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01 Series of 2014 CREATING THE LOCAL GOVERNANCE TRANSITION TEAM WHEREAS, in view of the assumption of the undersigned as municipal mayor and the importance of continuity in local governance, it is imperative to prepare for an effective turnover; WHEREAS, the normalization of government transaction and the delivery of basic social services to the people of San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro is of primordial importance; NOW, THEREFORE I, SALVADOR R. PY., Mayor of San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order the creation of the Local Governance Transition Team for Municipality of San Teodoro. SECTION 1. Composition of the Team Chairperson Municipal Mayor SALVADOR R. PY

Vice Chairperson MERLY R. ABDON HRMO IV/Designated Secretary to the Mayor Members DEANNETTE Q. MANALO Municipal Treasurer SHIELA BUTCH R. DIMACULANGAN. Municipal Accountant ENGR. PHILIP P. GARCIA Municipal Engineer ANCILLA A. JUNSAY Municipal Budget Officer ROBINSON F. MARASIGAN Municipal Assessor FLORO DE PADUA ____________________________

SECTON 2. Tasks or Responsibilities of the Team The Team shall ensure a smooth local governance transition to the newly-elected or reelected local officials on June 30, 2013. As such, the Team shall: 1. Conduct an inventory of:

a. All real or immovable properties of the Municipal Government of San Teodoro such as land, buildings, infrastructure facilities and improvements and machineries; and b. All movable properties of the Municipal Government of San Teodoro such as vehicle, office equipment, furniture, fixtures and supply stocks; 2. Assemble all documents or records such as, but not limited, to the following: a. CY 2012 and 2013 State of Local Governance Performance Report b. CY 2012 and 2013 State of Local Development Report c. CY 2012 and 2013 Financial Performance Report d. CY 2012 and 2013 COA Report e. Contracts and Loan Agreements, if any f. Comprehensive Development Plan g. Local Development Investment Plan h. CY 2013 Annual Investment Plan i. Comprehensive Land Use or Physical Framework Plan j. Capability Development Agenda k. Executive-Legislative Agenda l. Organizational Structure m. Inventory of Personnel by Nature of Appointment n. Executive Orders o. Full Disclosure Policy Documents: CY 2013 and 2014 Annual Budget and Supplemental Budget CY 2012 and 2013 Statement of Debt Service CY 2012 and 2013 Statement of Receipts and Expenditures CY 2013 and 2014 Annual Procurement Plan CY 2012 and 2013 Annual GAD Accomplishment Report Quarterly Statement of Cash Flow (2013) Items to Bid (1st Quarter of 2014) Bid Results on Civil Works, Goods and Services, and Consulting Services (1st Quarter of 2014) Abstract of Bids as Calculated (1st Quarter of 2014) CY 2012 and 2013 Special Education Fund Income and Expenditure Estimates Report of SEF Utilization (2013) Trust Fund (PDAF) Utilization (2013) 20% Component of the IRA Utilization (1st Quarter 2014) Report of Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Fund Utilization (2013 and 2014) 3. Turn-over of accountabilities using prescribed forms. 4. Organize a turn-over ceremony, to include a briefing on the State of Performance, State of Development, financial Performance and Key Challenges to the incoming set of officials. SECTION 3. Repealing Clause. All orders, issuances and memoranda issued inconsistent herewith are deemed superseded, cancelled and/or revoked. SECTION 5. Effectivity. This Executive Order shall take effect immediately. Done in San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro this 06 day of January 2014.

SALVADOR R. PY Municipal Mayor Attested: MERLY R. ABDON Secretary to the Mayor