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AutoHold retrofitting

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Preface: Before it gets going with the retrofitting, you should / could you just try if the encoding is also assumed. In the following error should appear, it appears either immediately or only after actuator diagnostics and short test drive:

02884 Lamp for automatic parking feature 009 - Interruption / short circuit after mass - one warning light
Who gets this error, you can go to the retrofit.

1x - 3C0 927 227B REH - Auto-Hold button - about 12 1x - 4D0 971 636 A - Contact Housing brown for switch "Auto Hold", 3 3x - 000 979 009 - Single line with 2 contacts, for auto-hold button - about 1.50 1x - 000 979 030 - Single line with 2 contacts, for parking Stg. - About 6,50 <--- ohja, a cable for 6.50 ;) 1x - 000 979 950 - Fabric tape - approx 5.00 - A couple of small cable ties


Attention: When working on electrical systems in your car, you should always disconnect the battery! When Passat 3C appear when connecting the battery (only if it was disconnected for a long time) a few bugs (eg. ABS / ESP, steering ...) in the instrument cluster. Delete themselves after a few meters from driving alone.

We'll start with the expansion of the center console. This detach the lower panel. .

Behind this there are 2 Torx T20 screws, turn them out

Now, the rear part can be easily removed

The connector for the 12V power outlet (or if any disconnect the transformer).

The two 10-Unscrew nuts

The seat must go forward and remove the drive cover. On the driver's side (FS), this step must be executed. It can also happen here, no screws are present, then you can skip this step. ;)

The underlying Unscrew the screw

In the passenger side foot area (FSO) and FS, there is no coverage, here is twist the screws

Now the lower part of the panel grasp and pull down from the latching

Then the trim part to move toward the rear from the front (with the screw) locking fix them. On the (FS), this step must be executed.

This underlying screw turn out.

Next step; Schalthelbelverkleidung, Ascher Climatronicblende, Climatronic and Radioblende expand! The cables going to the shifter panel (ESP, PDC, etc.) geklippst under the ashtray to solve this.

Behind the Climatronic control panel there are 2 Torx screws. These turn out. On the picture you can see only 1, the other is right.

The center console and rear lift slightly and pull back. This it is dissolved ahead of AT board.

Then carefully remove the center console, tilt stand /. (To be threaded through the gear lever)

Now we see even the gearshift lever behind the control of the parking brake.

It is best if we removed the three screws. How to get the plug from the brake light.

In order to withdraw the plug from the black Verieglungshebel must be pulled out. It also easily pull out the plug.

Remove the cable tie and lift the cover. Now pull out the purple contact locking completely Now the line 000 979 030 Halve and follow einpinnen and extended until the shifter: until April 2007 Pin 9 and Pin 7 From May 2007 Pin 4 and Pin 7 Then close the latch contact again! Now you must still pull the plug on the parking brake cable Solder pin 11 / mechanical fastening, and also to extend this to the gear lever .. Now assemble the plug again and insert the plug into the ECU.Mitreindrcken These same black Veriegelungshebel. Tighten control again if necessary

ow pinnt her lines 000 979 009 into the contact housing of autohold button. Pin to Pin 1 6. Cabling 1: Pin 1 goes to pin 7 parking Pin 4 goes to pin 4 or 9 (see above), parking brake Pin 5 goes to pin 11 parking brake, blue / black

Cabling 2: Tiger vs. the ESP switch so exempt from the textile tape that her good rankommt for soldering to the cable. Then the following bound. Pin 2 goes to pin 4 from the ESP key, black / yellow Pin 3 goes to pin 3 of the ESP button, gray Pin 6 goes to pin 6 of the ESP button, brown

Now all is well insulated and do drau Textillklebeband with a nice wiring harness.

Now even the dummy against the auto-hold exchange key.

And now you can re-read the manual backwards and assemble everything. ;) When it's done you need either your friendly or VAG-Com encrypted with its auto-hold. Per VAG-Com are you going to brake STG 53 and then changes the Encoding 0,000,012th to 0000011 done


Auto hold schematic :