The Republic of Uganda

I have read what was in the papers today regarding the NRM Parliamentary Caucus meetings of Monday and Tuesday, 3rd and 4th March, !"4# Those meetings spent some time discussing the rumours, which have $een circulating, with a view to ending them and galvani%e the cohesion of the Movement# &nfortunately, the media has put out a lot of distortions purporting to $e relaying the conclusions of these Caucus meetings# The allegation that the 'ecretary()eneral, the Rt# *on# M$a$a%i, had $een replaced $y the *on# Todwong, for instance, is not true# The 'ecretary()eneral is still the 'ecretary()eneral# *owever, on account of $eing very $usy as Prime Minister, I, some time last year, appointed the *on# Todwong as Minister without Portfolio in charge of Mo$ili%ation to help the 'ecretary )eneral run the day to day activities of mass political wor+# *e is, however, not 'ecretary )eneral# The ,eputy 'ecretary()eneral, *on# ,orothy *yuha, was appointed as -m$assador and posted to Tan%ania as our *igh Commissioner# .n the issue of referring some NRM /eaders to the ,isciplinary Committee, this was a misrepresentation $ecause the various levels of NRM, including C0C, are still studying the sources and authenticity of these rumours# In any case the NRM Parliamentary Caucus did not pass formal Resolutions# Therefore, the NRM supporters are re1uested to stay calm and continue with their normal wor+# The leadership, under my oversight, is handling all the issues caused $y the rumours#


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