. The drawback of the telegraph, however, was that it still required hand-delivery of messages between telegraph stations and recipients, and only one message could be transmitted at a time. Bell wanted to improve on this by creating a harmonic telegraph, a device that combined aspects of the telegraph and record player to allow individuals to speak to each other from a distance. With the help of Thomas A. Watson, a Boston machine shop employee, Bell developed a prototype. In this rst telephone, sound waves caused an electric current to vary in intensity and frequency, causing a thin, soft iron plate--called the diaphragm--to vibrate. These vibrations were transferred magnetically to another wire connected to a diaphragm in another, distant instrument. When that diaphragm vibrated, the original sound would be replicated in the ear of the receiving instrument. Three days after ling the patent, the telephone carried its rst intelligible message--the famous Mr. Watson, come here, I need you-from Bell to his assistant. Bells patent ling beat a similar claim by Elisha Gray by only two hours. Not wanting to be shut out of the communications market, Western Union Telegraph Company employed Gray and fellow inven-


tor Thomas A. Edison to develop their own telephone technology. Bell sued, and the case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which upheld Bells patent rights. In the years to come, the Bell Company withstood repeated legal challenges to emerge as the massive American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) and form the foundation of the modern telecommunications industry.
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