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DTG Viper Error: 0001001D

The Error Code 0001001D is an error that can be thrown due to several factors. In all cases it deals with the Carriage Assembly and connected components. Below are the reasons and steps that must be taken to remedy. Reasons for the error: 1) The carriage has an issue moving across the carriage rails. This in turn causes the carriage return motor to work harder which in turn throws the error code. 2) There could also be an issue with the encoder strip, such as scratches, that can cause the error. 3) There may be a case where voltage exceeding the specified value is about to be applied to the Carriage Return Motor. In such a case, this message is displayed and the printer stops. Points to be checked: The Carriage Return Encoder & Sensor must be free from dust and dirt or any other foreign matters. Make sure nothing has damaged the encoder or that nothing is hitting the encoder strip as the carriage moves. The Carriage Return Timing Belt must be free from any defects and the belt must be properly tensioned. The Carriage Unit must slide smoothly, free from undue load. Check for dirt, paper dust or damage to the CR Scale. Make sure that there is nothing blocking the carriage from moving freely left to right. Clean the carriage rails, carriage belt, and wheels for dust and ink. Parts to change: Carriage Return Motor, encoder strip, encoder board, encoder FFC, timing belt. Tools for cleaning: Cleaning solution Paper towels Phillips head screwdriver If cleaning does not work, and there are no obstructions, the parts above must be changed. Should none of the aforementioned parts correct the error then the main board must be replaced. You should not rush to change the main board as this is an expensive item and may not be returned once installed. Relevant Part Numbers: Carriage Return Motor: Vipercrmotor Carriage Return Belt ViperCrbelt Encoder strip Viperencodst Encoder Board ViperencoderbdassyCA000 Main Board Vipermainboard

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