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Guess Paper – 2009

Class – X
(Two Hours) [M.M. 100]

The paper will be divided into two sections. ALL questions in section A are compulsory and any
FOUR questions in Section B. The intended marks for questions are given in brackets[ ]

[40 Marks]
Attempt ALL questions

Question 1.
What is method. Explain with example (3)
What is character stream ? (3)
Explain the usage of Final. (2)
Give example of continue and break in switch –case. (2)

Question 2.
a) Differentiate between Statement and Block. (4)
b) Define bytecode (2)
c) Evaluate if a=12
(a++)+(a--); (1)

Question 3.
a) What is try-catch in java. (2)
b) Write a syntax of conditional operator.
c) Explain the concept of Math class in Java. (4)
d) What is difference between bubble sort and selection sort. (2)

Question 4.
1. Distinguish inheritance and polymorphism with example. (4)
2. What is array of objects ? Explain. (2)
3. Explain exception handling in java. (4)

[60 Marks]

Answer any FOUR questions in this section. Each program should be written in such a way that
it clearly depicts the logic of the problem. This should be achieved by using mnemonics and
comments in the program. Give the variable list used in the program. Flowcharts and
algorithms not required.

Question 5.
1. Write a program to print fibbonacci series till n terms using recursion
function. (15)

Question 6:
a) Write a program to print : (15)
1. String in reverse
2. Whether entered string is palindrome or not
3. print the first character of that string at last
For eg. “deep”->eepd
“b”-> b

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Question 7.

Write a menu driven program through which user can calculate and print the
sum, difference & product of two matrices (7)

Question 8.

a) Write a class to enter three numbers in a function numb( ). And print the
numbers entered if it is possible that the addition of any two numbers give third
For eg. numb(3,4,7) -> here 3+4=7
numb(8,5,3) -> 5+3=8
numb(8,10,2) -> 8+2=10

b) Write a program to print “Hello (name)” until user press “y” or “Y” else quit.

Name Mrs. Deepali Bakshi

Email Id
Telephone No. 9347004266

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