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This book is a series thoughts and commentaries based upon actual experiences of both the author and others. It is hoped that this knowledge and wisdom might be used in a way that will help you take action. For it is by taking action on the knowledge we obtain that determines the future we enjoy or despise. Read this book several times over. Doing so will help you put into action the things you read. Take it wherever you go and highlight nuggets that affect you. Starting today, you can start Living The Winners Life. See you at the top! Brandon R. Boyd

What Is Success?
Success is being happy. Success is peace, happiness, and joy. Success is basically feeling good about yourself, your life, and your plans. But there are two forces that are absolutely vital to your happiness and that is your relationships and your achievements. If you dont have good relationships, people dont respect you, or you dont feel like you are progressing, you arent achieving, then feelings of depression and discouragement are going to sink in. Happiness will always be something that begins right between your ears because your mind literally is the drawing room for tomorrows circumstances because what happens in your mind will happen in time. Happiness doesnt start around you, it begins inside you. It something you create. Others cannot make you happy. Only you can create that happiness and others can simply share in that happiness you yourself have created. Standing in sewage water up to his knees in prison, Paul wrote the words, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Regardless of your circumstances, you can create that atmosphere of peace, happiness, and joy and whatever peace, happiness, and joy is to you, then you are successful.

Obstacles To Abundant Success An Unteachable Spirit

Those who are unteachable have an unwillingness to change. Too many people today refuse to implement new and vital information as it becomes available. Let me ask you a question; can you imagine a lawyer who refused to read new laws and update his understanding or a doctor who was unfamiliar with the latest discoveries in the last decade? Would you want him or her performing surgery on you? Of course not. The reality is the most successful businesses are those who adapt to new policies, produce new products and keep informed. They consult the experts. They analyze their own procedures because growing means change! Its a part of prospering and if you are reluctant to change and be taught truth, you will never grow. The good book says, A wise man will hear, and will increase in learning. All of us have had seeds of greatness placed within us and we are responsible for growing those seeds. We are today what we have decided to be based upon our actions and willingness to grow yesterday. Also, dont forget to invest in books or audio that can and will change your life. If your car is worth $70 in gas, surely your mind is worth growing as well. Too many people today have allowed their mind to go bankrupt. Listen to new ideas and concepts because your best days are still ahead. As a great man recently told me, Intolerance of your present will create your future.

Obstacles To Abundant Success Unwise Associations

The good book says that those who will walk with wise men, they themselves shall become wise. You cant fly with the eagles when youre hanging out with pigeons. You become like those you spend the most time with. Many times, you start to eat like them, cuss like them, become negative like them, and even maybe put on a few pounds like them as well. Unwise associations will absolutely destroy the potential of many could-be champions simply because they chose to hang around the wrong people. I heard a great man once say, Whoever cannot increase you, will eventually decrease you. If people dont value your time, neither will they value your wisdom. I think we must spend time re-evaluating our own life and our friendships. Evaluate how much time we waste on Facebook, YouTube, and watching TV. Here is how you recognize unwise associations; those who are more critical of you than they are complimentary and yes,

that can be some spouses and so they need to hear this as well. Those who dont support you with your dreams and goals. Those who even embarrass you. And those who literally drain your energy and time through useless conversation. And heres how to recognize wise associations; those who speak words that build your faith and confidence, those who support you in your goals, and those who remind you of the special gifts and talents you have. If you keep giving time to those who are unworthy of it, stop complaining because you are the one who decides to give them that time. Decide not to take their phone calls or respond to their text messages. Become very selective of your friendships. Peoples feelings are going to get hurt. Remember, the same time you waste on energy drainers is that which could have been invested with winners.

Obstacles To Abundant Success Your Words

The good book says, Death and life are in the power of the tongue and that a fools mouth is his destruction. Boy, I believe a lot of spouses and parents could memorize that verse and put it to good use within their family life and associations with others. Words are literally forces. They build or destroy. They leave a trail of destruction behind or accomplishment. They either build your confidence or tear you down. I remember listening to a marriage CD and the author said, Criticism, seldom, if ever builds up and gets you the results you are seeking for. A great man once said, Our body responds to sounds and our spirit response to words. We must stop talking about shortages and setbacks. Stop talking defeat and disease. Stop talking about failure and problems. Instead, talk about the blessings you now possess. Take time to taste your victories today because now is here. In fact, today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. Every time you talk, you are programming yourself and others. Your future is set in motion by the words you choose to use. I remember hearing Joel Osteen say, There is a miracle in your mouth so begin to talk in the direction you want your life to move.

Obstacles To Abundant Success An Uncommitted Heart

The good book says, A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. A committed heart is a decided heart. Commitment attracts people and will give you favorable opportunities that may not be there if you arent a committed person. I believe we need to get involved in something and give our life to it. Find something bigger than you are and connect with something you can really believe in. Always keep in mind that you will never reach your goals until your priorities become habitual.

Value and Discipline Time

There are literally people who sit around for hours joking and talking about nothing, which I believe will guarantee most peoples failure in life if this is a habit they create. It seems that America has an obsession for fun, which I believe has caused deterioration of purpose in this society. I have found that if we are idle and not progressing that most of us will become frustrated, bored, and possibly even get depressed. Very few active and well-organized people find the time for depression because they are too busy pursuing things that keep them up-beat and excited about their life.

What Is Happiness?
Happiness is simply feeling good about yourself. But you need to make sure and not confuse this with popularity, which simply means others feel good about you. But what you think about yourself, your character, and your own accomplishments will determine you real sense of worth and value. And I think sometimes we think life is meant to be an endurance of trials but I think it should be and can be an enjoyment of our victories. Its all what we choose to focus on and that will absolutely affect our happiness. Too many people look for and wait for someone else to bring their happiness but in reality, no one else can bring us happiness, they can only share in the happiness that we have created for ourselves. Happiness is not something that starts around, it is something that begins inside you. Its something you create. So heres a question for you; what bad news have you believed about yourself? Do past failures or thoughts about yourself affect your current happiness and production? I like how one man said it, Dont let the past hurts and memories chain you to the prison of defeatsmash the locks of your prison! The good book simply says, Remember not the former things, neither even consider the things of old, behold, I will do a new thing and it shall spring forth in your life. The happiness you experience is dependent on two things; your relationships and your achievements. If your relationships with people stink and youre not progressing in your life, its literally impossible to be happy in life. When we stop producing, loneliness and laziness will set in and choke all enthusiasm from our living. Good relationships with family are also vital because if you hold grudges, arent forgiving, and are gossiping about one another, you cant be happy for each other that will affect your happiness. Be a confidence builder and learn to be happy for one another so you can be happy yourself.

Stop sharing your mistakes with everyone

Too many times we display our mistakes and weaknesses like trophies to other people and its unnecessary. It literally puts ammunition in the hands of our enemies so you need to stop putting yourself down. I like what one Apostle said in the good book, This one thing I do, forget those things behind me, and reach forward unto those things which are in front of me; I press toward the mark. Another writer stated, Remember not your former things, neither consider the things of old, for I will do a new thing and it shall spring forth. I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Focus on the things you are doing well in your life and show gratitude. That will literally attract people into your life and watch the promotions start to come. Learn from the past, gain wisdom from others, be grateful for your present, and be excited and optimistic about your future no matter what circumstances you are in.

The Master Key of Desire

The proof of your desire is pursuit. The proof of your desire is pursuit. Mike Murdock says, The grapes of blessing are never placed in your mouth; they are simply placed within your reach. You must stretch in order to get what you truly desire. You must despise where you are before you will ever get to where you want to be. What you are willing to invest your time and money toward reveals what you really want, what you are willing to pursue. What do you enjoy talking about? What receives your time and attention? What dominates your thoughts? Your desire will always make you go the extra mile, push a little harder, reach a little higher. A great

man once said, Desires are like people, they are born, they can grow, and they can die. Here are 3 major ways you can feed your desire. #1 Visualization being able to sustain the mental photograph you create in your mind about your desire. You will never accomplish anything great without a burning desire for it. You must feed that desire daily. You do this by continually visualizing the rewards and pleasures of its attainment. #2 Associations These are wholesome relationships that create momentum toward your desires. You must have the right kind of friends. Scripture says, He that walketh with wise men shall be wise, but a companions of fools will be destroyed. Think about it; dont expose your 16x20 seed to 5x7 mentalities around you. They will never support your ideas. And third, Concentration Focus on the completion of one worthwhile goal at a time. One thing I have learned, and luckily learned early on is to give total attention to one thing at a time because many people allow their creativity to scatter their attention and because of that, their abilities become lost through misfocus. Your creativity is a gift so dont let it become your enemy. And, as harsh as it may seem, you must dismiss those around you who are not leading you toward your inspired goal or desire because remember, your desire deserves your undivided attention.

The Master Key Of Faith

The most explosive weapon you have in your life is not your gun, its not your money; its your faith. Its what God has given you. One man stated, Faith is that invisible confidence that something exists other than what you presently see. It is that internal belief system planted by God in every human being. Faith is the ability to believe. Faith is what drives ordinary people to do the extraordinary. It turns common men into uncommon achievers. Faith can restore broken marriages. It can restore confidence into your broken heart. The proof the faith you proclaim to have is revealed in your pursuit of the unseen. The pursuit of the unseen. Its either dead, dormant, or alive and growing and it has to be working because James 2:26 says, Faith without works is dead meaning if you arent putting forth action, you really dont have faith, instead just a hope or wish. The starving widow gave her final meal to the Prophet and her own life was spared. Thats faith. Noah, though he had never seen rain, started building the ark anyway. Thats faith. Remember, your faith is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it will become.

Overcoming the adversities of Life

"We live in a day when the adversary stresses on every hand the philosophy of instant gratification. We seem to demand instant everything, including instant solutions to our problems. We are indoctrinated that somehow we should always be instantly emotionally comfortable. When that is not so, some become anxious- and all too frequently seek relief from counseling, from analysis, and even from medication. It was meant to be that life was a challenge. To suffer some anxiety, some depression, some disappointment, even some failure is normal.

Teach our members that if they have a good, miserable day once in a while, or several in a row, to stand steady and face them. Things will straighten out. There is great purpose in our struggle in life." (Boyd K. Packer - All That May Be Edified,p.94) Lorenzo Snow stated, The Lord has determined in His heart that He will try us until He knows what He can do with us. He tried His Son Jesus and knew that He could depend upon Him when the salvation of worlds should be at stake; and He was not disappointed. So in regard to ourselves, He will try us, and continue to try us, in order that He may place us in the highest positions in life and put upon us the most sacred responsibilities. (Teaching of the Presidents of The Church, Lorenzo Snow, pgs. 110-111). MONEY: God is known as 'El-Shaidai' or the God of 'more than enough' not the God of limitation. A person can change their annual income to become their monthly income. Its a shift of a person's paradigm. The paradigm we have of ourselves is what will begin to shift our behavior. We have no limit(s) to what we can do, only the limits we plant as seeds in our own mind(s). Intellect itself won't gain you more money, but a new paradigm will. LIFE: Sometimes we look to see if there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it appears as if it's a freight-train coming at us. In life, that may seem to be the case. We must look for the light WITHIN the tunnel to truly SEE the good within the dark. GOD: God made us to climb....not to CRAWL through life. We are commanded to MULTIPLY and become more. PAIN: Those who you feel created the pain of your yesterday's do not, unless you allow it, control the pleasure of your tomorrows. WISDOM: The only difference between our Present and our Future is the Wisdom and Knowledge we CHOOSE to pursue. DAILY DECISIONS: What we choose to do DAILY is deciding what we become permanently. LIFE: We need to stop telling people how BIG our mountains in life are and start telling our mountains how BIG our God is. Joel Osteen LOVE: Love is a choice. Love is a decision we make every single day. It's not just a feeling. It's a choice. It's a decision. It's an attitude. It's a way of thinking. Your partner should be #1 (after God of course) in your mind, your heart, and in your actions and you must choose to look out for THEIR interests if you ever want to truly be happy. TITHING AND GIVING: I had a person tell me today, "I have given, and given, and given for years and God has never blessed me." I said, "Isn't that amazing? That's astounding. The fact that you are able to continue to give is proof He has given you a harvest. You are doing just fine brother. You are in good Hands."

YOUR FUTURE: We as humans do not decide our future. We decide the habits that determine our future. What we choose to do daily will decide what we become permanently. What you eat daily has created your present physical condition. How you spend your money daily creates a secure financial future or destroys it completely. GOD: The evidence seen on a daily basis of God's presence here in mortality far outweighs the so-called Proof of His absence. DISAPPOINTMENT: Disappointment is good. It's fertilizer. It is the Seed for great change. It is the Seed for dramatic improvement in your life. Stay there long enough to gain the Wisdom from it. WINNERS: Winning is not something that starts around begins INSIDE you. You create your own victories as well as failures. You can only conquer your past by focusing on your future. Stop looking at where you have been and start looking at where you are going. A successful life is often very expensive. It will cost you something to become a Champion. Time. Energy. Focus. WHAT IS SUCCESS? Its Peace, Happiness, and Joy. It's subjective. Its the freedom to be who you REALLY are. Its failure + persistence. Its the complete and honest realization that its okay to fail. GROWING OLD: We don't grow old, we simply gain Wisdom. We don't go to Work. We go to Joy. We were never designed to worry. Its a learned behavior. PROCRASTINATION: Far too many people procrastinate. Procrastination is the fertilizer that makes difficulties grow. It steals a person's time, productivity, and potential. Procrastination is too high a price to pay for fear of failure. Don't wait for motivation to get you going. Forget motivation. Just do it and motivation will follow your actions no matter what you choose to do. CHALLENGES IN LIFE: The challenges we all face in life are NOT meant to bring us down. Instead, they are built as a STEPPING STONE so that we can STEP UP into our total potential. FREE: I am amazed how many individuals mess up every new day with yesterday. We can choose to LIVE today free from the failures and pains of yesterday. Turn the page and move on. Fail early, fail often, but always fail FORWARD. PRAYER: A GREAT person told once, "When life gets too hard to stand....KNEEL." HAPPINESS: You need to learn to be HAPPY where you are NOW or you will never get to where you want to be. TODAY is the day to be happy. No need to delay happiness. Happiness is a CHOICE you make each day. Youre just about as happy as you DECIDE to be. Happiness is not determined by our circumstances but instead our choices.

PERSPECTIVE: Many hardships are a 'moment' in eternity but while we are going through them, they FEEL like an 'eternal moment.' But with the help of the Lord they can be 'endured well."

LIFE: All of us in life get 'tested' from time to time. And those tests can and will become your 'TEST-i-mony' to others in the future to encourage and inspire them. COMMANDMENTS: When we are on the straight and narrow path, we have MANY commandments. We are BLESSED with commandments, not a few and with RULES and GUIDELINES from the Lord. Those who are wicked and foolish want to do away with restrictions and rules. They wobble down broad roads which lead to captivity, remorse, and loss of freedom. Satan frees us to BIND us. God BINDS us to FREE us. LIFE: Life isnt fair. It isnt going to be fair. Stop wallowing in self-pity and whining throughout the day. Go out and make life happen for you! Failure will be the greatest opportunity to know who you really are. What you think is meant for your harm God will mean for your promotion. Life wont be fair but God is. SINS: Our sins are our greatest possessions because we will not give them up. GOD IN CONTROL? Many say, "God's in control." If He's in control of what goes on during this earth life then I don't want to go to Heaven if that's the best He can do. We must accept responsibility for OUR decisions. We decide our future and God can help lead us along. He cannot dictate our control our decisions. We choose our destiny. You must accept responsibility for your lifestyle based upon decisions made in the past. FAITH: Faith is learning how to trust God even when you dont understand. HEAVEN will reward us for what we REALLY ARE rather than for what we outwardly appear to be. YOUR FUTURE: With everyone stressed and in FEAR about the future keep in mind that your future is just as bright as your FAITH.

Keeping Your Enthusiasm Alive

Anything can die, even a dream. Anything neglected will deteriorate whether its a marriage, business, or the dream of your life. The great Solomon understood the importance of motivating others because he constantly stayed in contact with builders, employees, and those who were involved with his dream. You see, those around you are plagued with constant interruptions and distractions. They need your energy, encouragement, and protection to keep their focus. Here

are four power keys that will unleash enthusiasm around you. Number one, create a visual picture of your dream and place it on the wall that you look at every day whether at work or home, or both. Feast on it. Discuss it. Talk about it. Think about it because you must keep you vision in front of you. Number two, take a tiny step every day toward your big dream because small steps create big joys within you and if you take enough small steps, you will find increasing energy and desire to accomplish your dream. Number three, assemble a support team that believes in your dream and carefully choose the people you want to be close to you. And fourth, realize that you are responsible to maintain your own enthusiasm and energy for achieving the dream of your life and keep in mind, it is not the responsibility of your husband or wife because it is your dream and your life so you must take the steps necessary to make and keep that enthusiasm going.

Moving On From Tragedy and Adversity

Tragedies happen to almost everyone yet somehow we must move on and keep our focus. Those who are successful cannot always prevent a tragedy around them, but they can prevent it from becoming a tragedy within them. For example, Mary Kay, just before opening her new business had her husband die right on the kitchen table in front of her. He was gone in the middle of the biggest dream of her life. She did not quit. She acknowledged that her life was a long way from over. Today, thousands of women have been motivated, restored, and blessed because of this extraordinary and uncommon woman. She faced her tragedy and conqured and that is what we must do. Your dream must go on. Your goals must continue to be fed within you. The person you love may betray you. Your children may refuse to visit you. Your father may never say a kind word to your face. You may not even know your mother and father. But that is not a reason to fail or quit. You will not be able to prevent every tragedy from occurring, but you can prevent it from destroying you emotionally because your future is too wonderful to stop. Permit your own tragedy to soften your heart and make you a healer to the hurting around you. Instead of asking why instead ask What is my next step toward where I need to go? When you ask the right questions, the right answers emerge. And give yourself time to heal; dont force it. Take time to look for references and experiences of others who have encountered what you are going through but have overcome with a good perspective, not those who have endured the pain in bitterness and hate. If the doctor has told you your disease is incurable, begin to listen to testimonies and reflect on the victories of those who have received supernatural healing. Work to build up your faith. Pour yourself into your future because your future is too good to be ignored.

The Devastating Effect Of Wrong Words

As Mike Murdock so eloquently puts it, Words will create life and death around us. The great Solomon painted a portrait of peace and prosperity with his words. He did not focus on discussing his doubts. His words did not portray fear into his own atmosphere as well as others around him. Those who came into his presence heard comforting, encouraging, uplifting words. People crave to be in the presence of someone who can see their great future. Solomon used words as bridges to help move people from where they were to where they wanted to be. He used words as exits from the present so they could move away from the troubles in their lives.

Here are some proverbs Solomon gave in the Old Testament that have the power to change your life, if you allow them to. I will speak of excellent things and the opening of my lips shall be right things. The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life. Whoso keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps his soul from troubles. Solomon taught many facts about words stating words like words can poison and destroy a persons life. Any man who controls his mouth is literally protecting his own life. He who opens his wide lips shall have destruction. Right words can turn an angry man into a friend, and wrong words can turn a friend into an enemy. Your words reveal whether you are wise or a fool. Right words breathe life into everything around you because a wholesome tongue is a tree of life. The purpose of words is to educate, enthuse, and enlarge those around you because the lips of the wise will disperse knowledge. Your personal happiness is influenced by the words that come out of your mouth. Those who are wise and prudent are cautious with their words. Right words are as important as water on earth and the sustaining of human life because the words of a mans mouth are as deep waters and the wellspring of wisdom as a flowing brook. Many men fail because of the words they speak because as Solomon states, A fools mouth is his destruction. Wrong words can wound others and destroy people and friendships forever. Solomon also gives many verses where he states that words determine which dreams of yours will live or die. He also states in essence that any words you allow others to speak into you decide the wisdom you contain because Solomon knew that words were the difference between his present season and his future season. He also understands that talking to fools was a waste of time when he stated, Speak not in the ears of a fool; for he will despise the wisdom of thy words. Right words will feed and sustain those who are around you because the lips of the righteous feed many. Right words also bring health and healing because the tongue of the wise is health. Solomon also stated that those who are wise will avoid the presence of those who consistently speak wrong words. When you speak right words, you will gain access to powerful and important people. He also stated that the quality of your words reveal the quality of your heart because you can read the heart of any person by listening to the words they are speaking about others. Some of the greatest friendships on earth are broken because of wrong words. Strife as well can always be traced to someones words. He states that words can influence and affect the accumulation of your wealth as well. They can get you fired or prevent you from getting promoted. Or you can be promoted or receive a raise. I think by now you should be, if you arent already, convinced that the words you choose to use are absolutely critical. They will determine a life you either love or a life you hate. Its your choice. Choose wisely.

A Reputation Of Integrity
Its been said that integrity attracts worthy relationships. The reality is people talk. They talk about your weaknesses, your strengths, your failures, your successes, your fears, and your potential. Whether you like it or not, people will form opinions about you. Your reputation determines the QUALITY of people you attract. Those who are comfortable with your weaknesses will enter your life to continue nurturing those same problems. Those comfortable with your strengths will want to participate in your successes. Your reputation determines the flow of favor. Everyone loves to participate in the birthing of a success. Once your success is known, everyone will want to participate and become involved. But, when your reputation is stained and questionable, quality people withdraw. Solomon said it well when he stated, A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and

gold. Wealth cannot purchase good relationships but good relationships can produce wealth in some form. Two things create credibility and that trustworthiness and expertise. Trustworthiness demonstrates that you are what you appear to be. Expertise demonstrates that you are the best at what you do so do what you say you will do; pay the bill you promised to pay. Finish what you start. Do quality work, etc. These two keys will create a powerful reputation that attract the right people, uncommon blessing, favor, and uncommon financial rewards. When committing to do something for someone, establish achievable goals with reasonable deadlines that you know you can fulfill. Keep your promises. Do what you promise others you will do. Develop quality friendships around you. Never sell a product you dont personally use. This is huge. Companies like Mary Kay are so big because they have such a high percentage of their customers regularly use their products, thus they tell others about them. People will be able to know if you are using the products you are trying to promote to them or if you even believe in the product.

Choosing To Be Happy
People choose to be happy. Happy people are uncommon decision makers. They have deliberately chosen to focus on the good side of life. They are not blind to thorns. They have chosen to focus on the roses, the good experience instead. Many think that happy people are those experiencing wonderful moments, uncommon finances, and deep love from others. Often, the opposite is true. Some of the happiest people I know have experienced the deepest sorrows, tragedies, and uncommon battles in life. At some point though, they made a decision to be a happy person. Happy people make the decision to become so. They are often the best decision makers around you. They energize others to a higher level of productivity and enthusiasm. They have a completely different vocabulary than the unhappy. They say things like, We will make it happen! The unhappy often say, Thats impossible. Happy people create a climate of expectation, not depression. So, strive to hang around others who are happy so they can help create the climate and atmosphere you desire. Doing so will completely change your present as well as your future.

Investing In Your Future

It appears that many believe more in their car than they do in their future. They spent $300 on a payment, $80 in insurance, and $220 in gas. That is about $600/month just for a car that spends 98% of its time sitting in a parking lot or garage. Yet, they have invested nothing in themselves month after month, or into their business, their job, their dream, etc. It's no wonder why we have people going here, there, and everywhere, yet getting nowhere.

Today Looks Tiny

You need to get a dream so big that today looks tiny. When you get the dream, it will be bigger than your present paycheck. It will require an absolute miracle. You are commanded by the Almighty to become more. Increase is expected of you.

A Financial Miracle
Interesting to me that many people's long-term plans are to attend a movie next week. They lack vision. They simply want enough money to go down to Denny's and buy three pancakes and two eggs. That is their idea of a Grand-Slam in the game of life. Their goal is to get through the day. They simply never dream BIG enough to REQUIRE a financial miracle; therefore, it never comes. Not a surprise. Little dreams = little miracle. Little seeds = small harvest. Uncommon achievers will ALWAYS set uncommon goals.

Become The Right Person

Some people come to me and say, "If I only had the tools then I could be more successful." I am reminded by a statement T. Harv Eker made when he said, " Having the top-of-the-line tools is imperative, but BEING the top-notch carpenter who masterfully USES the tools is even more critical. Its not enough to be in the right place at the right time as so many seem to say. You have to be the right PERSON in the right place at the right time." Business, marriage, and relationships seem to go better when you BECOME the right person instead of WAITING for the right person or business to come along.

The Thermostat Of Your Mind

I was speaking to an individual and they said, "I never seem to have enough money. No matter how much I make, it all goes away." The thought came to my mind that most people's financial 'thermostat' is set for generating hundreds of dollars, or thousands of dollars, not millions or billions. And some people's financial thermostats are set for below zero. They're freezing and they have no idea why! Whatever we set in the atmosphere of our mind, can become a reality, whether its positive or negative. If all you've ever said is, "If I can just make enough....or if I can just make $50,000 this year...then that will be great, etc." Then walla, that may be one of the reasons why you don't make more, or how you just barely get by. You set the bar too low. Why set it to millions of dollars or more? Because life is not all about you and your paycheck, your house, your car, and your clothes, etc! Their are millions of people around the world who need a helping hand who are truly struggling. They need you and it starts with your dream. But you must dream big. Stop speaking lack into your present future. You can always do more than you think you can...and, you will.

You Must Believe In Your Product What Youre Selling

You will never succeed in any business unless you REALLY believe in that business. You must believe in the product you are promoting or else your doubts will eventually surface. What will make you BELIEVE in the product? Product knowledge and actually USING it. Can you imagine Bill Gates being caught using software other than Microsoft? Or a Eureka vacuum

salesperson being caught using the Rainbow vac? Maybe that's the problem...we have some people pitching our products and yet they go home and use, Quicken for business tax tracking (not IRS bullet-proof), they use Groupon for discounts, and things of that nature. Remember, a lawyer must study new laws. A doctor must keep well-read on the latest studies concerning the body. A policeman has to study his weapons, the laws, his rights, and the mindset of criminals. If he doesn't, he knows he is 'a dead man in the streets' and that goes for us as well when we don't know our business. Many don't even study it or show up for practice yet they don't understand why their not a Founder 4. You will NEVER have anything you are unwilling to pursue. Don't expect to succeed unless you are THOROUGHLY informed about the product & business you are promoting. Some call it 'ignorance on fire' and I call it stupidity. You would never want an ignorant doctor to perform heart surgery on you 'hoping' it goes well. Are you simply too busy trying to 'make a buck' that you really have not developed a powerful understanding and confidence in what you are doing? Well, you can change that today.

Never Misrepresent What Youre Selling

It is stated that those who cover their lies will not prosper. Anyone who does business with you wants the truth, the total truth because eventually it surfaces. Focus on the advantages your product or business will offer to another person and keep in mind that an honest relationship is worth one hundred sales. Your integrity will always be remembered longer than your product or business. The truth will always pay off.

Take Time To Rest

The good book says, And on the 7th day, God rested from ALL His work. Even God, the greatest of all understood the concept of rest, yet so many of His children neglect it and fill their time with things that wear them down. Rest and recreation are not a sin. Think about it, rest time is really repair time. It is not a loss of productivity. It is actually a time for renewing. It is receiving time. It helps release your potential. Work time is giving. Rest time is receiving and you must have both or else you will absolutely burn yourself out physically and psychologically because life can be so demanding. People are demanding and it seems that the more you succeed, the more people will demand of you. So, you have to work hard, but play just as enthusiastically as you do with your work. Schedule the play time. Take one day a week off completely. Totally and completely relax. Focus on something different than your job because if you do, your mind will think clearer. You will make better decisions. You will see life through different eyes and you will accomplish far more in less time. Just like I had to learn myself, you must stop your frantic push for success. Take time to taste the present because the fires of desire will always rage within you and you must dominate that rage and focus it so learn to rest today and ask yourself, How often do I actually schedule rest and relaxation time? If I had one full day to myself, what would I do? So learn to rest because even Jesus did.

Take The Time To Plan Your Day & Your Life

Planning is the starting point for any goal that you want to achieve. You need to make a list of things to do every day of your life. Write down things you want to accomplish each day and then assign each of those things a specific time or the time will just pass by. Think about it, if you cannot or will not plan events for 24 hours in your life, what makes you think you will accomplish your desires for the next 24 hours? Write out your plan clearly on a sheet of paper. Successes are usually scheduled events. Failures are not. Planning is tedious. It is meticulous. It is grilling, demanding, and exhausting. In my personal opinion, detailed planning is really never fun. But, sometimes you have to do something you hate to create something you love. So, why do people avoid planning? Some do it because it is time consuming. They are so busy mopping up the water that they do not take the time to turn off the faucet. The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

You Dont Have To Close Every Deal To Be Successful

I am reminded of a great scripture that says, Let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Sometimes a no may mean we just need to ask again. Rejection itself is not fatal. It is merely someones opinion. Jesus experienced more rejection than any human who ever lived on earth. He was born in a stable. He was born as an outcast in society. And even today, you watch TV and talk show hosts belittle and make fun of Him and those who follow Him. The name of Jesus is used daily as a curse word by millions, though it part of the commandments of what not to say. And His own people rejected Him and would not receive Him. Not everyone is going to celebrate you or welcome your future but remember someone needs what you have to offer. Your contribution to life is an absolute necessity for their successes. Remember, Babe Ruth had more home runs than anyone for years, yet he had more strikeouts than anyone in baseball history. Same goes for Michael Jordan and Thomas Edison, yet they are revered as great people in history from 'failures'. They were willing to 'strikeout' to hit the home run. It's time for you to climb out of your recliner and make that telephone call or write that letter and sooner or later, you will succeed.

The Image You Have Of Yourself

Nobody 'really' knows you. You know more about yourself than anyone else. Never forget this. It is not what others say about you that matters in life. It is what you 'believe' about yourself. Many people are ignorant and they will always fight what they do not understand. Don't fight the critics or waste time with them. Keep your attention on your goal and remain focused. And don't strive to look good; instead BE good. Don't struggle to have a good reputation; have character instead.

Dont Let The Past Determine Your Future

Never build your future around your past. You must forget the past and reach forward to the future. Learn from it, gain wisdom from it, and move forward with positive action. You can move beyond the scars of yesterday. Quit complaining that you are broke. Stop repeating stories of those who have failed you. Stop advertising your pain or meditating on your flaws. Everyone has limitations or is handicapped in some way. Start today to concentrate on your future and see the peace of mind that comes into your life as you focus on what you are becoming and what lies ahead.

Dont Waste Your Time With The Critics

Critics are always spectators, not players. Many times, they are people who have failed to reach a goal in their life and so they are hurting inside and while hurting, they build their life trying to destroy others. As Joel Osteen put it, They want to watch you be built up, all the more to watch you be torn down. Have you ever seen a statue in honor of a critic? Didnt think so. Even Jesus didnt feel obligated to answer His critics as He held His peace. He responded to hunger. He responded to thirst. He responded to seekers and you must do the same in your life and in your business. Critics will despise the wisdom of your words. One time, I remember sitting down for over an hour to write a response to a critical letter from a lady. I went back and forth as to what I was going to say and how I would say it. And then it me, I had never spent over an hour writing a letter to my own mother who carried me with her for 9 months and raised me for 18 straight years with no rest. I realize that spending that kind of a time on a critic was really a waste of time. Those actions can drain your energy and cause you to lose focus in your life, your business, and your relationships. So, what would Jesus do? He would ignore the critics.

Take Time To Educate Those You Mentor

It is extremely important that you mentor someone. Train them. Teach them what you know instead of withholding information from people who can help you grow. You must become a Master Teacher. Keep them motivated, influenced, and inspired. Invest the time needed to nurture their vision, their knowledge, and the rewards you want them to pursue. You need good people around you. You need inspired people around you. You need informed people around you. You may be their only source for information and motivation. Again, take the time to train others.

Dont Allow Others Steal Your Desire and Goals

Your success in on the other side of those laughing at you. People laughed over the thought of a horseless carriage as well as when the telephone was invented, yet we cant live without either very well. Your family will make fun of you. Your friends will say what youre doing is stupid.

Do what you believe with full energy of heart and others will eventually follow you when their own life has come crashing down.

Dont Allow Bitterness To Destroy Your Life

Bitterness is something you create; something you do to yourself. Jesus had every reason to be bitter. Those around Him mocked Him and even two of His own disciples denied Him, yet He refused to be bitter. He said, Let all bitterness and anger be out away from you. Be kind one to another, forgiving one another, even as God has forgiven you. Strive to eliminate all words of bitterness in your conversations. Dont remind others of your experience. Frankly, theyre just glad it was you and not them so stop bringing it up Only use your experience to teach and encourage them to rise above their own lusts.

Others Are There To Help Take You To Another Level

Greatness is everywhere. People have different contributions. You need different kinds of people in your life who give you input. Someone needs what you possess and you need something they can contribute toward you. As stated, Where no counsel is, people fall but in the multitude of counselors there is safety. Be willing to listen to others. Everyone sees through different eyes. Someone knows something you should know and you will not know it until you take the time to stop and hear them out. One piece of information can turn your life completely around.

Decisions Today Create Your Future

Winners make decisions that create a desired future instead of a desired present. Decisions create events. If you eat two slices of pecan pie every night, what will be the inevitable result? If you smoke two packs of cigarettes per day, what can you expect to happen? Everything you are presently doing will benefit your present or your future. The choice is going to be yours. You are going to make a lot of decisions today. Some of them will give you pleasure today, but the result of them tomorrow will make you miserable. You must be willing to go through a season of pain to create a future of gain. Also, be sure to be patient because those who refuse to wait usually lose. And reprogram your thinking to distance. Reprogram your life for endurance. Start thinking long term about eating habits, your business, and your friendships.

Final Thoughts
Read this book several times over and over. Memorize quotes. Immediately put them into action and see what starts to happen in your life as you become focused on living the way of a winner. I look forward to your testimonials as your life begins to changetoday.

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