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Greek Philosophy Notes and Activities: Answer Sheet EQ # 5: How has mythology and philosophy affected us today?

Part 1: ~ Create a 4 column chart like the example and fill in your vocabulary on Greek philosophy and history. word parts of speech kid-friendly picture or definition sentence frieze (noun) Architectural ornament on a building Sappho (noun) Greek Poet philosophy (noun) The investigation of questions, knowledge, and ethics philosopher (noun) a person who specializes in philosophy logic (noun) Common sense; reasonable judgment reason (noun) A fact that is justified; conclusion; explanation culture (noun) All knowledge and values are shared by society

Part 2: ~ Using the text book, pgs. 428-433 copy and answer your Cornell Notes Cornell Questions or Answers: Subtitles What were the main Greek philosophers wanted to determine what was real goals of Greek and true; historians wanted to figure out why certain philosophers and historical events that took place. Pure Wisdom. historians? How did the main goals Socrates asked questions to help people think clearly and affect the methods of uncover what was real, this tended to get him in trouble.

Socrates and Thucydides? How have the philosophers of the past contributed to our philosophy of today?

Thucydides visited sites and interviewed people before writing about an event so that he knew why it took place; this led him to write great points in History. Answers may vary (looking for connections to how students think today)

Part 3: ~ Copy the Names and write 3-5 important points about the philosophers and historians. only have 1 fact. Make sure you find out what the Philosophers taught their students. Hypatia Socrates Plato Aristotle Euclid Thucydides 1. 1. Was a 1. Student of 1. Studied at 1. Father of 1. Historian Female soldier, Socrates Platos Geometry Philosop politician, academy 2. Wrote 2. Wrote her stonemason 2. Founded book called history on before a the first 2. Believed Elements Peloponnesia 2. philosopher Academy world made n war (war Believed -Father of up of between in the Philosophy 3. Believed individuals Athens and One his job was living in a Sparta) 2. Liked to to open natural 3. question the peoples eyes world. 3. History Taught truth about to the truth written from students popular and 3. Taught fact based on to have opinions perfection causality-idea the research confiden that each he ce in 3. Believed 4. Taught thing or conducted. themselv that students to person has es and no interrogatio look at the more than worry n was to bigger one reason about achieve self- picture of that explains outside knowledge things. what, why influence and where it s. is

Some may Herodotus 1. Father of History 2. Wrote history on Persian Wars 3. History written from his point of view.

Part 4: ~ An Advice letter gives the reader who is having problems advice on what they should do to fix their problem. Your job is to write back to Lindsay giving her advice on how to deal with a bully at school. On a separate sheet of paper or on Google Docs, write back to Lindsay. You may choose between, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, or Hypatia as the philosopher giving advice.

In your letter you need to have: 1. Address your letter properly. Dear Lindsay, 2. Briefly explain the situation. (3 sentences) 3. Give advice on how the person can deal with the problem, the way one of the philosophers would answer. (3 sentences) 4. Each paragraph must contain accurate information, and your advice must be based on facts as well. 5. Try to be helpful! 6. Close the letter properly with a Salutation and Name of Philosopher. Sincerely, your friend The letter sent to the philosopher: Dear Philosopher, My name is Lindsay and I just moved to town from Oregon into a new middle school. I would say I am pretty outgoing, funny, and was pretty popular at my old school. Now that I am at my new school, Im becoming pretty popular again, especially with the boys. The only problem is now the girls at school are picking on me and spreading rumors about me that are not true. I just found out that someone made a We hate Lindsay Web site, where a lot of posts with reasons why they hate me are on there and why they think I should go back to Oregon. Now its gotten worse, than just saying they hate me, they are also making threats about me too. I dont know what to do, Im really hurt and I just go home and cry sometimes until I fall asleep. Please help! Sincerely, Lindsay Rubric for Letter: 4 Advanced = I use historically accurate evidence and specific detail from my research to write a letter from the viewpoint of an ancient Greek philosopher. 3 2 Proficient= I use Basic= I use some historic evidence and evidence and detail, but detail from my gave more of my own research to write a advice to write a letter letter from the from the viewpoint of viewpoint of an ancient an ancient Greek Greek Philosopher Philosopher 1 Not Passing= I gave advice from my viewpoint