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" Don't Kill, Just Call "

Snakes in Indian Mythology : 1. There is a myth in religious scriptures like Mahabharata, Puranas etc. that There was a Rishi (saint) called Kashyap in Saptarshi (a group of seven Rishis) who had a wife named Katu.They gave birth to the Snake Community who were named Anant, Vasuki, Takshak, Karkotak, Padma, Mahapadma, Shankh and Kulik. These are known as Ashth Naag i.e. Eight Cobras.Similarly names of Nav Naag i.e. Nine Cobras are Anant, Vasuki, Shesh, Vadmanabhash, Kalamb, Shankhpal, Dhrutrashtra, Takshak and Kaliy 2. Anant, Vasuki, Shesh of the Cobra family were friendly towards Arya (Humanbeings living in Asia Region) and therefore they were adopted by the Lord Vishnu and Lord Shankar. Due to their adoption of Cobra Lord Shankar was fondly named Naagfal Bhushan and Lord Vishnu was fondly named Anant Shayan. Takshak, Karkotak and Kaliy were firm enemies of Devta (God) and Manushya (Humans) and therefore the Aryans havent adopted them. 3. There is a depiction of the slaying of Vrutra (also known as Ahin i.e. Cobra) by the Lord of the Lords Indra in a chapter of the Rigveda. It is said in the said Chapter that Indra was forced to kill Vrutrasur because it blocked the clouds from raining and the ritual of Naag Puja l.e. worship of the Lord Naag (Cobra) started due to this. 4. In Jataka Stories of the Buddhist Cult, there are many descriptions of the Kings and the Leading Persons of the Naag (Cobra) Tribe. The lord Buddha was given the first bath of his life after his birth by two Naag called Nandi and Upnandi. A Cobra called Muchlind gave protection by keeping his hood over the head of Lord Buddha after he was enlightened. A Teerthankar (Saint) of the Jaina Sect was being harassed by a Devil called Kamanth by making rain constantly fall on the head of the Saint. This saint was also given protection by a Cobra called Padmanaag. The place lately was named Ahirchhatra . Thus Sects like Buddhism and Jainism also give importance to the Snakes and its worship. History Volumes notes that there were famous place of Naag (Cobra) worship. 5. It is noted in the historical religious Scriptures that legendry persons like Kush the Son of Lord Raam, Meghnaad the Son of king of Lanka Raavan, King Yahu, Ugrasen, Arjun, etc. got married to the Females from Naag Tribe. Thus it is indicated that the Tribe Naag was not merely a reptile but it was an intellectual Human Being. 6. Dani Swami of Pune has expressed his views on this issue. Naag Puja (Cobra Worship) is considered to be a very ancient worship out of most of the worships. Naag is believed to be a symbol of fear. Shesh Naag is believed to be the Guru of the human Kind. The Naag (Snake) has the power of running without having legs. It is able to survive on water and the land too. It has powers of revitalizing by peeling off its old Skin and getting younger again. It is symbol of spiritual beauty and sex.