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Council Janice Meisel Scholarship

The below student is applying to the Mandarin Council of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce for financial
assistance with post secondary education. To complete this process, you must meet all criteria outlined on the
cover sheet and submit:

This application form
Your resume
Two 500 word answers to the questions How did your work experience help prepare you for college?
and What do you wish to accomplish with your degree?
One letter of recommendation
Your verification of acceptance and/or attendance to a post-secondary school

Date of application:
Students full name:
School attending:
Parent/s name/s:
Home Phone:


Email address:
School applied to:

Verification of acceptance enclosed

______Yes ______No


Job title:


Current school courses relevant to this application

School activities (business clubs, sports participation, leadership roles, etc)

Mandarin Council JAX Chamber | www/ |

Names, titles, and addresses of three references along with one independent letter of recommendation.

What goals have you set for yourself in the next 5 years?

Have there been any special circumstances that limited you in High School?
Yes__ No__ (you may use a separate sheet for lengthly replies)

How do you plan to pay for your education?

To qualify, the applicant must:

Live in one of three Mandarin zip codes: 32223, 32257 or 32258
Be a graduating high school senior or 1st or 2nd year college student
Plan to attend/be attending post-secondary school.
Pursue a degree to be used in a business career.
Must have worked while attending high school
All paperwork must be completed and returned by the deadline of April 30th

Submit application to:

Mandarin Council
3000 Hartley Road, Suite 7
Jacksonville, FL 32257

Mandarin Council JAX Chamber | www/ |