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Consumer Behaviour Project

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Group members: Yash Sahu Moin Uddin Siddqui Suvasini Panda Palash Raghuvansh Ishu Jain - 12A3HP031 - 12A1HP344 - 12A1HP306 - 12A2HP007 - 12A1HP066


Family influencersFamily influencers are very important factor in purchasing decision in a family. As per our survey (Fig. no. -5), we found that that most of the time it is the father or the bread winner of family who is influencing the decision to buy a maruti swift. Apart from father it is found that people are also getting influenced by friends and relatives who are already using the car.

Social Influencers
It is accepted social fact that Indian are known as tight thrift and given more weight to performance than Brand and other factors the same mindset is also found in our respondents of survey(Fig. no. 7) .more number of people has ranked performance as biggest factor in buying maruti swift.

Cultural influencers
As per our survey (Fig. no. 17) Ethnocentricity plays a major role when asked about whether decision of buying maruti swift would have changed if it was launched by any foreign company and majority of respondent answered positively which signifies that they have more trust toward maruti as an Indian brand. When asked about the impact of having a celebrity (Fig. no. 19) involvement on buying decision of maruti swift it comes out that decision of buying swift have no impact of celebrity association with brand. It also signifies that there are other more important factors which are critical in buying decision. As per our survey(Fig. no. 19) we have found that now people are more open toward the credit that is a cultural shift in our society another interesting finding is that working independent professional are more open toward buying swift on credit than others. Another cultural impact we have found through our survey(Fig. no. 20) is the factor affecting the time of purchase. As per survey respondents are more likely to buy maruti swift on festivals other important time of purchases are New Year and birthdays.


In order to have proper understanding about the perception of respondents towards Maruti Swift we have done a likert scale analysis in which we asked them to rate maruti swift on the scale of 1-5 under which 1- Very Important, 3- Neutral, 5- Least Important on different parameters which we have selected . The perception of respondents on Different parameters is as follows: Brand (Fig.13): Maruti as a Brand has got Good response as 1/3 of respondent rank it as good.

Resale Value (Fig. 7): As per our questionnaire respondent have shared a strong liking toward the resale value of car which is approx. 40 %

Style and Status (Fig. 8) : On this parameter maruti Swift have scored average as most of the respondents are of neutral view. The number of people who rate it very good or bad as equal as per survey.

Safety (Fig. 9): Safety is one of those parameters where maruti swift has fared pretty well, most of the respondents have ranked it as very Good.

Interior Design (Fig. 19) & Exterior Design (Fig. 11) : Respondents are neutral on both of the interior and exterior design. It shows that Maruti is pretty average on this parameter. speed (Fig. 12) : Maruti swift is considered as average to good when it comes to speed which is consistent with other responses where is fares well for example on performance and price.

Performance (Fig. 14) More than 50 % of respondents are of view that performance is the core competency of Maruti. Price (Fig. 15) As far as price is considered maruti swift have a fair perception it is considered as average to Good by respondents.

Gender (Fig. 1) Age group (Fig. 2)
18-24 Male Female 25-34 35-44 44<

Occupation (Fig. 3)
Students Self employed Working Professional Home maker

Favorite Brand (Fig. 4)

Maruti Hyundai Tata Honda Others

Who infuences the decision making of buying the car? (Fig. 5)

Father Younger Member Elder Member Friends and Relatives

Where did you hear about Maruti Swift? (Fig. 6)

TV/Ads Newspaper(s)/ Magazines Internet Word of Mouth Other

Factor influences while Buying Swift (Fig. 7)

Brand Performance Ease of maintanence Service Experience

(Fig. 8)

(Fig. 9)

(Fig. 10)

(Fig. 11)

(Fig. 12)

(Fig. 13)

(Fig. 14)

(Fig. 15)

(Fig. 16)

(Fig. 17)

Fig. 18

Will your buying decision be affected, if Swift was launched by a foreign company?

No Yes

Fig. 19 Are you open to resort credit options in order buy Maruti Swift?

No Yes

Fig. 20 As no celebrity is associated with Maruti Swift, does it impact your decision of buying it ?
Yes No Partially

Fig. no. 21 Which of these given point of time is ideal to buy Maruti Swift ?

Doesn't Matter New Year Festivals Milestone in Career

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