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Project 2: VARK Inventory Learning Style.

Vark Project by Deisy Aracely Bautista Argueta

Universidad Tecnolgica de El Salvador. Faculty of Social. Englishs Department.

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Deisy Aracely Bautista Argueta. English Language Major. Management of Technological Resources for the Teaching and Administration of the English Language.

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Project 2 Vark Inventory Learning Style. Lic. Martin Ulises Aparicio Morataya. 2014

The purpose of this report is to provide what my learning style preference, using the questionnaire VARK. Nowadays there are different learning styles so that help improve education. VARK is a questionnaire that provides users with a profile of their learning preferences. These preferences are about the ways that they want to take-in and give-out information that Consider four different learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Read / Write and Kinesthetic. This questionnaire I consider it important because I can identify my preferences for how to use the information although not a learning style; but it is a preference, but one way or another help me reinforces my learning. THE TEST RESULT AND THE DESCRIPTION OF MY LEARNING STYLE. The VARK Questionnaire Results. Visual: 6 Aural: 8 Read/Write: 9 Kinesthetic: 6

According to my results obtained show a tendency questionnaire VARK learning style analyzed in Read and Write (9) as the dominant; however you can see an Aural (8). In Visual and kinesthetic modalities were low (6), I feel I must improve, for example: read a text and draw something allusive, for example about a text family and then I draw something about the text read. In this result obtained I can see that in Read and Write is the dominant and them Aural having a similar score, this means that these modalities like me and help me to better process information.

Study Strategies (these were selected according to my own result and analysis) The VARK Questionnaire Results : Visual: 6; Aural: 8; Read/Write: 9; Kinesthetic: 6 INTAKE SWOT - Study OUTPUT without tears Visual =6 Using Images, Look your Give direction Express new pages. using diagram. ideas to other Using concept people. map in any Concept maps exposition. Aural=8 Videos, Read and record me himself Read and record me himself, Repeat sounds repeatedly Read/Write=9 Dictionaries Books Essays Journals Newspapers Textbooks Glossaries Rewrite notes in other words Elaborate essay Practice with multiple choices question in exams. Listen to your voice and write them down.


Personal experiences Trips Apply all senses. Applications

Use pictures Write practice and photographs question in that illustrate an exams. idea.

CONCLUSION VARK is an instrument which allows me to find the most appropriate techniques to facilitate learning, so that the information of the easiest, effective and above the preference I like how it is processed and those that did not prevent me like. In my personal opinion, I agree with my result for my learning and I will try to achieve a better result, but I think that's what I like.