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Company name To Whom It May Concern: REF: I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY W th re!

erence to the a"o#e acco$nt% I re&$e't that yo$ 'en( me a tr$e copy o! th ' cre( t a)reement "e!ore I * ++ corre'pon( !$rther on th ' matter, Th ' ' my r )ht $n(er the +e) '+at on conta ne( * th n 'ect on -- ./0 an( 'ect on -1 ./0 o! the Con'$mer Cre( t Act /2-3% an( I am ent t+e( to rece #e a copy o! my cre( t a)reement on re&$e't, Yo$r o"+ )at on a+'o e4ten(' to pro# ( n) me * th a 'tatement o! acco$nt, I enc+o'e a 5/ po'ta+ or(er% *h ch repre'ent' payment o! the 'tat$tory !ee paya"+e $n(er the Con'$mer Cre( t Act, I $n(er'tan( that a copy o! my cre( t a)reement 'ho$+( "e '$pp+ e( * th n /6 *or7 n) (ay' !rom the (ate o! th ' +etter, I $n(er'tan( that $n(er the Con'$mer Cre( t Act% cre( tor' are $na"+e to en!orce an a)reement ! they !a + to comp+y * th a re&$e't !or a copy o! the a)reement $n(er the'e 'ect on' o! the Act, A+'o% ' nce yo$ are a De"t Co++ect on A)ency% I *o$+( a+'o a'7 that yo$ '$pp+y a ' )ne( tr$e copy o! the e4ec$te( (ee( o! a'' )nment !or the a"o#e re!erence( a)reement, Th ' ' an o"+ )at on% *hether yo$ are the or ) na+ cre( tor or not% $n(er 'ect on /12 o! the Con'$mer Cre( t Act /2-3, Non8comp+ ance * th my re&$e't ' a cr m na+ o!!ence $n(er the a"o#e Act an( * ++ re'$+t n a report "e n) '$"m tte( to the re+e#ant 'tat$tory a$thor t e', In '$mmary% I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE T9I: DEBT AND T9ERE;ORE RE<UIRE YOU TO :UB:TANTIATE T9I: BY PRO=IDING T9E ;OLLOWING DOCUMENTATION BE;ORE I CORRE:POND ;URT9ER: /, Tr$e copy o! or ) na+ cre( t a)reement 6, :tatement o! acco$nt >, Copy o! the e4ec$te( (ee( o! a'' )nment 3, ;a r Proce'' n) Not ce, A' yo$ are a*are% a cre( t a)reement that ' not proper+y (oc$mente( an( ' )ne( "y the c$'tomer ' tota++y $nen!orcea"+e $n(er the CCA an( there!ore ' a comp+ete (e!ence to any co$rt c+a m that ' ''$e(, Ta7e note at th ' 'ta)e% that any +e)a+ act on yo$ may contemp+ate * ++ "e "oth # )oro$'+y (e!en(e( an( conte'te(, ;$rther to the a"o#e% p+ea'e en'$re that any contact "y yo$ ' ma(e n *r t n) on+y to the a"o#e a((re'', Te+ephone ca++' an( per'ona+ # ' t' * ++ not "e accepte( an( # e*e( a' hara''ment, A' th ' acco$nt ' no* n ( 'p$te% I *o$+( a+'o (ra* yo$r attent on to The Ban7 n) Co(e 'ect on />,?:8 We may ) #e n!ormat on to the Cre( t Re!erence A)enc e' a"o$t per'ona+ (e"t' yo$ o*e $' !: @The Amo$nt O*e( ' Not n D 'p$te, @The O!! ce o! ;a r Tra( n) pro# (e( a Co(e o! G$ (ance that ' n re+at on to De"t Co++ect on: O;T ??3 Re'pon'e to con'$+tat on paper an( ! na+ )$ (ance on $n!a r "$' ne'' pract ce' (ate( A$+y 6BB>

Decept #e an(Cor Un!a r Metho('8 6,1 E4amp+e' o! $n!a r pract ce' are a' !o++o*':8 7, Not cea' n) co++ect on act # ty *h +'t n#e't )at n) a rea'ona"+y &$er e( or ( 'p$te( (e"t, I! yo$ cont n$e n yo$r p$r'$ance o! th ' acco$nt I * ++ ha#e no other a+ternat #e than to report yo$ to "oth% The In!ormat on Comm '' oner an( The O!! ce o! ;a r Tra( n), ;$rthermore% I 'ha++ '$"m t a Con'$mer Cre( t Act /2-3 comp+a nt to the O;T $pon the "a' ' that yo$ ha#e !a +e( to comp+y * th the O;TD' ( rect on o! E Apr + 6BB? an( are there!ore not a D! t an( proper per'onD to ho+( a con'$mer cre( t + cence $n(er the /2-3 Act, I! yo$ (o not $n(er'tan( *hat th ' mean' then 'ee7 a(# ce !rom yo$r +e)a+ (epartment, I ha#e a+'o !or*ar(e( a copy o! th ' +etter to The Office of Fair Trading, as I am aware of O;T Debt Collection Guidance an( the Consumer Protection from nfair Trading Regulations !""#, I +oo7 !or*ar( to hear n) !rom yo$ * th n the 'tat$tory t me + m t, Yo$r' !a th!$++y : ncere+y%

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