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Visual artist & photographer

OBJECTIVE: Seeking an internship position as a gallery or lab assistant.

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University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Psychology, B.A. Photography, B.A. Completed Fall 2013 Expected Spring 2014

Photoshop Adobe Bridge InDesign Final Cut Dreamweaver Word, Excel, PPT Studio lighting Speedotron, strobes Speedlights (LumoPro) Umbrella lights External Light Metering Custom White Balance


Photography Major GPA: 3.82 (2010 - 2014)

work experience
UMBC Photo Cage / Jan 2014 - Present
Monitor darkrooms and Mac lab Help students rent out or check-in camera equipment Mix and discard darkroom chemicals, clean labs Assist intro students in digital and darkroom printing


Albin O. Kuhn Gallery / Aug 2013 - Present

Handle artwork and books from mid-20th century to present; examine and record conditions Photograph or scan individual art pieces; use Word and Excel to create gallery checklists Measure artwork; calculate window mat and frame sizes; cut matboard; mount, hinge, and frame work Research artist information to create museum labels and write introduction panels for exhibitions Use InDesign to create flyers and posters Use social media to promote exhibitions and events and reach out to local groups that would potentially be interested in gallery events Install exhibitions and assist curator in arranging artwork to be visually pleasing for visitors Customer services receptionist, cashier, fabric cutter Provided sewing tips and techniques, color matching Introduced stocking ideas to lower inventory shrink


RAW Editor White/Color Balance Retouching/Restoring Photo-manipulation Soft Proofing ICC Color Management

35mm Film Medium Format (120) Large Format (4x5) Film Processing -Push processing -Cross processing Darkroom Printing -Silver Gelatin -Solarization -Chemical Toning -C-14 (color) Alternative Processes -Cyanotype (traditional) -New Cyanotype -Tannic acid toning -Van Dyke -Salt Print -Gum Bichromate -Ziatype / Palladium Print


Mounting, window matting, hinging, framing Stop motion animation Collage, mixed media Critical, analytical, and opinion writing Research (trained in Psychology, but can apply to art) Speaks Chinese (Conversational Mandarin)

Jo Ann Fabric & Crafts / Mar 2012 - Oct 2013

2014 CADVC Senior Thesis Show (expected) 2013 UMBC Hallspace Gallery 2012 UMBC Spring Foundations Exhibition 2010 19th Annual Portfolio Prep. Senior Show

Assistant for Larry Stevens / Jun 2012 - Dec 2013

Photographed, videotaped, and edited work Updated and maintained website and online store

-Work auctioned to Howard County Board of Ed. -Received gift certficiate for free class at MICA

Assistant for Ding Ren / Nov 2005 - Aug 2011

Updated and maintained website Edited writing statements for grammar and content Helped print and frame photographs Installed pieces for shows

Sold books for Elaine Eff at artists talk (2/2014) Ongoing personal work and projects Custom hemming / clothing alterations Shoot headshots and portraits for models Photograph merchandise for local Etsy stores Shot UMBC club lacrosse team (11/2011)


Available upon request.