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A Basic Guide to the Madness of Mekanism

BY: saints55va This Guide is made for everyone on Feed The Beast who was planning to get into Mekanism (obviously for the cool looking energy generators I.E. Solars and Windmills). So lets get right down to business about Mekanism. Also the reason I do not contribute to wikis is that I like the feeling of having my own little guide to make myself feel special (it helps me get through those sad days). ------For those who hate reading please refer to the 2nd page for your impatient needs.--------What is Mekanism? Well first off its a highly efficient starter for almost all machines given the right circumstances. Now you may ask, what does that mean? Well Mekanism can sky rocket you through the Stone Ages if it is combined with several mods. Mekanism goes neck and neck with Tinkers Construct, because simply put if you were to view the recipes for Mekanism you will notice that little Steel Casing you known costs Steel (Also please have Not Enough Items [NEI] installed). And now youre probably wondering Steel is very hard to acquire early. Correct and Incorrect, Mekanism allows you create the dust to make Steel Ingots and Tinkers Construct allows you to turn that dust into ingots, all with the basic ingredients. This is just a little overview of what I plan to discuss and if you read this part bravo you get a golden star (yeah look at that gold you can hardly see it). Okay enough playing games its time to start our little journey on how to become a Mekanismer. (This term is not-trademarked and if you seek to use it without my permission I will have no choice but to let you because I do not want to be sued). First off equate a desire to progress. Got it? Good. Now go mine yourself to death (not literally) and get some Coal and Iron, a little Gold and Redstone, maybe 1 Diamond or 2, and finally that beautiful-magnificent ore called Osmium (this is your pride and joy and you shall thank thee RNG gods for finding it ). Now depending on your mod pack there might be different tools to use, use any tool that can at the very least mine Diamond. Fast-forward, now you have a little bit of ore and you probably thinking youre hotstuff and you are going to put it all into the furnace. If you did this you just lost that golden star you earned. If you did not bravo, now its time to learn some Tinkers Construct. I will not include how to do Tinkers Construct as there is a beautiful in-game guide on it, so basically go to page 3 when you have completed your first smeltery with all of the accessories.

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PAGE 1: Introduction Mostly me rambling and trying to appeal to my audience. Generalized Discussion on mutual relationships between mods in a modpack. Information on what to gather before you start. PAGE 2: Table of Contents
I do not know what you expected here.

PAGE 3: Getting down to the Basics

Usage of the Tinkers Construct Smeltery List of Essential Machines from Mekanism IMPORTANT NOTICE about your Energy. Reasoning behind my Madness of building these Machines.

PAGE 4: Intermediate Basics Importance of Energy creation.

Survival-Helpful Machines Conclusion

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Oh hello there, have you got that Tinkers Construct basically running? Good good. Now lets start with a caveman style ore processing. Basically use this smeltery to double your ore output if it wasnt implied yet (Also a little amazing helpful note that took me a while to figure out, if
you used the Seared Bricks to build it another layer higher above the current one, the amount of ore you can process increases.) Okay now lets figure out where we should start at in Mekanism.

Here is a list of machines and cables that you will need to create before we can start the fun stuff. Metallurgic Infuser- this is required for the making of Enriched Alloys and Steel Dust. Enrichment Chamber- this should help replace the process of using the smeltery for doubling your ore. Energized Smelter- this will help you turn those dusts you make into ingots. (THIS DOES NOT WORK ON Mekanism-STEEL DUST, use the smeltery to turn it into ingots. Heat Generator- this is basically starter energy and it only requires a source of lava around one of the sides or multiple sides of the machine. Universal Cable- this is needed to transport the energy. The recipe is not cheap and will require 2 Steel. And later, your pick of either Solar or Wind generators. (Personal ly I recommend the Wind Turbine as it is a constant energy generated and produces acceptable energy.) If you plan on using this please build in a high place.

I want to make clear that you do not need to use cables if you want to just power the Metallurgic Infuser to create Steel Dust. Again depending on your modpack you can use a different type of wrench to arrange the output of the generator to go into your machine. (An easy wrench to use in FTB Monster and TPPI is a Quartz Wrench.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The type of energy these things generate will vary between Modpacks or mods depending on what you are playing. The modpack that currently use is Test Pack Please Ignore (TPPI) and the universal energy is Redstone Flux (RF). Every machine accepts it in TPPI (even GregTech). I do not know of the other modpacks and how energy is handled. Please refer to the generalized information of your modpack for it. Metallurgic Infuser should be built first as everything you make will mainly require Enriched Alloys. Make at least two, one for Redstone and one for Coal. Only use the minimum amount needed, because once you make an Enrichment Chamber you can compress the effectiveness of Coal and Redstone from 1:10 points to 1:100. Thats a 1000% increase and will help out a lot. Once you create a little machine room and have all the basics refer to page 4.

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So okay now youre a big-shot and have this amazingly crafted machine room, now what you may ask? Well lets dive deeper into Mekanism. First off lets get one thing straight, energy is important and should be top priority just above resources. Without energy you are nothing and should feel bad and create more energy (Feeling bad is part of the healing process). Remember what I said about Solar or Wind? Or did you skip over that part, if so shame on you. But Solar or Wind is really nice for average energy depending on how you will set your stuff up. Again, as I stated before I feel that Solars lack the energy output for the entire headache you get while crafting it, I would only do it if I wanted my place to look aesthetically pleasing which is about 77.7% of the time, other than that Wind Turbines are better. Depending on your area of operations, being higher up (your Y-Value or Height) you will generate more power. In addition, they do not lose power depending on their location like IndustrialCraft Windmills (They do not lose effectiveness if blocks are near them or other Wind Turbines are near). Just make sure your Cable gridding is sufficient and you can wire everything you need. If you decide to use Solars just realize they do not generate at night (If that wasnt already obvious). Now lets get a little bit more in-depth, say for instance now we need a way to effectively move around. Well heres your Holy Grail right here, the Jetpack and Free Runners. The Jetpack allows you to transverse great obstacles with ease all while using an easily renewable fuel (Hydrogen). It does not drain that fast like its step-brother the IndustrialCraft Jetpack. But please take a note that it does replace your chest slot and unless upgraded will not provide any armor, compared to the IC Jetpack, which has a higher potential through multiple upgrades depending on the mods you have installed. The other gadget called Free Runners allow to you negate all fall damage in exchange for energy consumption of its battery and allows you to step up 1 high blocks. Free Runners use the energy created from your generators not Hydrogen. Neither of these can be enchanted at all (I have tried the Anvil trick and even
another mod called EnchantingPlus).

Well now you have all of this boring basic information about Mekanism. I plan to make another boring guide and how you interrupt this information is totally up to you. Whether helpful or not for people starting out with Mekanism is totally up to you. Compared to other mods, Mekanism is pretty strong as your machines scale in quality. You can take the same machine and turn it into a high end machine that will dominate and rival other machines. Look into Factories, because they are can do multiple processes at once instead of overclocking one machine (Quantity>Quality).

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Sorry for not having any pictures or anything, but I just wanted to clarify an easy way to get yourself accelerated through the tough beginning of Modded Minecraft.

Refer to the for more help.