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This book tells about the holocaust but through the innocent eyes from a German boy.

A military is promoted as a commandant to one extermination camp and all the family move to one house besides the camp. Bruno, the militarys son, only knows that his father has an important job and the Furer trust in him, but in fact he disowns all about his fathers job . In the house he has no one to play and he is really bored, he has seen the fence and people in stripped pyjamas and finally talking with his sister discovers that these people are Jewish. On day he meets a young boy, Schmuel, who was born in the same day and talking each one in his side of the fence he become friends. The book doesnt specify about these conversations, the readers only know that both of them dont understand really well the situation. And the most surprising is the bad ending: Bruno has to return to Berlin and he decides to enter in the camp with his friend to see his home the day that his own father gives the order to gas all of them. I liked the book and I found it easy, quickly and nice to read but I would like that the writer would go into detail about the boys conversations.


Rosa Maria Claris

My name is Rosa Maria but everyone calls me Rosa. Im working in one public school in Mollerussa as a teacher. This year Im with students aged between 3 and 6 years old, in Kindergarten level but the last three ones I was in Primary level. I love working in different levels , every year doing the same in the same level for me is a nightmare. My hobby is swimming so I go to the swimming pool during all the year , normally four times a week.