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Vice President of Finance and Administration

On behalf of our client, Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, KeyStone Search is conducting a retained search for a Vice President of Finance and Administration.


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ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation ( is a nonprofit health and human services organization that has served the greater Saint Paul, Minnesota, area since 1906. The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation is an organization centered on improving the lives of individuals, families and communities. Since its founding, the Wilder Foundation has a legacy of promoting the social welfare of East Metro residents by all appropriate means through serving the poor, sick and needy and building the capacity of the community to do the same. The organization changes are needed in order to remain relevant and responsive to its clients, partners and the community to achieve the greatest possible community impact. Wilder is not a grant-making foundation, but a public charity as defined by section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Wilder Foundation provides direct services for 8,500 clients and their families annually, generates about 150 research reports, serves as the backbone organization for community initiatives, and develops about 300 community leaders. Wilder delivers services for children and families facing challenges in their homes, schools and other community settings. For example, Wilder provides childrens mental health services, school success initiatives, culturally-specific programs, early childhood development services and family housing and employment support for children and families of all ages and backgrounds. Wilders Community Services for Aging provides low-income adults and adults with disabilities with programs and services that allow them to live independent and healthy lives in the community. From assisted living and day programs to memory loss and caregiver support, Wilder provides high quality care for seniors and caregivers. Wilders leadership development programs work to build skills of emerging community leaders and renew the energy and commitment of experienced leaders. Wilder Research continues to be one of the nations largest nonprofit research and evaluation centers dedicated to the field of human services. Wilder Center, located at the corner of University Avenue and Lexington Parkway, is a gathering space for community groups and other nonprofits. About 40,000 people attend events, meetings and conferences in the Foundations meeting spaces every year. During the coming months the organization is looking forward to the launch of its grocery store on wheels, Twin Cities Mobile Market and continue in partnership with Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative and House of Hope Presbyterian Church to develop a 44 units of supportive housing, located at the corner of Prior and University Avenue with hopes to open its doors within the next couple of years. Services will continue to expand in the newly opened Center for Social Healing to provide culturally responsive mental health services for members of the Southeast Asian community, including social adjustment and psychotherapy groups, healing gardens, community trips and more. And Wilder will play an on-going leadership role with the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood Initiative, a comprehensive effort working to ensure that all 7,000 children in a 250-block area of the Frogtown and SummitUniversity neighborhoods are successful in school and life. Wilder Foundation will expand in areas where it believes it is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the greatest number of vulnerable people in the East Metro.


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The Foundation began fiscal year 2014 with a total operating budget of $37.5 million, 380 employees, and 1800 volunteers. Every 2.5 miles in the City of St. Paul, there is a Wilder staff person or volunteer, delivering a service to benefit those in need who live or work in the City. MISSION The Mission of the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation is to promote the social welfare of persons resident or located in the greater Saint Paul metropolitan area by all appropriate means. The mission includes: Relief of the poor Care of the sick and aged Care and nurture of children Aid of the disadvantaged and otherwise needy Promotion of physical and mental health Support of rehabilitation and corrections Provision of needed housing and social services

The Wilder Foundation provides human services responsive to the welfare needs of the community, all without regard to, or discrimination on account of, nationality, sex, color, religious scruples or prejudices. VALUES To accomplish its mission Wilder continues to be committed to being responsive, innovative and effective. This commitment will be met as the Foundation is: listening, communicating and engaging respectfully honoring diverse perspectives and cultures behaving ethically, compassionately and responsibly taking action to create positive change.

VISION The greater Saint Paul area will be a vibrant community where all individuals, families and neighborhoods can prosper, with opportunities to work, to be engaged in their communities, to live in decent housing, to attend good schools and to receive support during times of need. ASPIRATIONS Children and families: Children and families have what they need to achieve their full potential. Aging: Older adults have what they need to maximize their quality of life. Community, Research and Leadership: Residents and leaders are informed and engaged in creating solutions to vital community issues.


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A Great Place to Work: Wilder employees have a satisfying work life and are able to develop and use their strengths and skills in serving vulnerable people of greater Saint Paul.

The organizational culture is: mission-driven and driven by an ethic of service that integrates and aligns direct services, research, and community capacity building to improve the human condition in a culturally relevant and inclusive manner.


The Vice President of Finance and Administration is a corporate officer who leads the Foundations financial and administrative functions, providing the highest level of quality consistent with the efficient use of the organizations financial and human resources. The Vice President develops and implements goals, strategies, and policies that result in effective and responsible management of the financial and administrative functions of the Foundation.

The Vice President of Finance and Administrations primary responsibilities and related essential functions include:
1. Set the strategic direction for the Foundation in its financial strategy,

financial policy and administrative practice. o Participate in the development and implementation of the strategic plan, aligning financial and administrative practices, and identifying new financial, business and administrative opportunities. o Improve the effectiveness of all human, financial, and physical resources of the Foundation through a strong, high-functioning administrative division. o Design interventions and implements plans of action to ensure the Foundation and the Wilder Resource Management Group (WRMG) are able to achieve annual objectives as approved by the President and the Board of Directors. o In collaboration with the Human Resources Director, design, develop, and oversee the Foundations Human Resources strategies and policies to ensure effective organizational development practices. o Partner with Foundation leaders to ensure the strategic development of the annual and long range operating and capital budgets. o Serve as the Chief Financial Officer for the Foundation, supporting the President to provide ongoing financial analysis of actual activities and expenditures for the Foundation. o Ensure an information services and technology capability that enables the organization to perform. o Provide oversight stewardship and growth of the Foundations asset base.


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Approve and oversees strategy and management for contract development, implementation and compliance.

2. Provide leadership and direction for financial accounting and reporting

systems and oversight of a system of internal controls and risk management. o Oversee the capital and operating budget processes; periodic forecasting; billing purposes; financial controls; business processes; and operations management of the financial systems that process receipts and payments, and maintain official corporate financial records. o Manage the Foundations fiscal and business policies and procedures so that externally mandated requirements are met and meaningful financial information and reporting is provided to operations directors and management.
3. Provide leadership and management of the Foundations assets including

capital investment, fixed asset planning and disposition. o Ensure Foundation debt is managed in a fiscally sound manner and create and oversee effective cash management practices to ensure there is enough cash to cover the Foundations needs. o Oversee and coordinate pension and endowment management activities with the outsourced Chief Investment Officer. o Oversee real estate assets and non-operating properties under the stewardship of the Foundation. o Provide ongoing, appropriate and effective communication regarding the fiscal issues relevant to the Foundation.
4. Serve as primary liaison to the Board of Directors for assigned committees,

specifically the committee chairs of Human Resources, Investment, Audit and Compliance, and Finance Committees to set content and process for committee and board action. o Develop, coordinate and deliver major strategic board presentations on corporate topics and issues of a strategic nature for decision making in consultation with the President and CEO. o Provide the Board with accurate information on major Foundation corporate plans and participate in the development of monthly board meetings as needed.
5. Recruit, retain and develop key talent and indirectly supervise all Wilder

Management Resource Group staff to ensure productivity and effectiveness of administrative functions. o Promote and develop a workplace culture that attracts and retains smart, knowledgeable staff. o Foster the professional development and productivity of each staff member toward the achievement of individual, team and organizational goals. o Lead and effectively communicate the Foundations strategic direction and organizational goals to WRMG employees. o Develop organizational partnerships with operating divisions through WRMG. o Cultivate a customer service orientation in all aspects of administration.


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Organize and support WRMG department functionality to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of WRMG services.

6. Serve as a key member of the Foundations senior leadership team. o Serve as a key member of the Foundations strategic leadership team,

o o

working with the President, the Board and other senior leaders on Foundation-wide strategic development initiatives and infrastructure. Articulate, model and steward the organizations values of innovation, responsiveness and effectiveness. Lead courageously during times of challenge or change. Possess personal alignment with the Wilder Foundation mission and behaviors that reflect the Foundations values. Exhibit behavior that reinforces a collaborative, trusting and safe environment in order to attain individual, team and organizational goals. Apply teambuilding and organizational development skills to foster excellence in interactions at all levels of the organization. Demonstrate a leadership style that exemplifies cultural competency, adaptability, principled ethical leadership and personal character.

Other job duties include: Develop professional relationships with peers in other organizations and with civic leaders to promote community awareness of the Foundation and its programs and services. Represent the Foundation by developing contacts and professional relationships with community leaders, business leaders, and agency representatives. Serve on community task forces, boards and committees. Maintain professional and technical knowledge and competency. Review professional publications; participate in professional organizations; attend education seminars, workshops and conferences; establish relevant networks with other community leaders. The Vice President of Finance and Administration will develop and maintain a diverse workforce and manage in ways that maximize the potential of all workers by assuring sensitive and respectful treatment by and toward all employees. He/she will ensure that services are delivered with cultural competence and develop the cultural competence of all employees. It is expected that the Vice President of Finance and Administration will create and maintain a work climate which is inclusive and bias free.

The Vice President of Finance & Administration reports to the President & CEO, MayKao Y. Hang. This position has significant interaction with the Board of Directors at the request of the President and staffs the Audit & Compliance, Human Resources, Finance and Investment committees of the board. Reporting to the Vice President of Finance & Administration are the following functions: Financial Services, Human Resources, Investment and Treasury, Business Performance Analysis, Facilities & Information Services, and Corporate Compliance. A total of 40 Wilder team members work in these areas.


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The fully qualified candidate will possess at least fifteen years of overall experience with progressive leadership responsibility to include six or more years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer. The most relevant work experience would be in the notfor-profit, health care, or public sectors. Experience in the for-profit sector might also be very valuable, although some background in a non-profit organization, such as through board membership or committee work, would be required. A Bachelors degree is required with a Masters in Business or Public Administration preferred. CPA or CPM certification is also preferred. Experience is required in functional areas of accounting and finance, treasury, cash and portfolio management investment. Experience with Human Resources, Information Technology and Facilities Management is highly desirable. Experience overseeing the execution of corporate HIPAA privacy and security policies and division and program level procedures will be valuable. The Vice President should have a demonstrated track record of building strong mutually beneficial relationships with Board of Directors and senior management team(s). The ability to create a workplace culture that recognizes and demonstrates a commitment to the worth of all individuals and a concern for the well-being, growth and privacy of all clients. The Vice President of Finance & Administration will be an engaging leader who is pro-active and innovative. He or she will be fair, thoughtful and balanced in approach. As a leader, this individual will affirm and encourage staff members and continue to build on a collaborative model in working with all functions within the Foundation. Other specialized knowledge or skills include: Demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in financial systems software and the application of technology. Knowledge of the financial reporting and regulatory aspects of non-profit organizations. Knowledge of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Strong interpersonal skills and ability to achieve organizational outcomes through influence; excellent written and verbal presentation skills including the ability to make clear and understandable presentations on complex financial matters. Recognition and understanding of the importance of maintaining the integrity and accuracy of financial records and information. Proven capacity for strategic planning.

The compensation package for this position is competitive and attractive. It includes an executive pay structure and participation in the organizations comprehensive benefits plan.


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Confidential contacts or nominations may be made to: Marcia Ballinger, PhD Principal 612-375-8895 or Bob Schoenbaum Principal 612-375-8898

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