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Goli 1 Ram Goli Gardner English 10H 2 31 October 2013 The Truth Behind Common Core In an effort to centralize

education in the United States, the Obama administration passed the Common Core State Standards Initiative or CCSSI in 2009. Their goal was to better prepare students for college and careers and ensure that students in different states learn the same academic concepts, to create a universalizing education system thats the same for all schools in America. Well, contrary to what the name tells us, the Common Core State Standards are FEDERAL standards, developed by the National Governors Association. According to an article in the Washington Post, the word state was used to bypass federal restrictions on the use of a nationwide curriculum. The name given to these educational standards is a cleverly stitched mask used to cover up an important detail that should be made known to parents, teachers, and students across the country (metaphor). Over the last several decades, the government has consistently tried to control (alliteration) the education system, with varying results. Consider the No Child Left Behind Act, passed by George W. Bush in 2002. It was initiated to mandate standardized testing of students, in order to judge schools and distribute funding to ones in need. More than ten years have passed, and scores on standardized tests have changed very little. Billions of dollars spent, with little results. The Common Core Standards are a one size fits all approach to education; all schools would operate in similar ways, allowing the country to be united under similar educational goals.

Goli 2 However, how can the reckless drivers of the oval office expect all kids to learn the same way (rhetorical question)? The one-size-fits-all approach is great if the goal of the plan is to unite the country. Yet a child in a large urban classroom is not guaranteed to learn the same way as a child in a small suburban classroom (antithesis). Even kids with special needs and disabilities will have to be held accountable for the same concepts and tests as everyone else. Is that a reasonable thing to ask for (direct address)? Recently, some schools in Nashville, Tennessee have voiced their opinions on the administering of Common Core, saying that the standards dont coincide well with the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program, a testing system that evaluates schools and teachers. Much of the material on the TCAP tests wont be covered in Common Core standards. Because Tennessee legislature has decided to adopt Common Core, the TCAP standards have to be rewritten. Common Core leaves little room for states to teach the way they see fit. Common Core stifles the free spirit that kids in America are entitled to. With the implementation of Common Core, we are required to follow the standards set down by the federal government, to take tests set down by the federal government, and to build upon a foundation set down by the federal government (parallel structure). Where is fair Themis, for there seems to be a lack of justice in our countrys governing body (allusion)? In a time when students can feel trapped by overbearing expectations, hastening school deadlines, and challenging social norms, its crucial for us to receive an education that suits our needs. Changes have to be made (short sentence). The White House should not be able to control exactly what we are to learn and not learn in school. Qualified teachers and administrators, people who directly understand the needs of their students and can provide valuable insight, should make such decisions. There should be more people in Washington DC with the goals of

Goli 3 helping students and providing them with a suitable learning environment, rather than people trying to raise American test scores to boost our global rankings. However, people argue that the Common Core Standards are a step in the right direction; action should be taken to ensure that all kids in America are educated similarly and are successful (alliteration). Yet the harsh reality speaks for itself. Not every student in America has a place in the one-size-fits-all approach that the government is trying to push. Every kid should be considered by the government, and its time for the government to stop kidding around (chiasmus). So help make a change. Talk to a friend, a parent, a teacher, a school board representative, a political official. Spread the word. Let people know whats happening, and help turn our education into one that doesnt meet our expectations, but exceeds them (imperative sentences).