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Hello everyone, we are here to talk about this case which tries to draw our attention to a global phenomenon.

The case talks about the threat to endangered species and the probable extinction of the same. In this story of evolution where man was supposed to be the hero the man has actually become the villain alldue to his reckless intervention into the nature and its balance. The man had forgotten that the earth he lives in is actually a shared space with all the other living organisms and been behaving like a monopolist who has got sole rights to this earth and its resources. The evolution of mankind and the technological growth has created a need for land area; this need has been met with large scale deforestation. The blatant deforestation by man has so far been depriving the other species of their rights on this shared space and pushes them to live in a diaspora of remaining jungles and subsequently leads to their extinction. Off-late humans have realized their mistakes and their responsibilities towards maintaining the balance in nature and allowing these species their due space and also paying for the atrocities committed on them by making provisions for their conservation. However, it has been observed that this plan of conservation is not universal and follows a pattern. The biodiversity has been rising in the developed part of the world and dwindling in the lesser developed or developing parts. This can be attributed to the fact thatthe developed countries are outsourcing the technological growth to the developing countries and just reap the benefits of those technologies as in royalties. In the developing countries this inflow of technology and its growth necessitates deforestation and pose a threat to the ecological balance which is required for the survival of all the other species in the surrounding. Point to be noted here, the larger part of the bio-diversity dwells in these lesser developed parts of the world. Asian and African countries covers major part of the biodiversity on earth and these are the countries where technological development is flourishing with the help of developed countries who help these nations with the technology to facilitate manufacturing of products and services consumed mostly in those developed countries. In the hindsight when it benefits the causes of both the worlds its the flora and fauna of the manufacturing country which takes the blow. However, there are practices and methods through which the growth of mankind and the survival of all other species can be accommodated and made sustainable for all. This is one phenomenon and there are many problems attached to it and many things which we perceive to be a problem needs to be studied so as to know whether this is an actual problem or not. Once we have identified the problems and have a clear understanding of them we again need to study is a solution really required to these problems

Thank you Kunal for making the problem seem more problematic. Now Ill simplify it. How many of you are carrying wallets (at least generally do).Now tell me how many of you have the leather ones? A good number .In this small sample of 64 students we can find that the majority is hampering the nature and leading to the ecological imbalance.

Of the 44,838 species assessed using IUCN Red List criteria there are 16938 threatened species, 905 extinct .