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March 6, 2014

The Lake Geneva Regional News welcomes its readers to submit photos of charitable events, personal milestones and school activities for publication. We also accept unique photos of wildlife and nature. Photos must have a minimum 200 resolution. The photos must be in focus and have a natural color distribution. The Regional News may alter the color on photos and crop them. We use editorial discretion when reviewing pictures. The people in the pictures must be identied. Submitted pictures may also appear online at Please email photos to managing editor Robert Ireland at Readers can also bring pictures to the Regional News Ofce, 315 Broad St. Lake Geneva, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


TRACY VOLBRECT AND ARNELL JORGENSEN recently presented a donation to The Time Is Now on behalf of the womens organization (WELCA) of Faith Lutheran Church in Walworth. From left to right are Volbrecht, president, Amy Jorgensen, vice-president/secretary. Accepting is Sal Dimiceli of Time is Now.


GOLDEN YEARS RESIDENTS RECEIVED letters and a visit from second grade students in Calie Ecks class. The students, from St. Francis de Sales Parish School, wrote the letters as part of a writing unit. Some of the students went and delivered the letters. A few residents even wrote back to the students.

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A $500 DONATION TO OPEN ARMS FREE CLINIC was presented to Sara Nichols, left, clinic manager, from Sharon Larson, president of the Lakes Area Philanthropic Education Organization. To Larsons left is Karla Tildahl, PEO member and Open Arms nurse manager, and Kathy Thies, PEO president elect. Open Arms, a nonprot clinic in Elkhorn, offers nonemergency care to jobless and low-income Walworth County residents. The PEO assists womens services with grants, awards and loans.

The Lake Geneva Regional News launched a new feature on its website that allows subscribers to read the paper online at Subscribed readers can access all news stories and view a PDF version of the newspaper on the website. Subscribers also have access to online archives, which include a PDF version of every paper since March 3, 2011! The paper will continue to add past issues to the digital archive in the future.
For more information on online access, contact managing editor Robert Ireland at To subscribe to the Lake Geneva Regional News, contact ofce manager Sue Hinske at or call 262.248.4444 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Delavan Lions Club all-you-can-eat dinner March 16

The Delavan Lions Club will host its 51st annual allyou-can-eat corned beef and cabbage and baked chicken dinner on Sunday, March 16, at the Village Supper Club, Delavan Lake. The buffet dinner is available from 11:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. The meal includes coffee or milk and all the trimmings, including potatoes, carrots, horseradish, bread and butter. Advance tickets are $10 for adults, available from any Delavan Lions Club member or at the supper club. Tickets at the door are $11 for adults, children ages 6 to 12, $5, and those under 5 eat free. For more information or advance tickets, call (262) 949-5387. The address is 1725 South Shore Drive.

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Catholic Daughters card marathon scores

The most recent standings in the Catholic Daughters card marathon have been announced.

SEND FORM AND PAYMENT TO: Lake Geneva Regional News, P.O. Box 937, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 Call or email Sue at 2622484444 or with questions regarding subscriptions, payment information or online registration.

Flight 1 Yvonne Woodley and Mary Koehler, 11,860; Betty Bitner and Betty Bartelson, 9,200; Sybil Klug and Eric Klug, 9,050; Florence Kelleher and Pat Smith, 8,320; Bobbie Hanlon and Mickey Doherty, 7,810; Helen Jacobson and Nancy Mancuso, 6,940; Geri Lehn and Andrea Maes, 6,380. Flight 2 Geri Lehn and Jennifer Neis, 13,270; Ginnie Miller and Ann Catlow, 8,660; Yvonne Woodley and Libby Palmer, 8,130; Betty Bitner and Judy Knight, 7,430; Florence Kelleher and Mary Koehler, 7,320; Andrea Maes and Bobbie Hanlon, 5,630; Mickey Doherty and Geri Cole, 4,850. Flight 3 Yvonne Woodley and Janet Schuren, 10,370; Betty Bitner and Evelyn Pearson, 9,750; Jennifer Neis and Sybil Klug, 8,500; Ginnie Miller and Sandy Higgins, 7,770; Nancy Mancuso and Mary Beth Hogan, 7,130; Pat Hammiller and Betty Bartelson, 5,950; Joan Mellien and Barbara Braden, 4,510. Flight 4 Evelyn Pearson and Bonnie Cornue, 12,960; Betty Bartelson and Joan Kost, 11,130; Kathy

Ingersoll and Ann Serpe, 10,050; Diane Ketchpaw and Marilyn Brandel, 5,600; Mary Godfrey and Lorraine Norem, 5,490; Andrea Maes and Yvonne Woodley, 5,130; Elaine Statz and Jo Stoedter, 4,450. Flight 5 Mary Koehler and DeAnna Anderson, 11,530; Geri Lehn and Elaine Statz, 9,670; Joan Mellien and Dottie Ostrander, 8,940; Evelyn Pearson and Betty Bartelson, 8,140; Chris Marszalek and Andrea Maes, 6,810; Sybil Klug and Mark Klug, 5,950; Ken Scheuerman and Yvonne Woodley, 5,340. Flight 6 Mitch and Pat Smith, 14,850; Stephen and Julie Ahlgren, 11,470; Duane and Mary LaFrenz, 9,910; Pete and Ann Catlow, 8,210; Tim and Joyce Fredrickson, 8,120; Louis and Judy LaBianco, 7,610; Bob and Alice Gibson, 7,470; Gary and Corrine Hagen, 7,090. Flight 7 Bill and Jennifer Neis, 16,670; Dick and Mary Koehler, 11,600; Alan and Bonnie Cornue, 11,490; Sybil Klug and Don Branton, 10,880; Jim and Joan Kost, 10,840; Tony and Ann Serpe, 8,630; Gene and Kathy Ingersoll, 8,210; Don and DeAnna

Anderson, 6,470. Flight 8 Greg and Gene Ingersoll, 14,500; Duane LaFrenz and Rex Newcomb, 13,960; Bill Neis and Bill Thompson, 12,139; Mark Klug and John Klug, 11,270; Mitch Smith and Dick Koehler, 10,050; Clifford Schiefelbein and Tony Serpe, 9,880; Marc Turner and Gary Hagen, 8,180; Ken Scheuerman and Steve Kramer, 6,610. Flight 9 Joyce Schmidt and Jean Cooper, 10,710; Evelyn Lucivansky and Helen Jacobson, 7,470; Isabelle Boldt and Diane Ketchpaw, 7,240; Peggy La Francois and Rita Leahy, 6,670; Lois Larson and Meg Joyce, 6,030; Joan Holzheimer and Dena Hansen, 5,750; Shirley Schreiner and Barbara Giovannoni, 5,740; Darlene Savercool and Terry Behan, 5,580. Flight 10 Bill and Ruth Rorig, 9,400; Dick and Mary Koehler, 8,490; Eleanor Gorski and Bob Volp, 8,000; Ray and Evelyn Lucivansky, 6,790; Jim and Mary Kloster, 6,400; Bob and Dena Hansen, 5,4350; Harvey and Lois Larson, 5,140; John and Debbie Olson, 5,100.

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