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February 24, 2014 Good Morning Family and Friends and the Goddard Riverside Family Guy Francis

Marlowe Where do I begin? On the morning of February 21st, 2014, while I was preparing to attend the burial of my grandmother I received a call from Yvonne, Guys beloved wife informing me he has passed on. This was truly another devastating blow. Come to find out Guys passing was a day before Stevens birthday. Let me get back to Guy - There is not one particular word to describe Guy as all that knew him would know. When I first met him, he was going by Mr. Fly Guy. It all began in the 70s when my family uprooted my brother and I from 64th Street and Park Avenue to the upper west side of 102nd Street and West End Avenue. This is when my brother Larry met Guy and from that moment on they were inseparable or you could say they began to be joined at the hip along with a few other good and true friends. Back then young people who knew Guy knew he was not your typical teenager of the 70s. There was something always different about him. To paraphrase Val, Yo man, Yo!!! When I first met him there was something different about him. This was the time of long hair and loose clothes. Most guys made sure that their hair covered their ears. However, when I noticed this guy, his hair never covered his ears but was neatly trimmed and his pants hung just right and the crease was always perfect and his sneakers were always clean. I knew this was a special person. Thank you for the memory, Val. I take it all that really knew Guy or just met him for the first time would soon have a memory that would last a lifetime. Whether it was a quick pun or a brain teaser such as: How many bases are there in baseball? Or, why is the bar so far in the back of the room? But one of his more famous saying was hey TRIGGER MAN IN THE BUILDING, TRIGGER MAN IN THE HOUSE, OR JAY ITS TRIGGERMAN GIVE ME A CALL. Guy always had clever and witty things to say and whenever you were out with him you knew you were going to have a great time and a story you would share in the near future. If you phoned him no matter what hour of the day or day of the week, he would know where there would be a drink and or food special. We attended Goddard Riverside Camp together along with hundreds of other children. This was when I really got to know Guy. He would always look after me along with a lot of the upper campers. Come to find out this was due to the fact that I was Larrys little brother. Guy was a bit different he did it out of love for me as we later discussed over a drink or two. Guy was special he had a swagger about him. The way his shoulders cut through the wind as he walked around the camp grounds. He had an aurora about him. He went down in Goddard Riverside history as being the one who was never thrown in the pool at camp. Many campers sitting here can attest to this.

Guy was the lifeguard for the camp. He was dedicated to keeping his tan just right and his body in shape. He taught a lot of children who came to camp afraid of water how to swim. He was one of the most competitive people I know outside of my brother and myself. Whether it was playing Sockbee in the main area, softball or basketball not to mention ping pong in the social hall behind the main dining hall, he always had that will to win. He would have the younger campers such as myself compete as to who could memorize his factitious full name. We spent minutes trying to get it just right. In camp we would remember him as, My Fly Guy Francis Joseph Marlow Junior the third plus tax. You had to remember the third plus tax. Guy was funny and great to be around. He could see the things the way others could not. He was one who truly thought outside of the box. As most people would stare out the window, he is one who would admire the craftsmanship that was put into the frame and the window pane of which one was looking out of. He was one who would offer advice whether it be positive or negative. The good thing you would know would be that it was coming from his heart and he would never steer one wrong intentionally. He was a well-rounded individual. He could converse with the best of them no matter where you were from or what walk of life you led. Guy you will truly be missed. On October 30 th, 2013 while my wife and I were on our way to a Presidents dinner, I received a call from Guy informing me that he has two and a half to three months to live. He was diagnosed with Cancer. Me along with a number of other friends began to search for ways for Guy to beat this awful disease but we ran out of time. As Billy Joel said, Only the good die young? And, Guy you left us much too soon. I didnt know too much about this particular disease but I saw it take a loving, caring and happy go lucky person slowly from our grasps. Anyone who knew Guy knew he was one who would never ask anyone for anything. One day while concluding one of my many visits with him at his residence I asked, Is there anything that I could get you? To that he replied, The next time you come over could you bring me some water. Yes, water something as simple as this as one usually takes for granted. Once again this is a man who I have never heard ask anyone for anything other than a beer or a shot is that all you have to offer as a side while dining at a restaurant. This is when I truly knew my Friend or shall I say our Friend was not doing well at all. Once again Guy you will be missed by so many. Your memory will always live with us. In conclusion, when we would say I love you to Guy he would come back with love you more. While Guy was conversing with Missy, he said to her love you. She said love you more as to turn the tables on him. However, as Guy had to always get the last word in he came back with Love you MOST. Guy I love you more than ever. Thank you Written by, J. Robinson (A.K.A. Larrys Little Brother)

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