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December 10, 2013

LeBron James 10 Recto Ave., Manila

Dear Mr. LeBron James,

Our firm represents Mr. Kobe Bryant of MOQ 72, Malacaang Park, Manila. After due consultation with him, it has come to our attention that you borrowed from our client a loan of Two Million and Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (P2,500,000.00) to which he issued to you one (1) BPI check, bearing the No. 12212, dated 20 September 2013, indicating the aforementioned amount. As stipulated in the contract of loan you and my client have executed and signed on 20 September 2013, you have agreed to pay the said loan on 2 December 2013 with interests. However, you have failed to fulfill such obligation. Hence, Formal Demand is being made upon your person to make good on your obligation to pay the said loan within five (5) days from receipt hereof or else, we shall be constrained to file the necessary civil action in court. Please consider this correspondence as our Final Demand. We trust that you will give this matter preferential attention.

Respectfully yours,

(sgd) Atty. Kevin Durant Durant & Westbrook Law Office Unit 1, OKC Building, Espana Manila

GWAPO, MATANGKAD & MATALINO Law Firm st 1L, 1 Building, Recto Ave., Manila Tel Nos. 57000, 862236 __________________ 1 March 2013

Monkey D. Luffy President Monkey Business Inc. Alabang, Muntinlupa

Re: Engagement for Legal Services In the Civil Case for Specific Performance and/or Collection of Damages against Inside Job Inc.

Dear Mr. Luffy

We confirm that you have retained us to perform the following legal services on your behalf: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ordinary office consultations; Rendition of legal advice and opinions; Preparation and review of all pleadings, affidavits, and all other legal documents; Appearance in court in cases of litigation; and Securing medical examination report as well as permits, licenses or certification before appropriate government agencies.

As our client, you will decide the general direction your matter will follow. We will not take major steps without asking your instructions. Final decisions will be yours, with recommendations coming to our firm. We can make no guarantees of the outcome, but we will give you the best legal services we can. We will establish an effective communication with you. Please call or make an appointment for a meeting whenever you need clarification on the actions we are taking. We will make reports on the matter from time to time and send you copies of

correspondence we send or receive and documents we prepare. It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any change in your mailing address or phone number. We will maintain certain communications absolutely confidential when you reveal information in confidence to obtain legal advice or services. Our fee will be one hundred thousand pesos (P 100,000.00) payable upon your acceptance of this proposal and another fifty thousand pesos (P 50,000.00) upon rendition of the decision in the case. In addition, you shall also pay the following: 1. The sum of P 1,500.00 for every appearance of our lawyers in court and/or conferences/meetings plus all out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with the handling of the case; 2. Disbursements that we make to third parties to carry your matter forward i.e. charges for long distance telephone and fax, courier, travel, process service, searches, transcripts, certificates; 3. Other charges for non-legal services. We will bill you only for photocopying. All other items will be supplies as part of our fee. Please call if you have any question about these charges. We want you to have a full understanding of the basis of the charges for our non-legal services. To keep you informed and to allow us to continue to carry on business while the matter proceeds, we will send you a monthly interim bill and a final bill when your matter is completed. All bills, including interim bills, are due when rendered. We sincerely hope that neither of us will find it necessary to end our relationship early. However, if either of us decides to end our relationship, we will expect you to pay all outstanding bills before we release your file. Final accounting covering all fess, charges and disbursements shall be made. Please call if you have any question on terminating our services. If the foregoing terms and conditions are acceptable to you, kindly indicate your conformity by signing on the space indicated below and returning to us a signed copy of this letter.

Yours sincerely,

(sgd) Atty. Macho Gwapo