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Creating a Population Pyramid in Google Docs

YouTube Tutorial Click Me After you open your Google account youll want to create a new spreadsheet make sure you give it a title right away. For example: Minnesota 2010 Population Pyramid o Add four new columns to your spreadsheet (Age Group, Male, Female, Male Original) as shown below

Next, open a new tab in Chrome (Ctrl T) and head to the US Census American FactFinder you can find it by clicking the link or Googling for it. Once you arrive, type in the name of the state you are looking for and hit enter/click Go Click the link that says General Population and Housing Characteristics

You will now see a page with a whole bunch of numbers youll want to scroll down the page a bit until you see Male population and then youll want to highlight (click and drag) all the numbers, then copy those numbers (Ctrl C) it is important that you select all three columns and all age groups.

Now, head back to the spreadsheet you created and paste (Ctrl V) the information you copied under the Male Original column. An example is below.

The next few steps involve a lot of copying (Ctrl C), cutting (Ctrl X) and pasting (Ctrl V), so get ready. First, highlight just the age groups (Under 5 years to 85 years and older and then cut (Ctrl X) and paste (Ctrl V) in Column A below the Age Group heading.
First, cut (Ctrl X) from Column G just the age groups

Then, paste (Ctrl V) to Column A below Age Group

Our next step seems difficult, but really our spreadsheet will do all the work. You will click cell B2 (thats directly below Male) and type an = (NO QUOTES) and then click cell I3 (or whichever cell has your percent of 5 to 9 males) and then type *-1 (NO QUOTES) your cell B2 should now look like this: =I3*-1(This formula tells the spreadsheet to take the number in I3 and multiply it by -1. An example is below.

After your spreadsheet looks like the one above you will hit enter and now in cell B2 you should not see the code, but a negative number like the example below.

You did it. That is probably the hardest part. Seriously. You only need to type that formula once because we can tell the spreadsheet to repeat itself for all the remaining numbers. To do this you will click cell B2 (the one with the formula) which turns the cell blue, and in the lower-right corner of the cell you will hover your mouse over the little blue square until your mouse makes the plus (+) sign. Then click, and then drag down to the bottom of the male age group (85 years and older). Then PRESTO the whole column will fill!

Click the little blue square Then drag down to the bottom and release

Were not quite out of the woods yet, but were getting close! Now, all that is left is to go back to the FactFinder and copy and paste the information for females. The good news is that you dont need to do any more formulas just go back and copy the info for the females. Once youve done that paste it in your spreadsheet somewhere in the middle of Column E. Next, you will want to highlight and cut (Ctrl X) just the percentages in Column G and then paste (Ctrl V) the information in Column C below female.

If your spreadsheet looks like the example below, breathe easy. You did it! Now, a few more clicks to create a population pyramid!

OK, great work up to this point. It wasnt so bad, was it? Sure, you could have manually typed all that informationbut what a waste of time that would be! Plus, you probably learned a few skills along the way. I sense a Spreadsheet Wizard badge in your future. Next step is to highlight all of your data and click the Insert Chart button.

This brings up the chart editor click the Charts tab, then Bar then Stacked Bar if done correctly, your screen should look similar to the one below.

Woa! A chart! One bummerit looksupside down (notice the old folks are on the bottom?)and there isnt a title. Or labels. Fear not! We can fix this. Home-stretch! Well click the Customize tab and lets title our chart (Something like Minnesota, 2010)

Next we need to add labels and get things in the right orderscroll down and check the boxes for Reverse and Compare mode and give your horizontal axis (X-Axis) a title something like Percent of Total Population youll then scroll down further and where it says Major Gridlines change it to 10. Scroll back up one more time and change your axis to vertical axis (Y-Axis) and change the title something like Age Groups.

After youve completed the chart customizing youll click Insert and your chart is basically done! Way to go! From here youll want to click anywhere on your chart and then click the drop-down in the upper-right corner and select Copy Chart

Lastly, go back into Google Drive and create a new Document once you do, be sure you title your document (something like Potential Population Dilemmas in YOUR STATE. Once completed you will paste (Ctrl V) your chart into your document and begin the analysis. o Analyze your pyramid and identify at least three key features of the population pyramid that government officials should be aware of o Based on the key details, hypothesize at least one possible population dilemma that your state will have to confront in the future Based on the potential dilemma, predict or identify three potential consequences to this dilemma o Now that you have identified the problem and its consequences, propose three potential solutions to the dilemma these potential solutions should be explained a couple of sentences o Finally, evaluate the potential solutions and offer your recommendation for what you believe to be the best possible solution to the population dilemma of your state be sure to explain why this solution is the best by comparing/contrasting it to other solutions